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Editorial: Vote Romney

GOP candidate will help rebuild America's prosperity

Before casting your vote in the election for president, ask yourself two questions:
First, is the United States better off today than four years ago? Even more important, will you be better off four years from now?

Electing Mitt Romney as president will bring real change, giving Americans reason for hope about the future. President Barack Obama's record provides cause only for worry.

Fewer Americans are working today than when Obama took office. Millions are not on the official unemployment reports because they have given up on finding work. Millions more are "underemployed" in low-wage or part-time jobs that are all they can find. This is not the American dream. It has become a nightmare for too many people.

Trillions of dollars have been wasted on programs such as "stimulus" and bail-outs of big businesses and irresponsible states.

The national debt is $16 trillion, with $5.4 trillion of that piled up under Obama.

Obama has spent $90 billion on "green" energy -- while attempting to wreck the coal industry.

What about the next four years if Obama is re-elected? "Obamacare" would kick in fully.

Health insurance would cost more for tens of millions of people. Some families would lose the insurance they have now.

New limits on coal would force tens of millions of families to pay hundreds of dollars a year more for electricity.

Our economy, straining to hold its own, would be crippled by new taxes -- at least $1 trillion, admits Vice President Joe Biden.

The world would become even more dangerous, thanks to an Obama foreign policy that refuses to recognize the resurgent threat of Islamic terrorism, snubs the leader of Israel and has done little or nothing to stop Iran from building nuclear weapons.

The past four years have not been good. The next four would be worse under Obama.
Romney represents a real and realistic alternative. His economic policies will hold taxes low, allowing the private sector to create new jobs.

More important, Romney brings the predictability on government regulation and taxes that businesses need to create jobs -- and families need to begin buying again and thus, growing the economy.

Romney will abandon the war on coal, which will help to hold electric bills down.

Romney will ensure programs such as Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid remain available to the many Americans who rely on them. Real health care reform, not a government takeover that will cost many families more for medical care, will occur under Romney.

Our foreign enemies will face a strong, determined United States -- not a nation second-guessing ourselves and our heritage -- under Romney.

It has become clear Obama's policies are expensive failures. Four more years of an accelerated drive toward bigger government would be a catastrophe.

"You didn't build this," Obama said in an insult to scores of millions of hard-working people. Romney understands we indeed did build America -- and need a chance to rebuild our nation's prosperity.

That makes the choice crystal clear. The Northern Virginia Daily endorses Mitt Romney for president, and urges voters to elect him on Nov. 6.

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    same ole, same ole. get a new theme, no one is buying this one. what about 5 years ago...duh huh.

    I am buying it. 5 years ago, I had a job. The same job of 25 years. 4 years ago, I was laid off under Obama. Duh Huh

      Twayne, You said "4 years ago, I was laid off under Obama."? Obama has not been in office a full 4 years yet. If you were laid off four years ago, that was in the planning pre-Obama.

        How very "telling" when people like V.P. say things like---"You dimorats cut and paste the same hogwash--------" or John says, "I think NVD SHOULD STOP ALL COMMENTS in editorials!!!" You and Katybug and others on here, Jane, evidently get under their skin by doing a really good job of exposing the misinformation and lies that are spewed by some in all of the comment sections of the NV Daily. You do a great job of providing not only facts but the sources in most cases to back up what you say. It appears to really "bother" some people on here! I say keep it up.

        I think some people just regurgitate the inaccurate garbage they hear on Fox or one of the hatemonger right wing talk radio jock's program. But then I think some know what they are doing and don't care if what is said is correct or not. Just as when they try to discredit non-partisan fact-checking sites when they don't like what they say. We saw lots of that after Ryan's speech at the Republican Convention when the fact-checkers had to work overtime with all the inaccuracies from Ryan's mouth. And then came the right-wing "soldiers" to discredit the fact-checkers.

      Hey, Twayne, it just occurred to me that you and Romney have something in common,,,you said you had a job five years ago but you don't now? Mitt Romney had a job five years ago--Governor of MA--AND he too hasn't had a job since 2007.

    I think NVD SHOULD STOP ALL COMMENTS in editorials!!!
    They ARE ONE PERSON'S opinion and should be as such.
    If other people wish to comment they should just go ahead and write their own editorial to explain their own point.

    This bickering should stop as this is not the proper place to make nasty comments back and forth to one another.

    You AREN'T going to change ones opinion by making comments back and forth.

    Or maybe just put up a poll saying in favor or disapprove. These comments are getting just nasty and ALL the editorials I've read.

      John, were this an actual editorial and not some whack job forum insurgents using the tactics of a guerrilla mentality. . there'd be a name attributed to it.

      These are nothing more than Romney supporters who hope their deceit if shouted enough will become true...like magic.

      That is Mitts plan though.... He's a mathamigitian don't ya know....

    I could have sworn that I read in NVD somewhere a while back that the newspaper had to remain neutral and non partisan. After I read this spin of an article, I guess I was wrong! I rememeber when Obama made history and won in 2008 all the former owners of NVD could muster for a headline was "Shenandoah Co Did Not Vote for Obama".

    I guess when Obama wins in 2012 we can expect just as dismal a headline from the new owners of NVD. How very disappointing!

      Tstar, This is what the new owner committed to the newspaper audience in February 2012:

      "We want our newspapers to be strong, active, community-minded, locally edited newspapers," Nutting said. "We intend to present balanced and complete news coverage, which we hope will be of interest and service to our readers throughout our circulation area."

    ...at least Linda Ash would have done a better job than Candy Crowley of the Obama campaign (on loan from CNN) as moderator last night.

    Romney found himself debating her and the president!

    Obama never described Benghazi as a "terrorist attack" for the first two weeks -- including at the Rose Garden the following day.

    UN Ambassador Susan Rice DID go on all the Sunday shows claiming it was a protest. It is absolutely impossible that she would do so without WH approval.

    At the UN; on Letterman; on The View, the president specifically told us that it was a "protest over the video."


    HE LIED. TIME AND AGAIN. And he did ahgain last night aided and abetted by the 'moderator.'

    "In the transcript," Candy? No, it isn't!

      "No acts of terror will ever shake the resolve of this great nation."~excerpt from President Obama's speech in the Rose Garden 9-12-12.

      Here is the problem this time Flathers...typically President Obama gives a speech and the right takes a single sentence from said speech to go off on a wild tangent of hidden meanings, agendas, etc.

      Last night President Obama simply turned the tables. Romney said the President didn't call it terror, well President Obama did and its video logged. The moderator happened to be one of the reporters present when the President gave his speech, so she was well aware it was said as well. Willard could have saved himself the whole trouble by simple concentrating on the times the video was spoke of. Its in the transcript, its on video, and guess what? With the "undecided" Romney's whole attack was one of his lowest points in the evening. CNN shows you while you are watching if their group is scoring high or low, and they(the undecided voters) even discussed Romney's Libya attack after the debate and voiced their disgust with his tactics.

      So you can blame the moderator, you can blame the President, you can jump up and down and throw a temper tantrum like a two year old....and Willard still failed. In a world where within seconds a lie can be proven wrong choose your words carefully Willard.

      Flathers~we reject your callous and cold-hearted attempt to score political points standing on the graves of these patriots. You have no shame. You have no honor. You are what's wrong with our country - and your sick ideas are like a cancerous wound on our national soul. ~Tom Joad the Fictional Character

      yes it is. read the NY times transcripts.

      Isn't curious that Obama "knew" Candy had that exact transcript????

        Only in teabilly conspiracy land...

        Crowley in her usual role as a reporter was present in the Rose Garden for the address, so she happened to hear for herself the exact wording the President used. The problem here is in his rush to politicize American deaths ole Willard didn't phrase his own words carefully enough.

        We can debate until the end of time exactly what the President meant by "acts of terror" but that doesn't change the fact that Willard said the President didn't use those specific words. Candy reported on it that day, the video and transcripts are out there for anyone to see themselves that President Obama did indeed use those words. Granted there are some that will watch a video and believe the commentator over what they just saw for themselves, but hey Fox is good at providing alternate realities.

        As I said before, in a world where the technology is available to fact check within mere seconds, Willard should have tried to entrap the President by choosing his own words more carefully. Instead he jumped the gun and it backfired.

    "I want to build manufacturing jobs in this country again. Now when Governor Romney said we should let Detroit go bankrupt. I said we're going to bet on American workers and the American auto industry and it's come surging back." That was said by President Obama.

    American has been bleeding manufacturing jobs in 1970 and with that goes the American Middle Class! For the first time since 1998 we are growing manufacturing jobs. It is slow climb but forward movement.

    Mr. Romney points to Bain's success with Staples and Sports Authority - but they are service industries that sells products from China. Is it possible Mr. Romney wanted to buy our auto industry in bankruptcy, break it up and sell it to China?

    Google - Sensata Technologies for the later manufacturing outsourcing by Bain Capital. A profitable industry whose employees are now training their Chinese counterparts before their plant closes on November 5th.

    Just to clear one issue, while Governor of Mass., he did not raise personal "TAXES", he raised money by just called them "FEES".

    Thank you, Corporate Headquarters Editor, (whoever you might be) for your bold opinion. May I suggest you begin your quest for truth, justice, and the American way by examining the lies already told by Willard "Mitt" Romney, the GOP candidate running for President? In case you are at a loss for a list of lies, allow me to enlighten your perspective:

    The Mendacity of Mitt Romney Lying To The Teabillies


    804 lies listed chronologically with comments and reference source weblinks

    This list will be updated every Friday night until the election.

    OMG.....we cant elect Mitt...what about all the freeloaders who will lose their Obamaphones..what will they do??

      Do you mean Bush phone?

      SafeLink Wireless, the program mentioned in the e-mail, does indeed offer a cell phone, about one hour’s worth of calling time per month, and other wireless services like voice mail to eligible low-income households. Applicants have to apply and prove that they are either receiving certain types of government benefits, such as Medicaid, or have household incomes at or below 135 percent of the poverty line. Using 2009 poverty guidelines, that’s $14,620 for an individual and a little under $30,000 for a family of four, with slightly higher amounts for Alaska and Hawaii.

      SafeLink is run by a subsidiary of América Móvil, the world’s fourth largest wireless company in terms of subscribers, but it is not paid for directly by the company. Nor is it paid for with "tax payer money," as the e-mail claims. Rather, it is funded through the Universal Service Fund, which is administered by the Universal Service Administrative Company, an independent, not-for-profit corporation set up by the Federal Communications Commission. The USF is sustained by contributions from telecommunications companies such as "long distance companies, local telephone companies, wireless telephone companies, paging companies, and payphone providers." The companies often charge customers to fund their contributions in the form of a universal service fee you might see on your monthly phone bill. The fund is then parceled out to companies, such as América Móvil, that create programs, such as SafeLink, to provide telecommunications service to rural areas and low-income households.


      The SafeLink program has actually been offering cell phones to low-income households in some states since 2008, not beginning "earlier this year," as the e-mail claims. But the program is rooted in a deeper history.

      When phone lines were first laid out in the late 19th century, they were not always inter-operable. That is to say the phone service created by one company to serve one town may not have been compatible with the phone service of another company serving a different town nearby. The telecom companies themselves saw the folly in this arrangement, and so in 1913, AT&T committed itself to resolving interconnection problems as part of the "Kingsbury Commitment."

      That common goal of universal service became a goal of universal access to service when Congress passed The Telecommunications Act of 1934. The act created the FCC and also included in its preamble a promise "to make available, so far as possible, to all the people of the United States, a rapid, efficient, Nation-wide, and world-wide wire and radio communication service with adequate facilities at reasonable charges.” There was a fear, expressed by telecom companies themselves, that market forces alone might encourage companies to pass on providing service to hard-to-reach places. This would both hurt the people who wouldn’t have service as well as existing customers who wouldn’t be able to reach them. So the new FCC was tasked with promoting this principle of "universal service."

      This informal practice was codified when the Universal Service Administrative Company (USAC) was created as part of the 1996 Telecommunications Act to "ensure all Americans, including low-income consumers and those who live in rural, insular, high cost areas, shall have affordable service and [to] help to connect eligible schools, libraries, and rural health care providers to the global telecommunications network." The USAC includes four programs to serve rural areas, high cost areas, rural health care providers, and schools and libraries. Since 1997, USAC has provided discounted land line service to low-income individuals. (A more limited program to offer assistance to low-income individuals was created a decade earlier; the telecommunications act expanded and formalized it.) According to Eric Iversen, USAC director of external relations, the Universal Service Fund more recently began funding programs that provide wireless service, such as the pre-paid cellular SafeLink program mentioned in the chain e-mail.

      The president has no direct impact on the program, and one could hardly call these devices "Obama Phones," as the e-mail author does. This specific program, SafeLink, started under President George Bush, with grants from an independent company created under President Bill Clinton, which was a legacy of an act passed under President Franklin Roosevelt, which was influenced by an agreement reached between telecommunications companies and the administration of President Woodrow Wilson.



        You are a breath of fresh air on here. Thanks for your diligence in responding to the streams of misinformation and lies that appear on here.

          Thank-you Mr. Cash. Jane is much more adept than I at providing the correct information without letting the anger shine through though when nothing short of bullshite is being presented as "facts".

          "I" believe the people that present these outlandish claims, flat out lies, and misconceptions are the biggest part of the problem. From the AM hate radio crowd to social media propagandists to right here locally. "I" don't care why someone hates the President, even when its simply the color of the mans skin, but by all that is holy, own it.

          Don't come at us with birther claims, religion claims, lies about gun rights, lies about the ACA, what in the world have they not lied about the man? It scares me. When "I" can watch a video, and then a commentator make up his own story and watch people that just saw everything the same as I tell the commentators lies over the truth they just watched, I'm scared. I'm scared for our country, because you cant fix a problem without the right tools and a true understanding of what is broken in the first place.

          My only hope here has been that when someone tries to stand on the graves of our dead to tell their lies for instance, that I can call them out for it and provide an alternative view. When someone claims "Obamaphones" and its just simply not true, then I want to provide true, provable information. There is no way of knowing just who is reading any of this commentary, but to "me" at least, If I can keep even 1 reader from falling prey, I'm a happy camper.

          *I'll get off my oft accused soapbox now ;)

    Mitt Romney DOES believe in God; he is also a High Priest in the Mormon faith...

    The Bishop is often called "the father of the ward"[1] as he is the priesthood leader who is most intimately involved with individual church members. The bishop is not paid for the time he devotes to serving his ward. All ward and stake level callings in the LDS Church operate as a lay ministry; members donate their time to perform the duties assigned with each calling.
    The immediate priesthood leader of the bishop is the stake president, who provides direction, training and counsel to the bishops of the wards within his stake boundaries; the stake president is assisted in these duties by two counselors and the Stake High Council. The calling of each bishop must be approved by the First Presidency and the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles.

    As the presiding high priest, the bishop leads meetings and has the priesthood authority to issue callings, approve the performance of ordinances such as baptisms and the administration of the sacrament. The high priests that reside in several wards that form a stake are part of a quorum led by the stake president. In each ward the high priests are organized into a Group. In the ward, the bishop gives direction to and coordinates the efforts of the High Priest Group leader and the Elders Quorum president in performing their duties.

    See Romney other 'DUTIES' in the capacity.


    I wonder how far a Roman Catholic Bishop would have made it running for the Republican ticket?

    And the endorsement merely regurgitates the same ole stuff the Republicans have been kicking around since day one, all or most proven to be a statement taken out of context or a LIE! And in this same paper, there's an article about Stocks Higher on #Q Profits and another about Homebuilder Confidence Rises.

    I would love to know who wrote this endorsement for NVD because it is just another laundry list of lies that have circulated over and over. I love the old "You didn't build this," so-called quote attributed to Obama. They conveniently leave out the total statement which has been discussed many times. And they claim this was Obama's insult to millions of hard-working people! I call the 47% (behind close doors) remark by Romney as the real insult.

    Anyone who hasn't bothered to figure out the truth from the lies by now will find comfort in this paper's endorsement: I just expect more from a newspaper.

    If Romney gets in he'll find another weak excuse to have yet another war and like George Bush may think Iran is a piece of cake - an easy target. Maybe the people who vote for these warmongers, should enlist and find out what hell war really is! This country has a greater chance of dying from within than facing any imaginary foe.

    Yes, Romney will put this country back to work, fighting in the Middle East. Maybe we should bring back the draft: voting for these arm-chair warriors and their endless war might be less appealing.

    "Digging into the candidate’s record as a Mormon leader, his business deals at Bain..."


    "Fewer Americans are working today than when Obama took office. Millions are not on the official unemployment reports..."

    Yes, just stop and think about this...poor Mitt Romney, himself, has not held a job aka worked a day since 2007.

    "Trillions of dollars have been wasted on programs such as "stimulus" and bail-outs of big businesses and irresponsible states."

    Irresponsible States? Mr. Ryan requested and received $8,617,089,878 of those stimulus funds for Wisconsin. ( http://projects.propublica.org/recovery/) However, when a reporter asked if he requested the funds, he initially denied it.

    Congressman Paul Ryan: (1) “No, I never asked for stimulus,” ~ Paul Ryan (2) “After having these letters (requesting taxpayer bailout money i.e., stimulus money) called to my attention, I checked into them, and they were treated as constituent service requests in the same way matters involving Social Security or Veterans Affairs are handled,” Ryan said in a statement. “This is why I didn’t recall the letters earlier.”

    So you expect intelligent Americans to believe that the stimulus money--which you voted against, then requested, and have received--requires no tracking? And you are also telling us that matters concerning Social Security and Veternans' Affairs also fall within 'a routine admin' parameter in your office such as...

    Example of 'Congressional Constituent Services' (CCS)

    -- Get a Flag Flown Over the Capitol
    U.S. flags actually flown over the Capitol Building in Washington, D.C., can be ordered from allsenators and representatives.

    -- Plan Your Visit to Washington, D.C.
    Your members of Congress know their way around Washington, D.C., and they can help you enjoy a great visit.

    -- Get Information on Grants
    Remembering that very few federal grants are available to individuals, your senators andrepresentatives are well equipped to provide information on grants.

    -- Get a Special Greeting Card
    Last but far from least, you can request a very nice, personalized greeting card from your senator or representative commemorating special events like birthdays, anniversaries, graduations or other life achievements.

    -- Get a Special Autographed Picture of You

    "Obama has spent $90 billion on "green" energy -- while attempting to wreck the coal industry."
    "New limits on coal would force tens of millions of families to pay hundreds of dollars a year more for electricity."

    The coal industry’s future has emerged as a major story line with Romney accusing Obama’s alleged “war on coal.” ...Obama released an ad responding to Romney’s attacks, which includes a 2003 clip of Romney as Massachusetts governor decrying a coal plant. Obama’s “all-of-the-above” energy approach includes developing clean coal technology within 10 years

    "Heavily strip-mined communities in Appalachia are among the unhealthiest in the United States. In 2008, Gallup-Healthways Well-Being Index ranked Kentucky and West Virginia—the two states where mountaintop removal is most prevalent—second to last and dead last respectively. also rank at the bottom of the index. Ranking by congressional districts show similar results-out of 435 counties, WV-03 and KY-05, where the practice mountaintop removal is most pervasive, ranks 432 and 435 ranks last, respectively.

    "A study in 2009 by Dr. Michael Hendryx and Dr. Melissa Ahern, “Mortality in Appalachian Coal Mining Regions: The Value of Statistical Life Lost,” found:

    Increased rates of mortality and morbidity in Appalachia due to diabetes, heart disease and cancer. Compared to other regions of Appalachia and the nation, coal-mining areas had the highest mortality rates for every year from 1979-2005. The highest mortality rates are in areas with the highest levels of mining.

    "The study also notes “elevated mortality occurs in both males and females, suggesting that the effects were not due to occupational exposure, as almost all coal miners are men.” (http://appvoices.org/end-mountaintop-removal/community/)

    Anybody watch the movie "Erin Brockovch"? Did you like the way the movie ended or did you think the EB character was out of line trying to save the people in that town? For those of us who use coal, would you really object to an electric bill of a few cents more a month if it meant that the people and their family in harms way could be a little safer in working these areas for us? Think swat teams with body armor! Think military without rifles? Think of your two year old playing with her friends in these coal towns? What kind of people have we become to chose to look the other way for a few cents a month?

    For the author of 'GOP candidate will help rebuild America's prosperity'

    Anyone who doesn't take truth seriously in small matters cannot be trusted in large ones either. ~ Albert Einstein

    NVD, If one of your staffers wrote this piece, you may want to ask Mr. Romney if you could take a quick look at his binder.

    The second Obama-Romney debate was heated, confrontational and full of claims that sometimes didn’t match the facts.
    Obama challenged Romney to “get the transcript” when Romney questioned the president’s claim to have spoken of an “act of terror” the day after the slaying of four Americans in Libya. The president indeed referred to “acts of terror” that day, but then refrained from using such terms for weeks.
    Obama claimed Romney once called Arizona’s “papers, please” immigration law a “model” for the nation. He didn’t. Romney said that of an earlier Arizona law requiring employers to check the immigration status of employees.
    Obama falsely claimed Romney once referred to wind-power jobs as “imaginary.” Not true. Romney actually spoke of “an imaginary world” where “windmills and solar panels could power the economy.”
    Romney said repeatedly he won’t cut taxes for the wealthy, a switch from his position during the GOP primaries, when he said the top 1 percent would be among those to benefit.
    Romney said “a recent study has shown” that taxes “will” rise on the middle class by $4,000 as a result of federal debt increases since Obama took office. Not true. That’s just one possible way debt service could be financed.
    Romney claimed 580,000 women have lost jobs under Obama. The true figure is closer to 93,000.
    Romney claimed the automakers’ bankruptcy that Obama implemented was “precisely what I recommend.” Romney did favor a bankruptcy followed by federal loan guarantees, but not the direct federal aid that Obama insists was essential.
    Romney said he would keep Pell Grants for low-income college students “growing.” That’s a change. Both Romney and his running mate, Ryan, have previously said they’d limit eligibility.

    "Ryan's Despicable Soup Kitchen Antics A Perfect Metaphor For GOP Ticket's Disrespect For The Poor

    "It turns out that by the time Congressman Ryan and his family showed up at the soup kitchen, the food had already been served, the recipients of the church’s food line had left the building, and everything had already been cleaned up. There would be little for the Congressman and his family to do but shake the hands of the few volunteers who remained at the kitchen and be on their way.
    "However, never try and separate a cynical politician from a good photo opportunity."

    How would you like this to happen to you on the job?

    “And whether you agree with me or you agree with President Obama, or whatever your political view, I hope — I hope you pass those along to your employees,” he added. “Nothing illegal about you talking to your employees about what you believe is best for the business, because I think that will figure into their election decision, their voting decision and of course doing that with your family and your kids as well.” ~
    Mitt Romney speaking to an audience of small business owners. (Rawstory)

    “I think there was a winner in the sense that Barack Obama not only gained ground that he had lost, but he cauterized some wounds that he inflicted on himself by seeming too diffident and disengaged,” Will said on ABC. “Both men tonight tiptoed right up to the point of rudeness, but stepped back. It was a very good fight. I have seen every presidential debate in American history since the floor of Nixon and Kennedy in 1960. This was immeasurably the best.” ~George Will*

    “Look, this was a very tough fight,” the Fox News contributor said. “I think Romney did about as well as he did last time around. He made his points. Obama clearly had a good night, a much better night than the first night. You know, Woody Allen said showing up is 80 percent of life. Well he was at the 80 percent. And I think on points, if you were scoring it on points, Obama wins on points. He made a lot of counterpunches. He made a lot of accusations. He managed to get under [Mitt] Romney's skin a little bit by referring to his wealth.” ~ Charles Krauthammer**

    *George Frederick Will is an American newspaper columnist, journalist, and author. He is a Pulitzer Prize-winner best known for his conservative commentary on politics. (Wikipedia)

    **Charles Krauthammer is an American Pulitzer Prize-winning syndicated columnist, (conservative) political commentator, and physician. His column is syndicated to more than 275 newspapers and media outlets. (Wikipedia)

    Listen to this 14 year old's response when asked a question


    Then listen to the response from this woman when asked a simple question......


    "The wife of Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney on Thursday said that her husband and sons had not joined the U.S. military but had found “different ways of serving” by going on religious missions in France, England, Australia and Chile as part of their obligation to the Mormon church.

    Mitt Romney announced earlier this week that he had canceled his Thursday appearance on The View due to “scheduling problems.”

    In a secretly-recorded video released by Mother Jones last month, the former Massachusetts governor told wealthy donors that going on The View was a “high-risk” proposition because the “sharp-tongued” co-hosts were not conservative enough.


    Oh Brother! If Romney can't handle the ladies on The View, how is he going to deal with heads of state that don't agree with his every desire.

    You dimorats cut and paste the same hogwash for every editorial, letter to the editor, and commentary that appears on line. At least paraphrase to make it interesting.

    And one of you, tstar, wants the online newspaper that gives you a free forum to exercise your 1st Amendment right to deny itself the same right. More loco liberal logic.

    vp, I am not a dimorat, it is spelled Democrat. And, yes, I have duplicated a few articles as there is a possibility this Editorial may have more and/or different readers than the letters to the editor. This is a very, very important election; a choice of continuing down a clear steady path of progress with Obama or becoming a very poor middle class and face the potential of yet another war with a President Romney...so I will post everything I know to be true in the hope there will be some readers who will take the time to look at the choices and the magnitude of lies that are being told by the High Priest of the Mormon Church Romney.

    valley patriot posted: Criticized Obama for "politicizing bin Laden's death "

    Actually: Like Romney? The mother of a former Navy SEAL who was killed in the attack on the U.S. diplomatic mission in Benghazi, Libya last month has asked Mitt Romney to stop recounting a story about meeting the former SEAL, Glen Doherty, at a holiday party a few years ago. But Romney’s not only telling the story against the wishes of Doherty’s family, he’s also mischaracterizing his encounter with the former SEAL. According to Glen Doherty’s longtime friend, Doherty said Romney had introduced himself four times in the span of less than 30 minutes, saying it was ”pathetic ” that Romney didn’t know the two had just met:
    “He said it was very comical,” [Doherty friend Elf] Ellefsen said, “Mitt Romney approached him ultimately four times, using this private gathering as a political venture to further his image. He kept introducing himself as Mitt Romney, a political figure. The same introduction, the same opening line. Glen believed it to be very insincere and stale.”
    “He said it was pathetic and comical to have the same person come up to you within only a half hour, have this person reintroduce himself to you, having absolutely no idea whatsoever that he just did this 20 minutes ago, and did not even recognize Glen’s face.”


    valley patriot posted Obama's "failure to anticipate the Arab Spring uprisings'

    Actually: Like GWBush's failure to anticipate the attacks on the Twin Towers and Pentagon?

    valley patriot posted: Obama "gave the Queen of England an iPod loaded with his speeches"

    Actually: The iPod was loaded with video footage and photographs of her 2007 United States visit to Richmond, Jamestown and Williamsburg in Virginia. In return, the Queen gave the President a silver framed signed photograph of herself and the Duke of Edinburgh

    valley patriot posted: Obama "gave the British PM an inexpensive box of DVDs"

    Actually: The gift boxed set of 25 DVDs were of great American movies as picked by the American Film Institute; Gordon Brown is a well-known movie fan. Anti-Obama media even went so far as to say that the American cut DVDs would not work in the UK, but the Prime Ministers owns a multi-system player.

    valley patriot posted: Obama "bowed to the Saudi king"

    Actually: I'd rather see Obama do a respectful bow, than see media pictures of our President (GWBush) walking around holding hands with the Saudi King or kissing him. Of the three choices Obama, I believe. worked with the less offensive custom.

    Slain ambassador’s mother: Blame game is not productive

    In her first interview since Stevens was killed in the September 11 assault, Commanday told CBS television that she did not want to talk about the political firestorm his death has unleashed just weeks from the 2012 elections. “I don’t think it’s productive to lay blame on people,” she said. Republicans have gone on the attack against the administration of President Barack Obama — who is seeking re-election on November 6 — accusing it of huge security failures and of trying to cover-up the circumstances of the events. It led to a furious exchange in Tuesday’s debate when Obama told his Republican challenger Mitt Romney it was “offensive” to suggest that his administration was playing politics or trying to mislead people. “I mean, you have to know something about something in order to have questions about it and I don’t know enough really to ask questions,” Commanday said. She added that even knowing all the answers would not be an end. “Well, it doesn’t bring him back, does it?” she asked. (Rawstory)

    NOW this is the second family member of the Benghazi killed that have asked that the Republicans respectfully stop using this as political fodder. To recall, the mother of a former Navy SEAL who was killed in the attack on the U.S. diplomatic mission in Benghazi, Libya last month has asked Mitt Romney to stop recounting a story about meeting the former SEAL, Glen Doherty...

    I don't see the substance in the Romney/Ryan platform. Mitt rose to the top of the GOP heap in a field crowded with fanactics (999) and just weird candidates (Newt), and I don't see where Romney has moved away from the toxic fanatics in the GOP (tea party). Basically, I don't see where Romney has JUSTIFIED to me why he is better than Obama. I see him as a more GQ Dubya with a disrespect for the Office of the President. I see Mitt as unfit and while I am not 100% behind Obama, I feel he kept his eye on the ball, put his reputation on the line and gave a green light to Seal Team 6. He gets my vote.

    This editorial board or whomever should have listened to the Salt Lake Tribune. Here's what they had to say:

    "In considering which candidate to endorse, The Salt Lake Tribune editorial board had hoped that Romney would exhibit the same talents for organization, pragmatic problem-solving and inspired leadership that he displayed here more than a decade ago. Instead, we have watched him morph into a friend of the far right, then tack toward the center with breathtaking aplomb. Through a pair of presidential debates, Romney’s domestic agenda remains bereft of detail and worthy of mistrust.

    Therefore, our endorsement must go to the incumbent, a competent leader who, against tough odds, has guided the country through catastrophe and set a course that, while rocky, is pointing toward a brighter day. The president has earned a second term. Romney, in whatever guise, does not deserve a first."

    49 New Lies This Week

    As of Friday 10-19-2012, the number of Mitt Romney lies since January 2012 has reached 853 and counting.

    See #805 thru #853 for week of 10-19-12

    The Mendacity of Mitt Romney Lying To The Teabillies


    According to a comment on another blog, "The US Chamber of Commerce claims that 75% of small business cannot hire because of the cost of Obamacare."

    "Thomas Donohue, the president and CEO of the powerful business lobby, on Tuesday said the Chamber planned to get involved in 11 or 12 Senate races and 35 to 37 races for the House of Representatives. 'We are planning on having a good year,' Donohue told hundreds of members of the U.S. small business community at a meeting in Washington.....In 2010, when Republicans took control of the House, the Chamber reported spending $32 million on races, according to the Center for Responsive Politics data....(The ACC historically stays away from the presidential race but hits hard on congressional elections as well as state attorneys general and elected judges races.) The group, whose donors are kept secret....,(Reuters May 22, 2012)

    "While the U.S. Chamber cries crocodile tears for small businesses, it really represents the financial institutions responsible for today’s economic crisis and the pain of small businesses." – Frank Knapp, South Carolina Small Business Chamber of Commerce, 03/14/2010

    "Florida Gulf Coast chambers of commerce have distanced themselves from comments made by the organization's national president who said that American taxpayers should shoulder more of the burden for BP oil spill cleanup efforts. 'We agree to disagree,' said Dawn Moliterno, president of the Walton Area Chamber of Commerce. 'To say that we as taxpayers should spend more is just wrong.'" ~– Dawn Moliterno, President, Walton Area Chamber of Commerce, Lakeland Ledger,06/14/2010

    "Chamber representatives do have the benefit of appearing on Fox "News" to give their side of the story, as they have been doing. Fox is owned of course by the News Corporation. What is the News Corporation? A $1 million donor to that same Chamber of Commerce attack campaign." ~– Michael Tomasky, The Guardian, 10/13/2010

    “What is most astonishing about the Chamber's ads is not that they twist a newspaper's editorial line for the Chamber's own purposes. It's that they are at odds with the interests of business itself -- supposedly, its own constituents.” – Washington Post Editorial Board, "The U.S. Chamber vs. Honesty", 10/27/2009

    “The United States Chamber of Commerce’s Web site says the group supports ‘a comprehensive legislative solution’ to global warming. Yet no organization in this country has done more to undermine such legislation.” – New York Times Editorial Board, Way Behind the Curve, 09/03/2009

    The exaggerated Republican claim that the new health care law “kills jobs” was high on our list of the “Whoppers of 2011.” But the facts haven’t stopped Republicans and their allies from making the “job-killing” claim a major theme of their campaign 2012 TV ads:

    “ Always vote for a principle, though you vote alone, and you may cherish the sweet reflection that your vote is never lost. ” — John Quincy Adams

    “I mean, lied about what? This is something he’s been saying all along. This is what he believes. This is his policy; these are his statements," Ann Romney said in an interview set to air Wednesday on Fox News. "I mean, lie — it’s sort of like someone that’s, you know, in the sandbox that, like, lost the game and they’re just going to kick sand in someone’s face and say, ‘You liar.’ I mean, it’s like they lost, and so now they just are going to say, 'OK, the game — we didn’t like the game.' So to me, it’s poor sportsmanship.” ~ Ann Romney


    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UkK27gjB7mk&feature=relmfu (Ron Paul's take)

    This may let everyone figure out where Romney gets his lack of honesty and shows his clear lack of understanding of reality or science.
    See number 4.....


    The Meaning of Mitt Mitt Romney has long been a front-runner for the G.O.P. nomination—even if no one really knows who he is. Digging into the candidate’s record as a Mormon leader, his business deals at Bain Capital, and that infamous car trip with the family dog strapped to the roof, Michael Kranish and Scott Helman pierce the Mitt bubble in an adaptation from their new book, The Real Romney, to find that the contradictions, question marks, and ambivalence go deeper than his politics.


    "The thing is, is that what he didn’t say is that Mitt—Mitt Romney didn’t say that he and his own co-investors, in a partnership, overturned—overturned the deal that the U.S. government had made to save that auto parts division, and shut it down. They bought it out, shut it down, moved it to China. Now, Romney seemed to have left that one out of the mix. Once again, yes, the auto—Delphi was put through bankruptcy, but unlike General Motors, because of the Romney group’s actions, every single UAW job was lost."

    Another one today


    That one even kicks the President a little.

    *LA Times too, but that doesn't really count.

    I cannot understand how anyone taking three minutes to watch this clip is not frightened by this man!


      You frighten too easily, Jane.

      BTW: Hope you're mending well.

        DF, If Romney does win the election, I can promise that YOU will be the frightened one. If you watch all the many, many topics in which he has changed positions; i.e., gun control, abortion, health care/personal mandate, Reagan, climate change, stimulus package, environment/shut down coal plant in MA, lobbyist, and taxes. Romney has LIED more than all the other candidates combined. How can you justify that? How can you be comfortable with someone who is TOTALLY, TOTALLY lacking in integrity. I have never seen any human in my life with such a callous disregard for people.Have you watched his response as he is challenged by the Republican candidates in their debates, by anchors--even Fox anchors, media on the stumps, etc. This man has led a very insular life. He IS NOT presidential material. I am 'afraid' you may get the opportunity to discover what I think should be apparent to anyone who observes him.

        No, I do not frighten easily. As I mentioned before..been through a coup that ousted a dictator; another post, locked inside an Embassy as demonstrators outside were throwing homemade bombs at us, etc. And another big one..diagnosed with CA. No, I do not frightened easily.

        Thank you. God is good to me.

    Wonder no more, wondering:

    "When Gov. Romney says that we should eliminate funding for Planned Parenthood, there are millions of women all across the country who rely on Planned Parenthood for not just contraceptive care, they rely on it for mammograms.” -- President Obama Oct. 16 during the second presidential debate.

    Planned Parenthood does not actually provide women with mammograms, but refers patients out to other facilities for the exam.

    This is no different than claiming that "acts of terror" spoken in the Rose Garden on 9/12 specifically meant Benghazi -- though he and his WH continued to specifcally claim that the video was responsible over the next 14 days.

    The problem with honesty (and character) lie with the current occupant.

      Where do these poor women who can not afford to go to a GYN or do not have insurance to get the clinical exam and referral when needed to get the mammogram? WalMart? Some local church setting up yearly free breast exams for the community? Oh, they go to Planned Parenthood.

      Guess what Flathers? My OBGYN sets women up with mammograms too, by referral(most do this way)...does that make their office a fake care provider? See, women know how it works, it is after all our care. Perhaps you should discuss with someone this disturbing need to be nosing around where men and the government have no business interfering.

    "Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.) on Sunday slammed President Obama's policy towards Iran, saying the "time for talking is over" after reports suggested that Washington and Tehran had reached an agreement on continuing negotiations over nuclear enrichment.

    "Graham said sanctions imposed on Tehran over its nuclear program have "been a miserable failure" and had failed to prevent Iran from continuing to enrich uranium."

    It makes me absolutely nauseous to see how the Republicans are playing 'war' up going in to the election cycle.

    ""I absolutely do think there is room for negotiations," said Ashton, who represents the United States, China, Russia, Britain, France and Germany in their on-and-off talks with Iran. "I hope we will be able to make progress very soon."

    "The new sanctions mark one of the toughest moves against Iran by Europe to date and a significant change of policy for the 27-member bloc, which hitherto focused on targeting specific people and companies with economic restrictions.

    "The widening sanctions regime is already doing significant damage to the Iranian economy, notably due to an oil embargo imposed by the European Union this year and new financial sanctions applied by the United States.

    Earlier this month, riots broke out in Tehran in protest at the collapse of the rial currency, which has lost some two-thirds of its value against the dollar in the past 15 months, stoking inflation that is now running at around 25 percent."


    NVD has become the Fox news newspaper. What is Fox famous for? Uninformed viewers. Having just received by subscription renewal I have severe doubts if I want to waste money.

    One of the most telling was the reporting of the death of Chris Stevens. Above the fold, huge pictures of Ryan in Harrisonburg; below the fold a small story continued on page two with a thumbnail picture of Mr. Stevens.

    NVD should be ashamed.

    --This man will not release his tax records.
    --Destroyed his working papers after his stint as governor, even buying all the computers.
    --Romney's Olympic archival records remain sealed.
    --Romney's Olympic archival records remain sealed.

    If you elect him, Romney will be the most 'secretive' president the U.S. has ever known.

    In 1998, several IOC members were forced to resign after it was uncovered that they had accepted bribes from Salt Lake Bid Committee co-heads Tom Welch and Dave Johnson in return for voting for Salt Lake City to hold the Games. In response to the scandal and a financial shortfall for the games, Mitt Romney, then CEO of the private equity firm Bain Capital, was hired as the new President and CEO of the Salt Lake Organizing Committee, leaving him and IOC President Dr. Jacques Rogge to contend with the public outcry and financial mess.[26] Romney, Kem C. Gardner, a Utah commercial real estate developer, and Don Stirling, the Olympics' local marketing chief, raised "millions of dollars from Mormon families with pioneer roots: the Eccles family, whose forebears were important industrialists and bankers" to help rescue the games, according to a later report.[27] An additional $410 million dollars was received from the federal government.[28]
    In addition, about 1.3 billion dollars in federal funds was used to support the 2002 Olympics. By comparison, the 1984 Olympics received about $75 million and the 1996 Olympics about $609 million from U.S. federal sources.
    8–24 February (a 16 day event)
    We--the American taxpayers--spent that much money and Romney seals our records!

    Unbelievable! We, U.S. taxpayers, paid over $1.7 billion for a 16 day event and we cannot even have access to our records?

    Is this the first time in history that Olympic records have been sealed?

    "Even as consumers took a loss, however, a small group of investors wound up getting a good deal in the bailout. Bain Capital – the very firm that had triggered the crisis in the first place – walked away with $4 million. That was the fee it charged Bain & Company for loaning the consulting firm the services of its chief executive – one Willard Mitt Romney."


    Colonel Wilkerson said:

    My party is full of racists and the real reason a considerable portion of my party wants president Obama out of the White House has nothing to do with the content of his character, nothing to do with his competence as commander in chief and President and everything to do with the color of his skin and that is despicable.


    “A great many people think they are thinking when they are really rearranging their prejudices.” ― Edward R. Murrow

    October 26, 2012 -- 36 New Lies This Week

    The Mendacity of Mitt Romney

    889 searchable lies listed chronologically with comments and reference source weblinks


    ''When you give a speech you don't go through a laundry list, you talk about the things that you think are important.''

    —Mitt Romney, when asked about failing to mention the troops in his nomination speech at the Republican National Convention, Fox News interview, Sept. 7, 2012

    ''It's not worth moving heaven and earth, spending billions of dollars just trying to catch one person.''

    —Mitt Romney, speaking in 2007 about killing Osama bin Laden

    ''The embassy in Cairo put out a statement after their grounds had been breached. ... An apology for America's values is never the right course. ... The statement that came from the administration was -- was a statement which is akin to apology and I think was a -- a severe miscalculation.'

    —Mitt Romney, attempting to politicize the killings of American diplomats in Libya by falsely accusing President Obama of apologizing for America and getting the facts of the situation completely backwards (Sept. 12, 2012)

    ''There are 47 percent of the people who will vote for the president no matter what. All right, there are 47 percent who are with him, who are dependent upon government, who believe that they are victims, who believe the government has a responsibility to care for them, who believe that they are entitled to health care, to food, to housing, to you-name-it. ... My job is not to worry about those people. I'll never convince them they should take personal responsibility and care for their lives.''

    —Mitt Romney, in leaked comments from a fundraiser in May 2012


    ''He [Obama] says we need more firemen, more policemen, more teachers. Did he not get the message of Wisconsin? The American people did. It's time for us to cut back on government and help the American people.''

    —Mitt Romney at a campaign event in Council Bluffs, Iowa, June 8, 2012

    ''He [Obama] says we need more firemen, more policemen, more teachers. Did he not get the message of Wisconsin? The American people did. It's time for us to cut back on government and help the American people.''

    —Mitt Romney at a campaign event in Council Bluffs, Iowa, June 8, 2012

    ''I'm not concerned about the very poor. We have a safety net there.''

    —Mitt Romney (January 2012)

    ''We've always encouraged young people: Take a shot, go for it, take a risk, get the education, borrow money if you have to from your parents, start a business.''

    —Mitt Romney, offering advice to students, citing a friend who borrowed $20,000 from his parents to start and business and suggesting anyone in the audience could do the same (Otterbein University in Ohio, April 27, 2012)

    ''I know what it's like to worry whether you're going to get fired. There were a couple of times I wondered whether I was going to get a pink slip.''

    —Mitt Romney, attempting to identify with the problems of average folk (January 2012)

    ''My dad, as you probably know, was the governor of Michigan and was the head of a car company. But he was born in Mexico... and had he been born of, uh, Mexican parents, I'd have a better shot at winning this. But he was unfortunately born to Americans living in Mexico. He lived there for a number of years. I mean, I say that jokingly, but it would be helpful to be Latino.''

    —Mitt Romney, in leaked comments from a fundraiser in May 2012

    ''I have some great friends who are NASCAR team owners.''

    —Mitt Romney, after being asked whether he follows NASCAR racing (February 2012)


    "I saw my father march with Martin Luther King.''

    —GOP presidential candidate Mitt Romney, bragging in 2007 about his family's record on civil rights. Romney later admitted he didn't technically see his father march with King, nor did his father ever march with the civil rights leader on the same day or in the same city.

    George Stephanopoulos: ''Is $100,000 middle income?''

    Mitt Romney: ''No, middle income is $200,000 to $250,000 and less.'' (ABC's ''Good Morning America,'' Sept. 14, 2012)

    ''I should tell my story. I'm also unemployed.''

    —GOP presidential candidate Mitt Romney, speaking in 2011 to unemployed people in Florida. Romney's net worth is over $200 million.

    ''I'm not sure about these cookies. They don't look like you made them. No, no. They came from the local 7/11, bakery, or whatever.''

    —Mitt Romney, visiting a local bakery while campaigning in Pittsburgh, PA, April 17, 2012 (The owner of the bakery later told MSNBC he was offended by Romney's remarks.)>''


    ''I went to a number of women's groups and said 'Can you help us find folks?' and they brought us whole binders full of women.''

    —Mitt Romney, on staffing his cabinet while he was governor of Massachusetts, presidential debate, Oct. 16, 2012

    Been awhile since I've visited... Tickled to see posters such as Katybug and Jane picking up the banner and moving FORWARD with it... :)

    This election truly is about once and for all denouncing the GOP strategy of lowering taxes for the wealthy and thinking that THIS is what creates jobs and improves the economy.

    Did everyone know that the wealthy currently pay the LOWEST in taxes that they have in over 50 years? So where are all the jobs that low taxes on the wealthy are supposed to create?

    There's the BIGGEST myth in all of this.

    Job creation has been largely slowed by economic uncertainty. While the U.S. is slowly recovering (and the GOP reminds us of how slow every day), the rest of the world is still struggling. In this global economic climate we are the exception that we are improving. Yet the GOP has a plan to make it "go faster"? BULLROAR!!!

    They let their plan be known when Mitch McConnell stated that the GOP's goal was to make Obama a "One term President". The economic uncertainty I refer to has been caused by GOP obstructionism over some VERY basic things that GOP Presidents always take for granted (Debt Ceiling increase and extention of UE benefits). The GOP held these items hostage and consequently dinged our nations credit rating...

    Businesses aren't afraid that our economy cannot recover. They're afraid of whether partisanship in Washington will LET it recover.

    Independant economic forcasts have already predicted that our economy is going to be vastly improved in the next few years REGARDLESS OF WHO WINS THIS ELECTION... The last think I want to see is Romney take over and then have the gall to claim that any recovery had a darned thing to do with his Presidency... Obama already did the dirty work.

    What did the stimulus do? It prevented Depression and economic collapse.

    So the GOP likes to bang the drum that this is the "2nd worst recovery since the Great Depression!!!" Well I have two comments on that.

    1) It is STILL a recovery.


    2) Seeing as this is the 2nd worst economic crisis other than the Great Depression, it kinda makes sense that the recovery would be the 2nd slowest, eh?

    (I know, I know. We're just supposed to swallow the rhetoric and not actually THINK... Shame on me!!)

    I have asked several time in several venues what on Earth the GOP would have done different that would have made the recovery SO much better.... Guess what? I've NEVER received a good answer.

    Color me surprised.

    But now that the hard part is over, Romney wants to swoop in and "Take it from here" because this recovery isn't "Good enough".. LOL!!!

    Yeah, we'll slash everyone's taxes by $5 Trillion, increase military spending and pay for it all by cutting off funding for PBS and Planned Parenthood?

    So much for the 'Party of Fiscal Responsibility'... LOL!!!

      Good post Irishman, welcome back and stick around to give us more well thought out posts.

      Excellent post as usual, Irishman71, and really happy to see you back here! I have missed you and hoped all was well in your world.

      There are others on here who have taken up the banner and moved forward as you put it, (Katybug and Jane, the two people you had mentioned, along with several others who comment) and who I think express themselves well and do a good job to counter so much of the misinformation and lies put out there in spite of the attacks they put up with. (Of course, that tells me they are "hitting a nerve" and achieving what they wanted to---getting the truth out.) I welcome you back and your well thought-out perspective on things.

      I have always followed your posts from "way-back-when" and have always enjoyed and found great value in your articulate, thoughtful and sensible comments be they about politics, the environment, or anything else that you have commented on.

      As always, you have hit-the-nail-on-the-head with this, your latest comment. Everything you said is just so true. It is too bad there are others out there who try to hide the truth with smoke and mirrors and then the crowd who don't seem to know any better but just repeats and regurgitates what the right-wing hate-talk radio hosts tell them or what Fox tells them to think and believe.

      Again, glad to see you back, Irisman71!

    Thanks for the kind words Song98 and user123... Of course there are many of us that do our best to be a voice of reason and logic in a very Conservative area of the country.

    Not meant to be a bash on "Conservatism" in general... MY issue is primarily with the GOP "Hypocritism". (I guffaw everytime I hear a Republican attempt to preach "Fiscal Responsibility" and paint the Democrats as the party that has run up the debt... Awesome revisionist history there, eh?)

    I didn't mean to leave you all out when I mentioned those keeping everyone honest around here. You all have been at it as long as I on that front... :)


    “We've clearly entered some parallel universe during these last few days,” GM spokesman Greg Martin said. “No amount of campaign politics at its cynical worst will diminish our record of creating jobs in the U.S. and repatriating profits back to this country.” ~on Willard's newest lies

    I gave up on Romney when he made such a huge deal about helping the middle class by saying no more taxation on interest, or dividends. Gee, sounds good on paper, but remember this man has no job and his tens of millions of dollars ALL comes from interest and dividends, thereby. . . .he will pay NO tax at all! Think about it folks. This guy is out to protect the rich, not YOU!

    New Jersey Governor Chris Christie praising President Obama's response to Hurricane Sandy:

    "The federal government's response has been great. I was on the phone at midnight again last night with the President, personally, he has expedited the designation of New Jersey as a major disaster area ... The President has been outstanding in this and so have the folks at FEMA."

    “I spoke to the president three times yesterday,” he explained. “He called me for the last time at midnight last night asking what he could do. I said, if you can expedite designating New Jersey as a major disaster area that that would help us to get federal money and resources in here as quickly as possible to help clean up the damage here.”
    “The president was great last night,” Christie continued. “He said he would get it done. At 2 a.m., I got a call from FEMA to answer a couple of final questions and then he signed the declaration this morning. So I have to give the president great credit. He’s been on the phone with me three times in the last 24 hours. He’s been very attentive, and anything that I’ve asked for, he’s gotten to me. So, I thank the president publicly for that. He’s done — as far as I’m concerned — a great job for New Jersey.”
    “I have a job to do,” he (Christie) added. “I’ve got 2.4 million people out of power, I’ve got devastation on the shore, I’ve got floods in the northern part of my state. If you think right now I give a damn about presidential politics then you don’t know me.”

    Which one of these individuals has a more realistic view of the world we know?

    Individual No 1 went to college and, while in college, had a job.

    --Individual No.1, while in college, became involved in the college; i.e., selected as an editor of the Harvard Law Review based on grades and a writing competition; elected president of the law review, a full-time volunteer position functioning as editor-in-chief and supervising the law review's staff of 80 editors.

    --Individual No, 1, graduated, became a junior, then senior lecturer at the University of Chicago Law School for 12 years.


    --Individual No 2 went to college and, while in college, both he and his wife lived off of his stock options.

    --Individual No. 2, while in college, was selected/enrolled in one of the most exclusive clubs in academe is a Harvard University dual-degree program allowing graduate students to attend its law and business schools simultaneously, cramming five years of education into four.

    --Individual No. 2, after college walked into an extremely lucrative job, then offered a start up company--off shoot from another--with the promise of no personal financial risk to himself.


    granddaughter of President Dwight Eisenhower and a rather accomplished woman in her own right.

    I cannot vouch for the validity of this presentation; however, knowing nothing of the Mormon religion, I did found it interesting.


    New York Mayor Bloomberg endorsed GWB in 2004, no one in 2008, and Obama 2012.

    "Among the new disclosures is that the CIA station chief in Tripoli sent an emergency security force, with about a half-dozen agency operatives as well as two U.S. military personnel, to Benghazi aboard a hastily chartered aircraft while the attack was underway.

    "The CIA team attempted to organize an effort to make its way to a hospital where U.S. Ambassador J. Christopher Stevens had been taken and was thought to be still alive. But the team was held up by Libyan officials at the airport and scrapped the plan to reach Stevens after learning that the security situation at the hospital was uncertain.

    U.S. officials also formally acknowledged for the first time that the annex in Benghazi to which U.S. diplomatic personnel were evacuated was a CIA base that the agency had established as its first stronghold in Libya before autocrat Moammar Gaddafi was overthrown late last year.


    Hey, I'm looking for two those he-man (sic) Navy guys from Winchester that posted on one of the Letters to the Editor within the past two weeks. This is for you guys.

    Eight years under Bush:

    22 January 2002 Calcutta, India Harkat-ul-Jihad al-Islami gunmen attack Consulate 5
    14 June 2002 Karachi, Pakistan al-Qaeda truck bomb detonates outside Consulate (more details) 12
    12 October 2002 Denpasar, Indonesia Consular Office bombed by Jemaah Islamiyah as part of the Bali bombings none
    28 February 2003 Islamabad, Pakistan Unknown gunmen attack Embassy 2
    30 June 2004 Tashkent, Uzbekistan Islamic Movement of Uzbekistan suicide bomber attacks Embassy 2
    6 December 2004 Jeddah, Saudi Arabia al-Qaeda gunmen raid diplomatic compound 9
    2 March 2006 Karachi, Pakistan Car bomb explodes outside Consulate 2
    12 September 2006 Demascuc, Syria Gunmen raid US Embassy 4
    12 January 2007 Athens, Greece RPG Fired at Embassy by Revolutionary Struggle none
    18 March 2008 Sana'a, Yemen Mortar attack against US Embassy 2
    9 July 2008 Istanbul, Turkey Armed attack against Consulate (more details) 6
    17 September 2008 Sana'a, Yemen Two car bombs outside US embassy in Yemeni capital

    2001 - September 11, 2001 attacks, 2,997 killed;
    2002 - Reporter Daniel Pearl, kidnapped and beheaded in Karachi.
    2002 - Nine people killed by bomb blast near US embassy in Lima - seen as attempt to disrupt forthcoming visit by President George W. Bush.
    2002-2006 - Karachi consulate attacks: three separate attacks killed 18 people (including an American diplomat) and injured 87.
    2002 - Two Marines shot, one killed in Kuwait.
    2003 - Riyadh Compound Bombings kill 9 Americans, among 35 others.
    2003 - Three American diplomats are killed by a roadside bomb targeting their convoy in Gaza. Palestine Resistance Committees, an umbrella organization has taken responsibility for the attack."[1]
    2003–present - Damascus terrorist attacks: American interests in Syria targeted by Islamists.
    2004 - Civilians Nick Berg, Jack Hensley, and Eugene Armstrong kidnapped and beheaded in Iraq.
    2004 - Paul Marshall Johnson, Jr, civilian working in Saudi Arabia, kidnapped and beheaded; five other Americans die in attacks in Saudi Arabia in 2004.
    2007 - American embassy attacked in Athens, Greece.
    2008 - John Granville, US diplomat, assassinated in Khartoum, Sudan

    Again for my two Winchester 'Navy' friends (sic) --

    During the George W. Bush administration, public opinion of America declined in most European countries. A Pew Global Attitudes Project poll showed "favourable opinions" of America between 2000 and 2006 dropping from 83% to 56% in the United Kingdom, from 62% to 39% in France, from 78% to 37% in Germany and from 50% to 23% in Spain.[74]
    (Source of above post and this one: Wikipedia)

    So who would our Allies rather see in the White House today?

    According to a YouGov poll published last week, 78 per cent of Germans preferred Obama over Mitt Romney (the results across six other European countries were similar, ranging from 81 per cent in Sweden to 69 per cent in Britain), in line with the figures from four years before. This clear lead for Obama may have less to do with Romney himself than with the gulf that separates the US political spectrum from its counterparts in Western Europe. (In Eastern Europe, surveys suggest that while Obama remains the preferred option, levels of support for him are somewhat lower.)

      Thank you Jane8, for pointing out all of the above! You and numerous others do a tremendously good job of countering the misrepresentations, exaggerations and blatant lies put out by some of the right-wing posters, and in addition particularly you, Katybug and Diana (I must specify spelled with an A!) all get bashed by those who resent being challenged when they spew their regurgitations from one of the fringe right-wing radio hosts, Fox pseudo-news or even one of the trash forwarded e-mails from the fringe on the 'right' that is sent out. That tells you something.

      I especially got a kick out of seeing how you roundly corrected the 'self-described Navy guys' when they were trying to tell you--- you who has 'been there'---how foreign service works! I guess they thought being in the Navy---if there is even any truth to that----makes them experts on foreign service! Ha!

    Thanks, song98, I am certain that those two have successfully sold their story to some uneducated 'gals'. Even if they were actually in the military, they were probably 'rear elechon' heroes.

      Your two Winchester Navy veteran he-men are to be found here from these four choices. Based on his previous posts, you may have misidentified 'wiffleur'. He is more likely a parent/grandparent of a Warren County student or affiliated with the school system administration.

      mtnfalls aka Dave Funk:
      "...As a Navy Veteran, I take exception with your Obama is for the working man speech..."

      ...As another Navy veteran, I will pass along the stance that if he's not going to support and stand beside the 'high profile' voluntary servants, he's not going to do support or stand beside the ranks who are out on the line..."

      ...For what it is worth, I am also another Navy veteran. I self-appointed myself to debunk 'wiffleur'...

      Wooly Bully Redeaux:
      ...deployed aboard the aircraft carrier USS Saratoga out of Mayport, Florida. I resigned my commission in 1968 as a protest against the atrocities of the Vietnam War, specifically the My Lai Massacre...

    "“It’s the October surprise,” Rove reportedly lamented. “For once, the October surprise was a real surprise.”

    That analysis was echoed by numerous Republicans on Sunday’s political talk shows, including former Missmissippi Gov. Haley Barbour (R), who told CNN’s Candy Crowley that he believes the hurricane “broke Romney’s momentum.”


    "On the January 13, 2010 broadcast of The 700 Club, Robertson blamed the Haitians for making a deal with the Devil during their 1791 slave rebellion, resulting in the Haiti earthquake of January 12, 2010 and other misfortunes" (wikipedia)

    Okay, Pat Robertson, tells us just what happened in the past few months here in the USA! Hurricane Issac disrupted the RNC in Tampa FL for one or two days, then along comes Hurricane Sandy to take Romney out of the headlines and put our community organizing President (Obama) front and center. What do the little voices in your head tell you about the importance of two these events?



    "Cinderella" wrote on another thread that "A wealthy business owner is not the boogeyman." So true.

    Billy Gates - Second Wealthiest Man in the World (Forbes) 61B
    --...he has given $28 Billion to charity since 2007, which is 48% of his net-worth and saved 6 billion children under the age of 5.

    Warren Buffet -- Third Wealthiest Man in the World (Forbes) 44B
    --...he has given sixty-five percent (65%) of his fortune to charity.

    John D. Rockefeller -- Before his 1937 death, he had given to charity $550 million (adjusted for inflation, that would be equivalent to 11 Billion today)


    Remember the Nobel Peace Prize that President Obama received? He received about $1.4 million and donated it all to charity.

    Mitt Romney's Charites....

    1. The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints: $4,781,000
    2. Brigham Young University: $525,000
    3. The United Way: $177,000
    4. Right to Play: $111,500
    5. The George W. Bush Library: $100,000
    6. Operation Kids: $85,000
    7. Center For Treatment of Pediatric MS: $75,000*
    8. Harvard Business School: $70,000
    9. City Year: $65,000
    10. Deseret International: $50,000
    Weber State University: $50,000

    * I found the interesting as his wife supposedly has MS; he donated more to the GWB Library than MS.

    Ahhhh, yeah... that wascawe wabbit Wobertson is always wazing the spectre of the ghost of Jaywee Fahwell whispering sweet nothings into his ear.

    Like the old swarms of locusts and plagues of eye-bleeding diseases, when the unwashed masses won't listen to the burning bush and the messages encoded in chicken entrails (as interpreted by your local man in robes) great fury will rain down on their heads. That's what loving gods do.

    The solution, of course, is make a generous tithe to the cause, curing the guilty burden you carry. Why does god need a poor middle man always needing money to gild the lilly?

    Forget healing the occasional blind man...couldn't god, if he existed, instead of speaking to the mind of one man on a mountain top forty centuries ago, today just speak a message into everybody's mind at the same time all over the world and in one fell swoop remove all doubt, finally laying to rest the notion he does not exist, uniting ALL religious factions into ONE mega religion?

    Or are multiple religions the perfect franchise for greedy charlatans, fakers, witch doctors, and mind readers?

    To restate TGFMMAA's favorite phrase - Religion poisons everything.

    Don't let it poison your vote.

    Listen to leading Republicans including Guilianai, Gingrich, Santorum, John McCain, Ron Paul, Fox News commentators, and even Paul Ryan share their hearts and thoughts about Mitt Romney.


    This video will show you just how un-sure 'Mitt Romney' is about on almost everything in the world, See for yourself.


    How about voting for the only real conservative on the ballot?



    Republican candidate’s robocalls tell Ariz. Democrats wrong polling place


    Isn't it 'sweet' of the Republicans to go to so much trouble to ensure the Democrats vote?

      Jane8, it is just more proof that Republicans can't get votes if the electorate really knew what they plan for this country with their policies. So they have to resort to dirty tricks like this and other ways to limit votes of Democrats as well as other ways to suppress votes. Also explains why Romney has so changed his positions 180 degrees and saying whatever he thinks will get him to the White House with no concern for the truth.

    John McCann needs to dig a hole and jump in to it! What a totally disgrace to America he is becoming! First Sarah Palin; now criticizing the President over the Benghazi attacks.

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