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Letter to the Editor: Obama's election was an aberration in the political process


Obama is not wrong; he's just not right. The bottom line for me is that Obama is changing the basic foundation/fabric of America and intends to continue doing so. I cannot support that. The mentors in his youth and adulthood are radicals and self-described communists/socialists. I don't understand how anyone can ignore that.

His election was an aberration in the political process. No one knew much about him (and we still don't), and he was not properly vetted by the media or the American people. As an educated, articulate black man, he represented the "hope and change" he touted. Unfortunately, the hope and change turned out to be what my grandad called a "pig in a poke." Enough people bought the poke to elect him. He had no business experience, little political experience, and what life experiences he had were influenced by an absent father, aforementioned mentors, and exposure to what he calls colonialism. In many ways, his election resulted from racism.

No, Romney is not my idea of the perfect candidate. But he is a far better choice than what we have. And it has nothing to do with Obama's color. It has everything to do with the opportunity he was given and the disappointment I have in his wasting that opportunity. Instead of uniting us, he has polarized us; instead of bringing "transparency" to government, he has proven to be just as secretive as any.

His "fair share" and "fair shot" concept assumes there is a finite amount of wealth available which is, of course, not true. The net worth of U.S. households and nonprofits rose from about $1 trillion in 1945 to about $55 trillion in 2009.

The key word in the discussion is "opportunity." Liberals believe that opportunity is denied to some people simply because of their color or circumstances. They ignore personal accountability. Obama's own success disproves that falsehood. Liberals use "all men are created equal" to support social programs that give preference to some groups. But they ignore "created equal" when discussing opportunities available to everyone the instant they are born. It's what individuals do with the opportunities that counts. Liberals seem to think opportunity means having as much right to what others have accomplished as the one who did it. As a concept, this is socialism/communism.

Fred Hughes, Woodstock


Wow, the last time I heard such a convoluted fairy tale it was coming out of Myth Romney's mouth. I hope that the fairy dust was in your koolaid or white lighting when you wrote this and not in the town water supply. I would hate to catch such a bad brain infection.

Another old white man denying the race issue in hopes that we will believe his fairy tales. It is down right scary to think that some people really will believe your opinion and even more scary to think I might live close to someone who thinks this way.

@ user123 re November 2, 2012 7:00 AM post: A weak and ineffective use of tactics #2, #3, and #4. Name calling, unsubstantiated accusations, belligerent talk, and use of the race card don't make your case. FH's letter contains facts that cannot be refuted and opinions that he is entitled to. Counter the opinions if you wish, but do it with some urbanity.

"FH's letter contains facts that cannot be refuted"

Here is a fact for FH and you VP.
You just can't fix stupid.


The Congressional Research Service has withdrawn an economic report that found no correlation between top tax rates and economic growth, a central tenet of conservative economic theory, after Senate Republicans raised concerns about the paper’s findings and wording.


@ wondering re November 2, 2012 11:33 AM post: You're absolutely right. That article is stupid...and divisive.

The Mendacity of Mitt Romney, caught telling 923 lies since January 2012

Here is the latest list of searchable lies listed chronologically with comments and reference source weblink.

November 2, 2012 -- 33 New Mitt Romney Lies This Week

See #890 thru #923 for this weeks list of lies


@ katybug re November 2, 2012 11:37 AM post: The ad is not a lie, but it is misleading. They both do it. Doesn't make it acceptable.

From The Blaze regarding the ad:

"Technically, none of this is inaccurate. President Obama did take GM and Chrysler into bankruptcy, the U.S. Treasury Department ​did ​sell its stake in Chrysler to Fiat, and Fiat is considering adding production jobs in China."

"Without providing the full context of Fiat’s China talks, the Romney ad offers an incomplete picture of Jeep’s situation and is therefore misleading. Now we’re not sure if it quite rises to the level of O. J. Simpson “f-you dishonesty” or whether it’s as dishonest as accusing someone of killing a steelworker’s wife with cancer, but it’s misleading nonetheless." (the last comparison is to an Obama ad)


Is this Jeep made in China? Check out the occupants and the background signs. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F2hTghfg9E4

@ bb re November 2, 2012 9:01 PM post:

Exposing President Barack Obama and his Lies


Does your empty chair symbolize an empty brain? (That's an honest question)

To try to make Romney's lies not look so bad, you use the Blaze? Glenn Beck, the man who is now spreading the conspiracy that our Ambassador was a gun smuggler and that's why there is a big cover up??? REALLY?!?



@ katybug re November 2, 2012 10:22 PM post: Tactic #2, personal insults. Tactic #3, distract (aka the three legged duck).

@ katybug re November 2, 2012 10:58 PM post: more tactic #3 personal insults.

To try to make Romney look bad, you use the Washington Post?

You won last night Sir Empty Head. Glenn Beck as a source was the straw that finally broke the camels back. I was naive in believing that teabillies were simply woefully misinformed. I was also naive in the belief that the economy is our biggest woe.

I submit! You have completely convinced me that biggest challenge America faces are the mental defects and the severe failing in education, especially critical thinking.

You have my solemn promise to consider a candidates thoughts on education above all else from this point on.


Katybug you've tried to present facts on all the important issue and expose the lies, but you have finally come to the correct conclusion:

" You have completely convinced me that biggest challenge America faces are the mental defects and the severe failing in education, especially critical thinking".

And just think these people came before No Child Left Behind (became law). Imagine what the next "crop" will be like! If the Republicans have their way, all they need to grow are future warriors (to fight their eternal wars) and servants to clean their houses, along with all the other low-paying jobs.

Psychological lobotomy obviously can't be cured. I'm weary of even trying anymore. So now we go to the polls Tuesday and wait to see if Mitch McConnell's wish comes true. Basically they can't stand a black man in the (lily) White House.

All 5 tactics! With the race card for a grand finale'. A+ for effort; F for substance.

Two terms = Two Aberattions I guess Mr. Hughes

There is a reason Valley Patriot can not find his backside this morning.... It was handed to Obama.





Now, now let's be graceful WINNERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! : )

Actually there's a lot of work ahead for Obama to claim the legacy we elected him on four years ago. And if ole Mitch McConnell's not careful he may get his a-- kicked out in 2014. Hate to wait that long, however. . .

Obama already has a bunch of asses working for him, he doesn't need mine.

Congratulations on Obama's reelection. Let's all hope he doesn't waste this opportunity to unite us.

The first time a snake bites you, it's the snake's fault. The second time it bites you, it's your fault.

VP I liked your previous entry more. Rather charming!

"Fool me once, shame on you; fool me twice, shame on me". That was the line the great George W. Bush screwed up. ha!

We all need to watch them and TRY to make them listen to our needs. None of us are rich (I would suspect) so we need to unite.

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