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Letter to the Editor: Vote for Romney, Allen, Goodlatte


I was raised an independent, found myself voting Republican 99 percent of the time, so I thought of myself as Republican. Eventually I realized that I actually am a Constitutional Conservative.

I support and vote for the candidate I believe best represents my moral values, and my view of what is best for the country, state or locality.

Usually I just voted. Over the last few years, however, I have become saddened and frightened by the country's direction - away from God, the Bible, the Constitution fiscal,sanity and strong foreign policy (even the Shenandoah County Board of Supervisors has decided to stop praying before meetings). That is why I work more to support the candidates I believe will take the country back to these essential entities. The out of control spending must stop. Millions of Americans need jobs.

I have worked to elect Mitt Romney more than any candidate before because I believe that he will turn the country in the right direction - away from the road to disaster that the country has been taking over the last few years, particularly the last four.

Mitt Romney is a decent, honest, good man who knows what it takes to get America's economy back in order, and to promote a business environment that will produce good paying jobs. He will work to make America a better place to live for men, women, Latinos, African Americans, etc., including those of the "47 percent." His record and positions have been so distorted by President Obama, his fellow Democrats, the media and others, that many are unsure about whether he is the best choice for their vote or not. The debates have shown that he is not the evil, incompetent person that he has been painted to be. He is the right man to get us out of the mess that Obama has not been able to get us out of.

I am very pleased that the Northern Virginia Daily has endorsed Mitt Romney because "the choice is crystal clear." I urge ever voter to do the same. Vote Romney, Allen, and Goodlatte .

L. John Bost, Strasburg

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    Actually Romney has proven that he is not an honest man. Just about everything out of his mouth has been proven to be a lie: fact checkers have a field day with this one. I will give this candidate one thing, he's an outstanding LIAR and he does it with a smile.

    This candidate promises many things, including jobs but he never tells us how he will accomplish so much. No one has distorted his record, he has a history of shipping jobs abroad. He's a man who has lived all of his life in the lap of luxury and understands nothing about the average American.

    Bush & Cheney left a trail of destruction behind and Obama has been dealing with this mess ever since. Myth Romney, Rhinestone Cowboy Allen and "no vote" career politician Goodlatte are the last people this country needs.

    Obama will be re-elected, Romney will go home, Allen will go away for another four years, and with any luck Goodlatte will be sent packing (he has overstayed his welcome). They are not on our side!

    With all due respect, it never ceases to amaze me that people think they are born with the condition of right-wing leanings as opposed to it being a misguided and premeditated choice.
    I’d go so far as to say that Mr Bost is promoting the myth that conservativeness is somehow biological and not a lifestyle choice. A recent study published in the Journal of Reason and Political Therapy demonstrated clearly that conservatives can successfully change this debilitating condition with counseling. This is one of the first peer-reviewed, scientific studies of its kind. The study was conducted by Stanton L. Clones and Mark Birdhouse.

    I would submit that a first positive step on the road to recovery might be to consider staying home on election day OR if you felt you wanted to really make some headway, vote for Obama.

    AND BTW Mr Bost you say, " Over the last few years, however, I have become saddened and frightened by the country's direction -". If you weren't extremely concerned during the Bush years then I find your judgement to be seriously questionable.

    I see evidence John Bost is speaking from the highest perch on Bullshot Mountain, so he probably fell head-over-heels for the "free pony for everybody" promise that Myth Romney makes to every Teabilly.

    You should get your pony equipped with the optional rhinestones on the saddle. It's great for scratching those old itchy hemorrhoids and other mental places where a pill can't reach.

    Mr. Bost, respectfully, I wholeheartedly disagree with your opinion of Romney. Mr. Romney is NOT an honest man. He has proven this repeatedly by constantly changing his rhetoric to suit the situation and his audience. Neither he or his running mate, Ryan has any idea how to effectively care for this country and it's people, nor do they care to do so. This has been made very clear by Romney's 47% statement that those who don't live in his rarified atmosphere are basically freeloaders. Romney is a snake oil salesman and will sell you anything to get votes. He has made a statement in the past that he goes where the money is and the money is in Wahington, DC. Think long and hard about casting your vote for such a man.

    You got it right, John. Your detractors cannot refute a basic truth: Obama intends to change America's basic foundation, and I can't support that. Romney has faults; so does Obama. On balance, I consider Romney's to have less potential to do further harm than Obama's.

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