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Reader Commentary: What would make undecideds vote for GOP?


I am a reader of the Northern Virginia Daily and I am curious about how independent voters will vote in the upcoming election.

Assuming the polls show the two presidential candidates running neck and neck, let's say 49 percent and 49 percent, that would mean that half of the voters will vote Republican and the other half will vote Democratic.

How will the independent voters vote? Since they are already undecided, there is no guarantee that they also will be divided the same as the dedicated voters. Let's assume that only 40 percent of the total U S population will vote at all. That would be 40 percent of 300 million people, or 120 million voters. If the independents represent 2 percent of these 120 million, that would result in 2.4 million votes, a very significant factor in the overall election.

Some will vote Democratic or Republican because their father or their grandfather was one or the other. Some will vote Democratic because they are aware that President Obama has been successful in passing nearly 300 pieces of worthwhile legislation in the four years he has been in office or because he is a decent family man who appears to be on the side of the general public.

Why would the rest of them vote Republican? I've listed below the things that Republicans have stated in public debate they will do if elected. These are preceded by a letter of the alphabet. Comment on this story at nvdaily.com to let me know which letters of the alphabet you would choose to prompt you to vote Republican.

A - The main promise by Romney is to create millions of jobs. Where are these jobs going to come from since 18 million people are already unemployed because there are no jobs available?

B - He will do away with government regulations that hamper banks, large corporations and Wall Street from maximizing their profits by unscrupulous tactics.

C - He will give large tax cuts to the wealthiest people in the United States.

D - He will eliminate the Affordable Care Act, even though it is the best health care plan the United States has ever had.

E - He will get rid of the government deficit by firing police, firefighters and educators.

F - He will rescind any bill that promises women equal pay for equal work.

G - He will end Medicare as we know it and substitute a voucher plan to partially pay for elderly care.

H - He will outsource American workers' jobs to other countries to reduce the daily wages manufacturers have to pay, increasing profits for CEOs and stock holders.

I - He will refuse women's rights to the continued health of their own bodies by refusing to pay for contraceptives, health planning centers and abortions under any circumstances.

J - He will increase the size of our military budget and send our troops to places like Syria and Iran to bring the misbelievers into line.

K - He will let the top 1 or 3 percent of the wealthiest people in the United States decide what future freedoms the poor and middle class will have left.

Do any of these choices appeal to you as an independent and make you want to vote Republican? If so, pick a letter or two and let us know which ones you think the way of life in America should be.

Jack A. Rickel is a Front Royal resident.

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    Mr. Rickel, Romney is a white man. Some need no other reason to vote for him. That's all they will have in common with if this candidate (God forbid) if he gets elected.

    And a vote for a third party would be equal to not voting. I just can't imagine how the average person believes the Republican party is for them.

    It's a Ship of Fools and they will find out rather soon if this candidate wins.

    JR, it is impossible to properly answer your sound-bite derived allegations in the same one-sentence format in which you presented them. You say they are statements made in public debate. Highly doubtful. Most were either taken out of context or are blatant fabrications; all are disingenuous. But you knew that going in. Short responses to your tactic #2 allegations:

    A - a non sequitur
    B - illogical; regulations haven't prevented so far
    C - false; he has consistently stated otherwise
    D - first part true; second part false
    E & F & H & I & K - false to the point of absurdity
    G - false; presented as an option
    J - first part may be true; our troops area already there

    Cheers for Jack Rickel. Welcome back anytime.

    Jeers for 'vp', our resident on-call Teabilly, compelled by ideology to attack, always good for a belly laugh or two as he spouts his gerbil cage ideas that run endlessly in a far right wing nut case driven circle. Anybody who has read the wisdom posted on the walls of a bathroom stall is familiar with his writings.

    JR, never present facts to 'vp'. The more facts you present, the more he resents, the more obvious the short bus is missing a passenger.

    Good commentary, Jack Rickel. As you pointed out so well, what Romney has told us he will do if elected is not what the majority of Americans want for this country. Perfect proof of that is the fact----and yes it is a FACT---that what Romney said during the Republican Primary and even after to "woo" his right-wing base, he has now not only walked back, but has taken completely opposite positions on. All that just to now try to appeal to the general election voters that he could never appeal to if admitting to the positions he took earlier.

    Jane8 a week or so ago gave an excellent link on youtube of a video from all the different contradictory positions Romney has taken---from the mouth of Romney himself,not quotes, not hearsay---in which he himself reveals his own unbelievable flip-floping, multiple position changes and lies.

    Everyone agrees that all politicians will stretch the truth at times about their record or their opponents record, but Romney and his campaign have reached a new low in not only the number and complete lies but even when called out about it, will persist in their lies. (Just like the latest Romney lie in an ad about Jeep outsourcing jobs to China and persisting in that lie even when Chrysler chairman called them out on it and said Chrysler had no intention of shifting jobs to China.)


    There are other Republicans in the Republican Party that had they been the nominee rather than Romney, although I would have disagreed with their policy positions, I can't imagine anyone else being as grossly dishonest, run a campaign so completely filled with lies as Romney has. As the months went on, the more I saw and heard from Romney and his campaign, the more disgusted I have become with him and his lack of morals and character. He is disgustingly contemptible and I don't understand how anyone can respect him in any way.

    If Romney manages to win this election by tricking the American public with his dishonest campaign and his "I will say anything just to win", it will be a sad day for this country and democracy. And the small group of extreme right wing (who does not represent most Americans, by the way), in their hate for President Obama and wanting to deny him a second term at any expense, is more than willing to excuse Romney and look the other way. Shame on them.

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