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Letter to the Editor: Political correctness makes me sick!


I was sitting in one of my favorite local restaurants eating breakfast and reading the Northern Virginia Daily when I came across an article from a woman sympathizing the frustration of the gay and lesbian coalition's efforts to gain access into one of the last remaining pristine and wholesome clubs left on the planet. I am referring to the Boy Scouts of America.

This woman was whining and moaning about how the Boy Scouts of America have excluded gays from their organization, and how it is going to cost the organization millions of dollars in funding. So be it!! What kind of price do you put on a child's life when for the sake of political correctness you allow some sexual monster access to your child?

This is one of the problems with the world today. Any organization that caves to financial threats or political correctness is doomed to fail anyway. Too often clubs and organizations cave under the pressure of big companies using their corrupt dollars to try and influence clubs into changing their standards, standards that have stood the test of time. The Boy Scouts of America are one such club.

For years the Boy Scouts of America have taught millions of boys how to live clean, reverent and respectful lives. These are life lessons that many Scouts take into adulthood, and in turn, teach their own kids. I too, have a child in Scouts, working his way up to Eagle Scout. For years, I have sent him off to summer camp without a care in the world. The men who mentor and teach my son are decent, God-fearing men that donate their own time and money to bring some normalcy to a child in a not-so-normal world.

G. Rogers, Edinburg

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    I agree wholeheartedly that private clubs/organizations should be able to operate, without interference from the outside when they are operating legally. The Boy Scouts have been established with their rules and guidelines for an awful long time. Not allowing gays to participate is a long standing rule and should be respected. Those that do not agree should not participate. There is a news story out there also that is about a boy that has been denied his Eagle Scout because he is gay. While I empathize with the hard work that he did to try to achieve this level, he also knows that as a proclaimed gay man, he is banned from participating in the Boy Scouts.
    I must say though, this letter from G. Rogers shows that this person has extreme prejudice against gays by stating " What kind of price do you put on a child's life when for the sake of political correctness you allow some sexual monster access to your child". Since when are all gays "sexual monsters"? We need to be vigilant of the protection of our children all of the time! Most openly gay/lesbian folks are NOT the ones that will be trying to prey on children-it's the ones that you'd never guess have pedophile tendencies that you have to worry about-check out the story of the indictment of Mr. Day in today's NVD-he's married to a woman.

    Sexual monster?

    Especially considering the recent conviction of a true "sexual monster", who by the way is completely straight, your comment is completely devoid of reality, and shows YOUR true character.

    Me thinks G. Rogers should look into Awanas/Master Clubs at a local church instead.

    Dear Doofus Goofus,

    Do straight people having sex make gay babies or do gay people having sex make gay babies?

    Once you figure this one out you will be well on your way to solving the anti-gay feelings you possess.

    I once saw a sign that read:

    "We are not a threat to your children:

    we ARE your children."

    What kind of price do you put on a child's life when for the sake of political correctness you allow some sexual monster access to your child?

    I guess all those good god fearing priest that molested young boys are an exception to this rule.

    This article makes me proud to be a liberal. Gay is not a disease, it can not be cured or avoided. Ignorance can but I guess it is a slow process.

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