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Letter to the Editor: Headline not accurate


The lead headline on the front page of today's Northern Virginia Daily bursts beyond sloppy writing into untruthfulness (Jobs report spawns conspiracy).

No. As the AP news story beneath the headline reveals, the September jobs report did not spawn a "conspiracy." The jobs report spawned a "conspiracy theory" promulgated by people who certainly know better. They know that the Bureau of Labor Statistics and the United States Census Bureau, which compiled the report, could not, as their critics accuse, have "cooked the books" for the benefit of any political party.

BLS and the Census Bureau are independent agencies staffed by highly trained professionals, not political appointees. The complex methods and formulae with which they operate, involving two very different agencies and a couple of thousand analysts and surveyors, are explicitly designed to insulate their data from potential political interference.

Their reports and the data backing them are carefully guarded - even from the president - until they are published for all to see. Our nation's economic life - business interests and individual's dreams as well as politicians' futures - must rely on the accuracy of their figures. To accuse these public servants of corruption is despicable, dishonest, and unpatriotic. It strikes at the heart of the trust on which our economy and our nation's very existence depend.

So, shame on you, NVD.

And, please, do print my name.

Shirley Maxwell, Strasburg

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