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Letter to the Editor: Why are supervisors fighting sheriff's office?


Something just doesn't seem right to me!

The Shenandoah County Board of Supervisors went against Sheriff Timothy C. Carter's recommendations concerning the regional jail and now Shenandoah County has a huge debt to pay.

At the last Board of Supervisors meeting, members surprised the sheriff by saying, oh by the way, that money you were counting on to supplement that tight budget we have you on? We want to take that to pay for the regional jail.

Why are you fighting an excellent sheriff's department trying to serve the very citizenry who voted you into office?

Thank you Tim Carter for your care for Shenandoah County and its people!

Jane Milligan, Woodstock

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    You are so correct Ms. Milligan, some of us do smell a rat (many rats). And there are few who can or will stand up to these costly decisions such as this jail project.

    Mr. Prince has tried and we applaud him (some of us that is), but Sheriff Carter has impressed me very much. It would have been so easy to just "go along" and keep the peace.

    Now he is being "punished" and he will be driven out of office if the powers that be have their way. It's Washington, DC in a little nutshell, all the way. And WE the people are losing our voice on all levels. Have you noticed?

    It is very simple when you stop to think about it. The explanation is here:


    Most of us have given up trying to determine the Board's motives for a lot of its actions, including disrespect for our Sheriff.

    @ Diana 10/17 8:07pm > I suspect we are both on Tim Carter's side. I said most of us (a large group) have given up trying to determine the BoS motives. We haven't given up trying to stop their madness.

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