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Reader Commentary: There is too much at stake to not speak out

By Dr. Leonard Yang

I don't understand your thinking in endorsing Mitt Romney as a "crystal clear" choice. Are you giving him a bye on his Janus impersonations under the assumption that once elected he will actually create 12 million jobs in four years, cut taxes, strengthen our military, firm up Medicare and Social Security equitably and balance the budget?

Have you been sleeping during the last three decades of progressively unfettered free trade and the creation of a country of haves who now increasingly control the media and cynically distort facts to promote their interests vs. the have-nots? All great empires collapse when disunity is sown by selfish interests of the few and assets are thrown into the military in order to maintain power.

Your endorsement of Romney reads like a recitation of his talking points. It takes work, but careful study of the facts behind the rhetoric leads me to conclude that Romney will say anything to get elected. He is married to Big Money and it would be foolish to think that these donors do not expect to be paid back.

When Obama was elected I had a sinking feeling that the Right now had a single target to assail. My fears were confirmed when the GOP leadership stated that their only goal was to make Obama a one-term president - not job creation or digging us out of the deepest hole since the Great Depression. They stuck together and managed to create a Congress that passed fewer legislative initiatives than previous Congressional sessions.

Spiraling health care costs are diverting assets that presidents want to spend on other needs. I recall that at least since Nixon every president since has tried to address this issue as it hampers our competitiveness world wide. Obamacare is imperfect because the powerful moneyed interests who depend on the status quo blunted the cost-saving provisions. It remains a valuable starting point that we can modify to improve.

I am a physician. I will be paid less under any effective health care reform, but I didn't sign up for this job to be rich. I want people to be cared for - properly and cost-effectively. Remuneration should be commensurate with the education and effort necessary to achieve and continue in this field.

Can we stand another outrageous Citizens United decision? Do we really need any more right-wing Supreme Court justices who would ignore over a half century of precedence and support corporate rights over personal rights and freedoms?

In our country, climate change has become a political third rail, mainly due the indoctrination sponsored by the fossil fuel industry and their buddies on Fox News. Fox did not respond to a request for verification that a directive came from the top that instructed the Fox News analysts and reporters to always speak disparagingly of global warming whenever the topic came up. No wonder we are the only country that believes global warming does not exist or is not due to man-made activities.

As for coal: we can have cheap coal or clean coal, but we cannot have clean AND cheap coal. If we would subsidize renewable, clean energy sources of the future to the extent that we support the fossil fuel industry, these sources would lessen our dependence on foreign sources and decrease greenhouse gas production.

By the way, why doesn't anyone point out the president cannot control the price of gas in a free economy except maybe by releasing the Strategic Oil Reserve?
Obama does not plan to weaken our military, rather, just the military-industrial complex that Eisenhower warned would ultimately weaken us financially and morally. We spend more on defense than the next 10 countries combined.

How can you conclude that we would be safer under Romney? He was a paragon of ineptitude on his embarrassing foray abroad this summer. Obama has been Bush 2.0 on firm handling of terrorists, yet has strengthened our ties with our allies and has proscribed torture. It remains totally unclear how Romney would do.

In your view, you even used that tired, out-of-context "You didn't build this" slogan to maintain that Obama disparages the American worker in your concluding argument. I expected a stronger, more convincing argument from a consensus editorial. The American worker, the most productive in the world, used to have income commensurate with their productivity. Disparity started in the mid-70s, mushroomed in the 80s, flattened a bit in the 90s and took off again in in the 2000s only to flatten since 2008. Guess who were the presidents during these periods?

Whoever authored this "view" clearly has not studied the candidates or the data supporting current issues thoroughly and objectively.

Dr. Leonard Yang is a resident of Winchester.

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    Bravo to you Dr. Yang, maybe - just maybe someone will actually listen to a professional. Your comments are absolutely correct and it is unthinkable that people can be pulled into this Republican candidate and his outrageous lies.

    Romney wants to be president because he wants that final trophy that daddy never got. Sounds familiar, doesn't it?

    That comment (behind closed doors) about the 47% would be enough for me to know who this man is. Apparently some people have missed that very telling insight. Romney apparently believes anyone who isn't rich like himself is a real loser. This man has never known anything but wealth, he's out of touch, and he's not fit to be president.

    I've printed off this commentary. Excellent!

    Standing ovation for Dr. Yang.

    Very well stated, Dr. Yang. I feel that Gov. Romney has proven to be a two-sided candidate. Your Janus comparison was spot-on! He has gone from Tea-Party style right wing conservative to conservative to moderate conservative as the election campaign has progressed. Do we know which Mitt would show up for the Inauguration, if, God forbid, he were to be elected? I just plain don't trust the man. You are correct in your statement that the money boys would come knocking with their hands out, something we DEFINITELY don't need now. I figure if it took G. Dub 8 years to mess up the economy, Barack should at least get 8 years to try to straighten it out!

    First, thank you doctor for actually contributing to the political dialogue. Most doctors come to the Valley from somewhere else and maintain a low profile while they are here.

    Second, my wife and I still plan to vote for our neighbor's cat that my wife calls "Puss 'N Boots". Here is why...

    The cat is smart, super smart. Much smarter than any of the current politicians. Caring. Affectionate. Never lies. Doesn't ask for anything except conversation. Never lies. Doesn't raise taxes. Doesn't continue forever and ever the Dominionist Empire Wars embraced by the Musical Chairs Party. Doesn't borrow money from China to give away to foreign despots. Stays out from under marital beds. Never tries to invade our personal lives or relationships with doctors.

    On the other hand, Romney is an idiot. Chalk him off.

    Whereas, Obama has dropped the ball completely. He made no effort to prosecute Bush and Cheney and their deadly cohorts for war crimes and toture.
    He has NOT STOPPED the bankrupting wars. He continutes to pander to illegal aliens who come from coutries where the men can't "keep their bowser tuckled".


      You of all people coming off with this nonsense is troubling. Voting for your cat was funny the first few times, but your lack of participation isn't.

      What if we all stay home on November 6th? Then what? There have been many concerned people contributing to this online political conversation for months. Communication is needed, if we agree or not. WE the people are being bamboozled on many levels: I agree, but to do nothing?

      You are doing just what they want you to do, gripe about it, play a George Carlin video, and vote for your cat. I think I read over 50% of the people in this country do the same: they don't vote.

      We are in one hell of a mess (granted) and I don't trust these politicians or the government, but to simply drop out is not the answer. When I think of those Republicans boasting of making Obama a one-term president, I feel livid! For that reason alone, I would vote.

      VOTE for President Obama and live to fight this system another day!

    I applaud your letter Dr. Yang! Well done!

    you know what I drive through the rural parts of the shenandoah valley every work day. Most the signs I see are for Romney/ and whoever else is in the red. But I see alot of yards withought political signs!

    I think the rural are seeing the light. Most people do not advertise there politics when they disagreee with the right wing.

    Thank you, Dr. Yang, for such a well expressed and so very true commentary!

    Our vote is a rational protest vote. Both candidates from the Musical Chairs Party are rascals who never should have been nominated for even dog catcher. In one way or another they would both breed more dogs and then infect them with rabies before turning them loose on us.

    I have sworn to myself "never again" will I vote for the least dangerous of two candidates. It is impossible to tell which is worse because there are too many unknowns.

    In the meantime, when the wars stop FOREVER, then we can talk again.

      Mr. Horne as long as there are human beings, there will be wars.

      Our very basic nature as humans will not allow for a war free state for any long periods of time. Some people recognize within themselves when they are acting on false premise such as greed and/or selfishness and correct it, but most do not. Some people realize the hate they have is unwarranted, again many do not. There is a whole range of emotions that could end up in War.

      There are also times when sitting back and doing nothing truly is worse than war. The key is finding the balance between the two and when the times do come that we are left with no choice, then we get it done quickly and efficiently.


    Rational people do not go to war on the basis of emotions.

    Wars always make bad situations worse. Currently the never-ending wars have bankrupted our country.


    Dr. Yang, thanks for your letter. I agree with you 100%. Thanks again.


    Bankrupt? Financially or morally or politically? Now would be a good time to break out that Kazoo to accompany the song and dance. Methinks you're just a paragraph or two away from earning the crackpot reputation -- one more obsessive cat vote reference should seal the deal, so do your best and don't waste the last opportunity. Make mommy proud.

    BTW, I attended a George Carlin performance at Constitution Hall... laughed so hard and long my face hurt. As the years rolled by, his humor had its ups and downs, but the wit was always present. Too bad you do not integrate the same Carlin style of observation and insight into your persona.

    I wonder what it must be like to live vicariously in the shadow of a legend? How did you happen to come into possession of a website composed of everything George Carlin? What can you tell us, John?


    It does appear that economics is not your strong suit. Apparently when you purchase bread or milk at Walmart you tell the cashier "Just charge it to my account at China". (Which you NEVER plan to pay down to zero.)

    It also seems that you join the crowd of folks who can't comprehend that BOTH nominal political parties think independent-minded voters are fools who can be trusted never to wake up.

    Keep up the good work. The revolution is coming.


      Dear John Horne,
      Because you chose to peg my B.S. meter, your house of cards is poised for a major tumble. The George Carlin perspective is highly regarded on my list of alternative views that have more than just a kernel of truth as a backbone. However, one viewpoint does not make for an unimpeachable philosophy, but it leads to a moral pretzeling to make one size fit all.

      I do not know whose grasp of economics is more flawed, yours or mine. I studied economics theory in college and I would explain it all to you except I flunked that course. It wasn't my fault, they taught that course at 8 o'clock in the morning and what can you learn at that time of day with one blood shot eye?

      I understand the full mechanical and electronic spectrum of credit card transactions by virtue of having worked for the company that actually invented the plastic card that was to later become the foundation for ALL credit cards, including those that currently use a magnetic strip attached to the card; the early applications of scanner readable bar coding used by the oil companies (Texaco, Gulf, and Humble- later becoming Esso then Exxon) and major department stores in-house captive credit cards beginning in the 60's and continuing to this very day, the precursor to today's universal product codes -- those boxes of lines adorning everything you purchase at Wal-Mart --, machine readable passive radio frequency chips (the same ones shoplifters thwart using aluminum foil lined shopping bags), magnetic character recognition (the old style of raised ink numbers along the bottom of your bank checks - now OCR characters) and the first efforts at non-font specific optical character recognition.

      I do not make payments. I do not finance anything. I pay my charge card balance in-full, every month, without fail. (and NO, 'Stella', I am NOT 'I'mdebtfree') So, pray tell me how my credit card transactions today result in China making my payments for me? If confirmed, I'm headed for a major multi-million dollar shopping spree on their tab.

      Congratulations. While you are not Teabilly eligible, you have qualified for the merit badge of bare-faced bull-shotter.

      Thanks to your predicted 'revolution', should I get busy pre-assigning eligible gunsight targets of opportunity?

      BTW, we are wondering if your middle name might be Skeeter?

    Very well said Dr. Yang. I mistrust Romney 100% and have always felt that the presidency is just something he needs for his bucket list to be complete. I've actually seen good friends fight with other good friends on facebook about Mitt Romney being "all that." I feel that the best candidate should win, no matter who is applying for the position, but Romey has changed his tune too often. I do not trust him. Barack didn't ask for the problems he was strapped with when he took the job. Those were created by Republican President Bush. It is a slow crawl back up. But Mr. Obama, I have faith in you!

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    I, too, applaud the good doctor's articulate, specific, and non-confrontational explanation of his choice. He leaves no room for debate because these are his beliefs, which I respect. I simply believe he is wrong in his overall assessment and conclusion.

    This is offered to hopefully gain a few moments of unity.


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