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Letter to the Editor: Shame on the board of 'bullies'

Well our board of "bullies" has reached a new low. Shame on them.

They are now suggesting that Sheriff Timothy C. Carter turn over to them funds he and his staff have worked so hard for. Carter has been one of the most fiscally responsible elected officials in this county, and has received nothing but abuse, withholding of funds, no cooperation and no respect for his countywide elected office. They have the audacity to blindside him in front of an open meeting with this "request" without giving him the courtesy of discussing it with him in a committee meeting. Have these narrow-minded people no shame?

The sheriff and his staff have worked hard with other law enforcement departments to put jail criminals and confiscate their ill-gotten gains, and I might add keep our county safer. He has saved and invested this money so that he can get the bare necessities his department and staff need to keep our community/county safe. They need decent automobiles, a decent communication system and video cameras to help with their arrests, all the things most law enforcement in other places get with no harassment. The sheriff has to work in a less then tolerable office space while this board spends millions creating new office spaces for less-needy branches of county government.

They used the excuse that this money should be used to pay to jail these criminals, but there is no way of knowing if the criminals will be housed in this jail at all. They say that the money will pay three years of interest on the moral bonds they guaranteed; remember they couldn't be bothered to get taxpayer consent on a referendum. No, they do it in a sneaky, shameful way. Let them figure out a way to pay for it.

In the meantime, the sheriff's department will have to transport prisoners to Warren County. I guarantee the board won't provide funds to staff transfers or vehicles to do it safely. I urge this county to sign the petitions to oust these shameless people or vote them out next election.

Sandra Engle, Mount Jackson

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    Ms. Engle, you have stated the case very well and many of us are fed-up with this board. Sheriff Carter is a well-respected man and he's done an excellent job. Now he's being treated like an after thought by this board. I will g;lady sign a petition to get rid of these people!

      Finally - something on which we agree!

        valley patriot, I'm sure there are many things on which we agree. This board is Republican and they do as they please instead of bothering with the taxpayers who are forced to pay the bills.

        We should ALL be fed up with the special interest and money now running our lives! Until that changes, we will be their servants.

        Everyone involved in politics spends more time chasing money (to stay in office) than helping the citizens of this country. All are guilty and it's a system that is getting worse (thanks to the right-wing Supreme Court). So from the top to the bottom, the game continues.

        WE need to fight this system not each other.

    That is, I will gladly sign a petition. How about you all?

    Being asked in public will not dishonor and honest man. Taking the Sheriff by surprise (to some) should not have come as a surprise to him at all.
    I suspect he is familiar with and prepared to deal with the power struggle the board wishes to create.

      Yes, the Sheriff is very able to deal with the underhanded methods of our Board of Spenders. But he shouldn't have to. It is no surprise that the liberals in the county seldom/never speak out against the board or put candidates up against them. They don't have to; it is a RINO board.

    Please contact me to sign removal petitions.
    Thank you, Marsha Shruntz

    Please contact me to sign removal petitions.
    Thank you,
    Marsha Shruntz

    OK, all you Patriot Teabillies, help me understand what you guys are saying here....

    Since EVERY member of The Shenandoah County Board of Supervisors is a Teabilly, does that mean they were elected by a plurality of Teabilly voters? (duh, say YES)

    Did any 'liberals' vote for any of these Teabillies? (duh, say NO, of course not)

    So, here is where my dilemma comes to the front. If Teabillies elected Teabillies, how are 'liberals' responsible for the actions of Teabillies? (duh, say whatever lie comes to mind, like vp accusing them of being RHINO?)

    Why should 'liberals' defend the actions of Teabillies? (duh, say 'cause this is America and everybody should stick together?)

    It seems to me that... if YOU... made THAT bed,.... YOU get to sleep in it.... (duh, say nighty-night, sleep tight)

    Perhaps that explains why 'liberals' don't care much about speaking out against the wacky world of Shenandoah Teabillies. (duh, liberals would much rather be eating mayonnaise sandwiches while watching NOVA on PBS?)

    Or, perhaps, Shenandoah liberals (if any exist) simply prefer the enjoyment of watching this three-ring circus and the never ending emptying of the clown car? (duh, last one out will be liar Glenn Beck, happy and proud to be the Biggest Clown in the small car)

    Teabillies eat their own and the band plays on.....


    (I calmly await the Teabilly wrath sure to come...... :-)



    George Carlin had it all figgered out. With everybody else telling themselves they are so smart, then why can't they?


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