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Letter to the Editor: GOP is pushing policies that led to economic disaster


Yes, we are definitely better off than four years ago. When President Obama took office, we were losing nearly a million jobs per month.Total economic collapse was a real possibility; that was averted. Now we've had over two years of continuous job growth. For the first time in decades, manufacturing jobs are increasing, led by the rescue of the auto industry. Helped by tax relief, the middle class is beginning to strengthen. Housing starts are increasing. Unemployment is decreasing. Health care is available to many more people.

All this has been achieved despite the most obstructionist Congress in history. Senate Republicans have enforced hundreds of filibusters, more than double than ever before. If the president's jobs program had been passed, the economy would be even stronger. Republicans just blocked increased aid to veterans.

The GOP continues to advocate the same policies that led to economic disaster: tax cuts for the wealthy, unregulated corporations, military spending increasing way beyond reasonable needs, while cutting public infrastructure, services and education.

Mitt Romney as businessman was mainly succussful in amassing wealth for himself. Jobs created are more likely to be overseas than at home, and low paying in either case. He refuses to fully reveal his tax returns, invests wealth overseas, evades taxes, and is disdainful of the 47 percent, saying they don't take responsibility for their lives.

Romney as candidate has changed positions so often that one has to guess his true beliefs. All we know for sure is this ticket will do whatever it takes to further their own political advantage, so as to promote the corporate interests of the big money that is financing them.

I believe a Romney/Ryan presidency will greatly increase the already historic gap between the rich and everyone else, while worsening our natural environment, and turning back the clock on many social justice issues. A second term for Obama/Biden will do just the opposite.

Additionally, for a true moderate in the Senate, choose Kaine, and for independent thinking in the House, choose Schmookler.

Eric Olson, Front Royal

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Hidden from the RNC and campaign trail lest a stark reminder be served just why America was in economic disaster to begin with, old Dubya has finally come out of hiding...to be a keynote speaker at the Cayman "Alternative Investment" Summit.

Of course the press is officially barred, with a release stating his role is discuss his time as President and matters of faith at the summit designed to teach others how to dodge taxes.

Google: Bush+Cayman

People, Food for thought...which of the two men do you think can better relate to the average citizen?

The man (Obama) who had a job while going to college, or the man and his wife (Mitt and Ann Romney) who did not have to work their way through college because they lived on his 'stock options'.

The Mendacity of Mitt Romney, caught telling 923 lies since January 2012

Here is the latest list of searchable lies listed chronologically with comments and reference source weblink.

November 2, 2012 -- 33 New Mitt Romney Lies This Week

See #890 thru #923 for this weeks list of lies


Jane > Obama says he used student loans to pay for college. No mention of working. Stop trying to demonize Romney because he and his family were successful.

Foolish little boy, we are not demonizing Romney for clipping stock dividend coupons to pay his way through college instead of working or because Romney got rich and successful on the backs of poor people.

We are demonizing Romney because he is a liar.

vp -

"While in law school he (Obama) worked as an associate at the law firms of Sidley & Austin ...

Obama played a lot of Hendrix, Earth, Wind & Fire and Billie Holiday, but was known in the annexe for his wicked impression of Mick Jagger.

Most of Obama's classmates could not see how hard he was working to reconcile the contradictions that life threw at him. They thought he was cool, smart without being pedantic, and seemed to have his act together.

In the subjects he preferred, political science and literature, Obama signed up for as many advanced courses as he could take. In any discussion, Obama would listen to everyone else before bringing in his point of view. He reads people really well. He doesn't use the same play for every person. He has different plays in his playbook. He adjusts to the situation."

The next four years in New York, from late summer 1981 to midsummer 1985, was a lonely time. As Obama put it himself, decades later, "I was leading an ascetic existence, way too serious for my own good".


Unlike your guy Romney who had his friends pin a kid to the ground while Romney cut his hair with a pair of scissors. Romney was 18 years old--voting age!!!! Think about that as you walk in the voting booth tomorrow!!!!

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