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Reader commentary: Truth, for a change

By Andy Schmookler

The dishonesty in our politics has become so bad, with lies so often defeating the truth, that I figure now's the time that truth-telling needs its champions. That's why I'm running against Bob Goodlatte to represent our District in the U.S. Congress. I promise to tell you the truth, and I keep my promises.

Let me speak to those who say, "I'm a conservative, and everybody knows conservatives should vote Republican." If these were normal times, that might be true. But they aren't, and in a most fundamental way, voting for me in this election is the best way to serve your conservative values.

If it's conservative to uphold America's political traditions - and not trample them - then you ought to vote for me, Andy Schmookler.

If it's a conservative virtue to put the good of the country ahead of political ambition, then conservatives ought to vote for me and not the 20-year incumbent, Bob Goodlatte.

If it's a conservative value to want a government "for the people and by the people" - and not just a powerful elite - then conservatives ought to vote for me, Andy Schmookler.

You may never have thought of voting for someone running as a Democrat. But this year, you owe it to your conservative principles to check me out.
I am not speaking as a partisan. When I sought the Democratic nomination, I traveled the district telling Democrats about ways their party failed the nation in recent years. I didn't know how that would be received. Some Democrats didn't like what I had to say, but enough did that here I am, the nominee of the party.
And it's as a truth-teller, not as a partisan, that I say: Something's gone very wrong with the Republican Party. This isn't the party of Dwight Eisenhower, because it lacks his decency. It isn't the party of Barry Goldwater, because it lacks his integrity. And it isn't the party of Ronald Reagan, because it offers no positive vision for America.

But above all, it lacks honesty.

How could today's Republican Party be honest with the good people who give it their support when it's working to take wealth and power away from average Americans and give to those who already have the most wealth and power?
Even though we have more income inequality in America now than in living memory, Republican plans would widen that gap even more.

Take the Ryan Budget, which would gut Medicare, making America's senior citizens pay an extra $6,500 a year, on average, to get the health care they need. That plan would also strangle other programs that serve average Americans. And for what? Not to reduce our deficit or our national debt - it would actually make those worse. But to give another tax cut to the richest of the rich, who are already paying at their lowest rate in 80 years.

That's just immoral. And my opponent voted for it - twice.

I want an America where people who work hard can make the most of their God-given gifts, can get a decent job paying a decent wage, and become part of a strong middle class.

Here's my second promise - and as I said, I keep my promises: I will consider the well-being of every American as important as that of the richest
I'm running because I want to help restore some of the virtues of the America I grew up in. Back then, our government helped to build a vibrant middle class - in part, by providing educational opportunities for returning war veterans and creating a level playing field for workers and the big corporations that employ them. By helping average Americans, government can again be an instrument for the people, and America can be a land of opportunity for all.

In the America I grew up in, political leaders, liberals and conservatives alike, could work together, on the basis of the values that we Americans share, to achieve our common purposes. We can again have a political system that practices civility and compromise, and does the people's business.

America can be that way again, if people of goodwill - on both sides of our political divide - come together to make it so. With your help, we can use my candidacy for Congress to take an important step in that direction.

Andy Schmookler is running for Virginia's 6th Congressional District seat.


I met your opponent one time at a town meeting. My impression was, and is:


John, thanks for again posting the dimorat national anthem.

See VP, typical teabilly response. If one doesn't agree with stupid they must be democrat...Mr. Horne has been advocating his neighbors cat for POTUS as he sees both the right and left to be of so little difference.

I spent the day in Fairfax and President Obama tried to diagnose you with "Romnesia" which the crowd found to be absolutely hilarious(myself included), of course Obamacare can cure Romnesia except you really just cant fix stupid.

All snark aside there are some realities here that one should consider.

This Congress has been the least productive in history.

When America's credit was downgraded the report on why lists gridlock in Congress, not to mention Goodlatte's party specifically.

This year the US House had 33 purely symbolic votes against the ACA. Not liking or agreeing with the ACA is one thing, but how much time and money was wasted doing so? Not forgetting naming post offices while the post office was begging for House assistance and a laundry list of other infractions any and all voters should consider.

Schmookler offers a complete change from the career politician bought and paid for by other interests. He has shown he is more than willing to speak openly and honestly with voters, and its very worth the effort of checking his site and FB page out if one hasn't already. If voters want a real difference, this is the opportunity.

valleypatriot is the gift that just keeps on giving......

49 New Romney Lies This Week

As of Friday 10-19-2012, the number of Mitt Romney lies since January 2012 has reached 853 and counting.

See #805 thru #853 for week of 10-19-12

The Mendacity of Mitt Romney Lying To The Teabillies



Thanks for the support, but I learned many years ago not to respond to trolls.


P.S. My neighbor's cat never lies.

Last evening PBS (channel 12) ran the recent debate between Andy Schmookler & Bob Goodlatte. It is absolutely amazing how scripted these Republicans are and If you hear one, you've heard them all.

One thing I will say, regardless of any facts, they stay on the same old, tired message of lies.

Schmookler did a great job! And I can clearly see why Goodlatte would want to avoid a debate. I believe we have FINALLY found a person who can speak the truth and won't be owned by the "powers that be".

If you still care about TRUTH and remember a time when our country seemingly worked on behalf of the average American - Andy's our man. Let's get him elected and see what he can do! We cannot afford to wait for another election.

Get rid of this career politician and VOTE 4 Andy Schmookler on November 6th.

John H > I had never heard the term "troll" used in this context before. Thanks for bringing it to my attention.

We are all trolls. Your post was designed to provoke "...readers into an emotional response..."


Valley Patriot,

Thanks for the wikipedia link. In the context where I used the "troll" word, I meant it as referencing an "ad hominem" post. Such posts are an open invitation to a "flame war" which I avoid at all costs. The end result can be a case of "thread jacking" which changes the basic discussion topic to a frivolent one that turns participants off, such that they abandon the thread entirely.

When I first started posting here at NVD an "ad hominem" attack concerned me enough that I reviewed a link that I had provided and changed some wording. Eventually, I decided that the responder was a troll. He had provided some unique cues that I was able to track to his real identity. He was posting from Florida and should have no real interest in Valley news.

Some of my writing could fit into the satire genre. That has been around long enough that it has earned a legitimate place in disussions, such that it would not be evidence of trolling.

Or something,


John, I would rather be compared to an internet troll than to a large humanoid using ad hominem posts. Like you, I try to avoid posting "troll" comments and responses, but don't always succeed. In that regard, I think your reply to katybug put you and I in the same genus, if not family. I try to avoid making troll posts of either definition because I am the target of so many.

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