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Letter to the Editor: Drop 'Close to Home'


If the Northern Virginia Daily is looking for ways to save money, I suggest this positive change: drop "Close to Home" by John McPherson from the comics page. It's one less syndication fee you'll have to pay, and you'll spare your readers the daily eye sore of horrible cartooning.

This grotesquely drawn comic is neither funny nor insightful. McPherson claims to be an engineer, though I find this hard to believe, as he draws toilets bolted to the floor with 10 anchors, interior trim on exterior views, and machinery with unrealistic abstractness. His perspective drawing is that of a 4 year old, and while most comic strip artists evolve their style, McPherson's seems to deteriorate.

I once thought perhaps he was drawing with his feet, but research shows he is a fairly intact person without handicaps...except he is humor-challenged. It is a wonder this offensive strip has endured as long as it has.

I buy the Daily from the news stand primarily to enjoy the Cryptoquip, which is unfortunately placed directly below McPherson's obscene scrawling. I have no choice but to have his work in plain view as I work that puzzle.

When we think of divine retribution, we can only hope McPherson spends a small part of Eternity looking like the people he draws. Perhaps he would finally come out of denial, and realise he's no artist at all, nor is his humor worthy of syndication.

I doubt many of your readers would miss this eye sore. It also frees up valuable space for advertising: I'd rather see an ad there than be subjected to "Close To Home."

Roy A. Stokes, Maurertown

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    Next stop: "The Lockhorns". Dysfunctional marriages are not amusing.

    A good critique of "Close To Home"...heads up, adult language appropriately used.

    A very good cartoon is, THE OTHER COAST by Adrian Raeside. He often speaks on behalf of animals and other real issues but in cartoon form of course. He's funny and a very nice person too!

    Use to love Calvin & Hobbs.

    Well the NVD subscriptions are going up, even though the paper is smaller than ever, and obviously leaning to the right. The print seems lighter too (no it's not my eyes!). I can remember when reading the Washington Post, cover to cover, on a lazy Sunday morning, was a real treat. I guess everything will soon be online only like Newsweek Magazine.

    Sadly things are changing. . .

    All your points are how I feel whenever I read one of your letters to the editor.

    "What you accept, you teach."

    Tess: uh...er...YEAH. But it qualifies me for "first wife" jokes.

    Viral: Speaking out on popular issues does not invoke change. I accept your statement and acknowledge your discontent.

    Another great site for critiques:

    Notoriously well known as "no fan of facts", I have been to the top of Bullshot Mountain and listened to a burning bush do a slow burn, crying about the crusade to bring about the demise of its favorite cartoon.

    Now suitably inspired, I proudly announce my new goal in life is to resurrect the Monty Python Parrott. Fox News will verify the event. My Mom will be so proud.

    (Time out here)

    Obligatory reference herewith provided for the benefit of younger Republican readers:
    6 minute video - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4vuW6tQ0218&noredirect=1

    Obligatory reference herewith provided for the benefit of grumpy older Republican white guys:
    http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dead_Parrot_sketch (large text available)

    (Time in)

    I will resurrect said Dead Parrott with the mere waving of my hand accompanied by blaring trumpets and singing of angels in 3-part harmony. After this success I will then proceed to heal people with just my gaze, with and without sunglasses, narrated by Glenn Beck. I will then assume the leadership of all cults devoted to the promotion of "The World Is Coming To An End" theories, especially those espousing Mayan Calendar prophesies.

    With these glorious successes under my belt, I intend to create a chain of franchised storefronts and teach would-be wanna-be's how to impress the press and influence low information Republicans how to convince neo-Nazi's in the proper procedures to save the black man.

    Who wants to be my first student to enjoy the benefits of one-on-one instruction? Roy? vp? towing guy? Dan?

    and you know where I'm living rent free

    Counting this post, I have now won exactly the same number of Tour de France races as Lance Armstrong - Zero.

    My Mom is so proud.

    P.P.S. And if you don't like it, you are part of al Queida and the terrorists are winning.

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