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What's happening now? Anonymous notes now welcome

By Linda Ash

I seem to have hit a nerve in a recent post about anonymous notes for our Cheers & Jeers section on our Opinion page.

A few readers have called in with questions about how it works. One reader told me there were many times when he had wanted to send in a letter, but just didn't feel comfortable about signing it.

I feel that since we allow online readers to post comments somewhat anonymously - they do have to register and verify their registration with a valid email address - that I would extend the same courtesy to our print readers who may want to express themselves but don't wish to do so because of fear of retaliation or ridicule.

So, if you have an urge to vent about something, or just want to offer praise, visit our Virtual Newsroom at nvdaily.com/virtual. Click on Cheers & Jeers to upload your missive. You will have to fill out your contact information, but your identification will not be printed. You also can email it to lash@nvdaily.com with Cheers & Jeers on the subject line.

Cheers & Jeers will be edited and must be 100 words or less, must not contain website addresses or personal attacks.

Linda Ash is editor of the Northern Virginia Daily. Email: lash@nvdaily.com

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    Ms. Ash, your policy is fair and welcomed. People can get pretty nasty and in today's world you just never know.

    I tried for years to have the street address removed from Letters to the Editor, but you finally did it.


    I really was upset with the letter from G. Rogers concerning the BSA. Are you implying that all gay people are child molesters? Calling them monsters & unsuitable for teaching the fundamentals of the Boy Scouts? Isn't respect for others one of the fundamentals of the scout's creed? Do you seriously think that a child molester cannot be a camp counselor, teacher, clergyman, priest or football coach? Look up statistics on the child molestation by a gay person. You may be surprised. By the way I am not gay but I am honored to be friends with people who are. Wake up and read the paper. Happy Granny

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