Editorial: Bully tactics on display in Front Royal

^ Posted Nov. 9

Protests against the Democratic Party in Warren County turned ugly this week when someone posted gruesome photos of an alleged aborted fetus and a decapitated child's head on the windows and front door of the party's Front Royal headquarters.

Actually, juvenile behavior of a similar ilk had occurred two other times in the past month, and the party also reports that people have booed when walking by the office, and some have driven by and pretended to point a gun at the people inside.

Is the vandal who defaced the party's windows so uncivilized that he can't express himself in a proper manner and time? Whatever his message, the only one that came through loud and clear was that he is just a bully bent on intimidation.

Front Royal Police are treating this incident as a nuisance complaint. Let's hope that this bullying does not escalate into a hate crime.


Isn't it sad that in 21st Century USA, which is supposed to be the beacon of freedom and democracy, that we still find such ignorant acts.

"The degree of one's emotion varies inversely with one's knowledge of the facts -- the less you know the hotter you get." ~Bertrand Russell

This is not a nuisance complaint. I'm sure with all the photos that were plastered on the headquarters, they can get plenty of finger prints off of them. If this would of happened to the republican office, they would be all over it.

and before anyone jumps on me, I am neither a democrat or republican.

Inexcusable behavior for two reasons - reprehensible and criminal.

I can tell you of several personal incidents since I moved to this area 7 years ago regarding the behavior of the "good people" of the Valley. I was accosted in a parking lot at Martin's several years ago because I had an Obama sticker on my car. My car was later keyed because of that. My wife was confronted in the parking lot outside Kohl's in Harrisonburg because of our Obama sticker. And when Obama was elected President in 2008 I lost my hunting rights because the landowner didn't agree with my politics.

In this great country we should be able to agree and disagree without stooping to these levels.

Even animals treat their kind better than uneducated humans.

This is not a "protest" it's vandalism and typical of the ignorance that has surrounded this campaign. I have always avoided labels (posters, signs, buttons, etc.) for this very reason. There is always some nut-case out there that can't resist.

It's not worth the trouble to property or self and privacy issues are always a concern. I made an exceptions this year, however, and put my Obama/Biden sign in the yard. Even Sandy's gust didn't disturb it.

It's probably best to "keep it to yourself" and vote accordingly. As we all know, people can be injured or worse over anything these days.

Ronbo: Yes that is a bit crazy the confrontations because of political stickers. I guess I have never seen it. But I can sense it...so I never put my signs out in the yard/or never have been asked to but once.

I've lived in the valley all my life. Ronbo, I'm sorry that happened to you and your wife. These instigators are definately uneducated tyrants with no life.

Thanks Shenandoah. I was born here in the Valley, went to schools here until I entered college. Then I was away, though I was a
frequent visitor. So when I retired I wanted to come back. I do love the Valley. I came from a Republican family but ditched that party by the 1980's. I changed over the years... for the good I think. Anyway, I have lived a lot of places but I have never seen the viciousness in politics I have seen right here. This is at the local, state and National levels. I do believe the lack of education and exposure to the world in general is the reason.

"the viciousness in politics... I do believe the lack of education and exposure to the world in general is the reason."

Well said, Ronbo44.

“When fascism comes to America, it will be wrapped in the flag and carrying the cross.” ― Sinclair Lewis

Thanks Ronbo44 and Jane8 and Shendoah 1 for comments I agree with totally.

I think, Ronbo44, that there may be numerous numbers of us on here who echo your "story" in many ways just from having read comments from others over a period of time saying they were once Republicans but can no longer, such as in my case, stomach the narrow-minded, intolerant, backward-thinking, no-room-for-moderates, greatly weighed-toward-the-very-rich mind-set of what is now an extreme right Republican Party.

After retiring, I moved to Shenandoah County next to the warren county border and have been watching the political activities in the Front Royal /Warren and Shenendoah Counties. I too have not seen this type of ugliness and immaturity anywhere else that I have lived. This area is a wonderful and beautiful place to live and I have met some really wonderful people. The problem is the really good people do not want to submit themselves to the abuse subjected on them by what seems to be a small bunch of immature and short sighted people that want to control their communities. I was told that people fear what they don't understand. Many of the people that are in a position of authority do not want to take the time to understand so therefore they fear and will not change. They justify their actions based on their emotions and ignore the facts. Then they take out personal attacks on people that disagree with them. Who has the time or patience to want to put up with this type of behavior. I have been posting in the past to encourage smart caring people to get involved at the local level to help improve our communities. I have seen good people step up and then abused publicly by this bunch of insecure and immature group of bullies. I get really worried when I find myself starting to not care anymore and just live in my little world in the woods. Maybe I might become like everyone else and will not even vote next time in the local election. It embarrassing to me when the local paper takes great pride in stating that the Valley takes great pride in being bright red. I supported the Republican platform for many years but not any more with the way the party has presented them selves in the election. God bless America. I think we need a lot of help in getting everyone to start working together putting aside personal agendas and act like adults.

Yes at one time the Republican Party was a much more moderate party. Remember Rockefeller and Romney (not the one that just ran). I read comments from their conservative base that think they have God and morality on their side. My philosphy is fairly simple. I believe in fairness for all. I believe that it is unfair to take away a woman's right to choice or to send the children of immigrants back to a country they were not born in. I believe every person puts on his pants one leg at a time. If you are richer than another person it doesn't make you better. Neither does your wealth give you a right to take advantage of those less well off than you. I believe everyone should have access to medical care not just the rich. I believe women have a right to fair pay. I believe justice should be eqaul for all. And I think war should be the last not first resort. That's my moral compass.

Can you image what a great place this world would be if everyone would follow that moral compass!

It has been my experience that the more people talk religion, the less they act it out.

Just to add to my comment about war being a last resort, I don't think it is fair to send young men into harms way unless you have a very, very good reason. That certainly wasn't the case with Iraq.

By the way I was opposed to the Vietnam War.

Old guy is having some vision problems!!! Misspelled equal and choice should be choose above.

90 percent of the relatives on one of the sides of my family (dad or mom, not saying) are really die hard republicans. I'm very independent and will most likely vote more democratic everytime.

Do you know who said: "We're going to close the unproductive tax loopholes that have allowed some of the truly wealthy to avoid paying their fair share," "In theory, some of those loopholes were understandable, but in practice they sometimes made it possible for millionaires to pay nothing, while a bus driver was paying 10 percent of his salary, and that's crazy. It's time we stopped it. ?

Hint: It is not President Obama

I think I may have become an information junkie during this election, my skim over a cpl national news each day has turned into more sources than I'm willing to admit LOL, but I do read and receive info from both sides. Its going to be interesting to watch the shape of the GOP over the next few years. While you do have nutters posting upside flags and RIP USA gravestones while complaining the GOP wasn't far right enough this election...You also have just as many realizing those extremes pushed far too many votes away.

As for the Valley...all anyone can do is keep fighting with the truth in hand and not let it be silenced.

Ronald Reagan. I was not a fan btw. :)

Here is one of Reagan's quotes that Republicans do not understand...don't believe me? Ask McConnell.

“There is no limit to the amount of good you can do if you don't care who gets the credit.” ― Ronald Reagan

Aye, me either mostly. But even broken clocks....

If you want some real insight on the people in this area, then read the book written by person that grew up in Winchester left and came back after 30 years . The book is Deer Hunting with Jesus. It's an amazing how he nails the thinking process of the people in this area and why they act the way they act. I would love to start a book club on this. Any takers ?

I posted a few "Amazon" reviews on this cite but they did not take. Interesting; you might want to take a look it you haven't seen them.

Jane8 it comforting for me to know that there are others that have read the book. Most people after reading might find the book an uncomfortable read because most people don't realize that their lives are discribed in detail and now will understand the social factors that influenced their way of thinking. No judgement here , just interesting facts.

Wasn't born or raised here but was born in a similar area and have been an observer for 12 years. The folks in this area are just like folks in any other rural area - excepting for regional differences. Some of them are not so well educated and some of them are very educated. Some of the uneducated have a lot of common sense and some of the highly educated don't know when to go to the bathroom. I, too, thought Bageant's book was a good read. But I thought it was a cursury look at the complex nature of the folks in this area. He came across to me as a J.D. Salinger "wannabe." Here is a review that disagrees with me. http://www.lewrockwell.com/reed/reed129.html

I guess if we could keep politics out of discussions, the room would be definately be more relaxed.

I saw a post on here a while back where someone mentioned that they wished there was no party affiliatation in the people running for government.

The next time I'm in a bookstore or even thrift shop I'll look for the book "Deer Hunting with Jesus"

Shendoah1, Don't take the political badgering on this site too seriously. At the end of the day, I don't really believe anyone is angry at the other. Think of it as filling vacant time because most of the posters participating in the rounds have been 'around the block' a few times and their core values are probably cemented. Processing info, exchanging ideas, and releasing new ones are all good things.

I met and talked with Joe quite a few times, even argued online with him and a few others.

He was good people. I miss his outlook and insites.

RIP brother

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