Editorial: Bully tactics on display in Front Royal

Protests against the Democratic Party in Warren County turned ugly this week when someone posted gruesome photos of an alleged aborted fetus and a decapitated child’s head on the windows and front door of the party’s Front Royal headquarters.

Actually, juvenile behavior of a similar ilk had occurred two other times in the past month, and the party also reports that people have booed when walking by the office, and some have driven by and pretended to point a gun at the people inside.

Is the vandal who defaced the party’s windows so uncivilized that he can’t express himself in a proper manner and time? Whatever his message, the only one that came through loud and clear was that he is just a bully bent on intimidation.

Front Royal Police are treating this incident as a nuisance complaint. Let’s hope that this bullying does not escalate into a hate crime.