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Letter to the Editor: GOP plan is wealthy taking care of its own

Before voting for the current Republican ticket, we should each consider the consequences of their plan to balance the budget in large part by cutting "entitlements."

What is your plan if you or a family member becomes seriously ill or injured?  What if you lose your job and can't find work?  What about a natural disaster that destroys your possessions? Do you have adequate savings? Insurance? Perhaps you would be fine if you are wealthy; most of us are not.

Personal responsibility and individual liberty are treasured American values and have served us well.  But all too often, through no fault of our own, we may experience severe misfortune. That is when our collective action, in the form of government, steps in to help.

Some call it socialism, but a nation, like a family or close community, is called upon to step forward and help in times of genuine need.  As a nation, America should be able to assure that each of it's citizens has access to basic healthcare, security in their old age and relief in times of great need.

None of us likes to pay taxes or insurance premiums; it is likely that most of you pay more in insurance premiums than in taxes.  We pay insurance hoping we will never experience a serious illness, house fire or car accident.  On one level, taxes operate in the same way.  We pool our resources to assure that we are all provided for.

You are certainly much more likely to get your money's worth from taxes than from insurance premiums  The Republican plan to cut taxes, turn your Medicare over to insurance companies and your Social Security over to Wall Street sounds much more like the wealthy taking care of their own than good national policy.
Dr. N.C. Kirkland Jr., Edinburg

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    Thanks Dr. Kirkland for your letter of reason. Hope people will get off this socialism nonsense and pay attention. Obama's plan is far from perfect but it's a start. Frankly until the insurance companies are out of the game it will always be costly. There should be NO PROFIT in health care and it should be a right for all citizens of this country.

    We should have Medicare for everybody and prison for those who abuse the system. Remove the fraud and make it too risky to even consider.

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