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Letter to the Editor: Rape is a brutal violation and a crime


Regarding the article about John Koster: this is the third GOP hopeful who has stepped forward to give his "Godly opinion" that rape is nothing to be upset about! How dare he!

He has daughters who could be victims not only to the physical/emotional trama that leaves scars for life, but to the numerous STDs and AIDS risks.

Rape is a brutal violation and a crime. Look in Webster's dictionary! It is not "a roll in the hay" except for the person doing it. One comment made by some wise person was that rape was God's will. I wonder what church he goes to? The child from that action will sooner or later find out because there is always "someone" who can't wait to let it be known.

Koster's remark that "he knows a woman who was raped and gave up the child for adoption without any regrets" - well goody for her. She got rid of her problem and moved on with her life as if she dropped a jar of peanut butter on the grocery store floor and let someone else clean it up.

I am a retired nurse and I am here to state that no one has the right to meddle in the medical/physical/emotional affairs of such or like matters. It is between the woman, her spouse, and medical adviser.

Be careful - Mr. Government, someone may knock on your door over an issue that is in "your glass house" and there will be no one there for you!

We women have brains and rights, and thank God I am married to a man who respects me for that. Linda J. Allen's letter to the editor is well worth the read. If there is any man out there who thinks rape is a "fun" feeling - visit a male prison and talk with the inmates!

Judianne B. Rinker, Strasburg



This election cycle brought us not one random incredibly stupid comment from the GOP men in regards to women, but repeated incredibly stupid and misogynist remarks. It has been a birds eye view into the GOP view held on women. I truly hope women remember that come Tuesday!

VA is also one of the many states that the rapist can sue for custody and visitation rights to add insult upon injury. If the GOP has their way and even allowances for rape victims are taken, the woman would have to first prove she was raped, and then sue for Termination of residual parental rights (VA § 16.1-283).

As I age I have been horrified to read more and more about male attitudes in this country that appear to come from the Middle East. I can only conclude they arrive in the suitcases of immigrants from that area, quite like what happened with 911.

On the other hand thugs with such attitudes were allowed into this country after World War II in "Operation Paperclip". The children of these people are now running the country. Read more about "Operation Paperclip" with Google. One of my college professors was a thermodynamics expert who had worked for Hitler.

My own thoughts about the rights of women and children are expressed here:


Teabilly Horne is now bashing immigrants who bring rape attitudes here in suitcases?

Now is a good time to break out that Kazoo, John, and wait for the little green men arriving in the UFO's to begin their biological probing of your backside. Try to contain your excitement.

My own thoughts (or questions) regarding our politicians and women's issues.

"...Hath not the potter power over the clay, of the same lump to make one vessel unto honour, and another unto dishonour? What if God, willing to shew his wrath, and to make his power known, endured with much longsuffering the vessels of wrath fitted to destruction." -- Romans 9:11-22

I interpret this to mean that God desires us to have free will. Am I wrong?

If you follow "Thy Will Be Done" in the case of rape, then why do men apply this only to women? If a man get prostate cancer, is that not God's will? Given that God meant for it to happen, shouldn't they just lay back, relax, and let God's will take its course?

Ecclesiastes 3:2 A time to give birth, and a time to die; A time to plant, and a time to uproot what is planted.

Nonbelievers should skip this post. But all you "believers" should step back and think about what really happened. Ms. Rinker misquoted Mourdock when she reported that he said "...rape was God's will." This is what he actually said:

“I’ve struggled with it myself for a long time, but I came to realize that life is that gift from God. And, I think, even when life begins in that horrible situation of rape, that it is something that God intended to happen.”

Mourdock condemned rape as an act of free will, and acknowledged that God is the creator of life.

That does not violate the principles of believers.

It is God's will that an egg be laid, but not his will that a chicken laid it.


VP, The question still remains. If something is "God's will" in one scenario; e.g., pregnancy by rape, then why don't we trust God's will to handle all that is given to us...be it babies, cancer, birth defects, and/or mental disease, etc.

Why did God give man the intelligence to invent instruments and medicines? Do you think he had a divine hand in these inventions such as HBP medications, dialysis treatments, pacemakers, radiation, chemo, contraceptives, the morning after pill, heart transplants, kidney transplants, etc. Why should man take drugs like Viagra? Don't you think that is God's way of telling man 'Okay! Enough's enough? Don't you believe that God is telling you do not go forth and reproduce? Why is it that men don't have to listen to him?

The 911 thugs came from the Middle East. The pervasive attitude toward women in that part of the world is well known and dates back over a thousand years. Where it has moved to Africa it has caused countless misery for women. It has taken over countries in Europe and has attacked Canadian women who only want to be free.

The "Operation Paperclip" thugs treated women like "things" when they had political power in Germany. (See Google for more about "Operation Paperclip". Our misnamed "leaders" of that time only wanted to get their hands on the records from death chamber records.)

Such alien ideas from outer space spread like a virus among males in a "groupthink" fashion. Most of the targets have no idea that the virus originated with desert camel drivers.


Can anybody explain this latest rape conspiracy theory post from John Horne?

Are we are witnessing the complete disintegration of John Horne? Each new post is more disconnected from reality than the last. I hope he has relatives who think enough of him to do an intervention and get professional help.

Well tbh, for all accounts it does seem like the GOP's view on women is mirroring some middle eastern countries if you take into account many things various conservatives have said in the last couple years. From kitchen jokes to rape commentary, "I" think *some* won't be happy until American women are under Sharia law as well.

So I don't see this particular view of Mr. Horne's as being that far fetched.

" Most of the targets have no idea that the virus originated with desert camel drivers".

John I'm sure those camel drivers get "mighty lonely" in the desert. ;] Many diseases have come from man's connection and use of animals, including EATING them.

OK Fuddy Duddy, go nuts on that one!

Men talk. Men talk to other men. Men control social and economic life. Male attitudes prevail and spread. If those attitudes are bad, then the result is an effective social virus.

My use of allegories bothers some people because they don't want to hear the truth about themselves and their attitudes toward life and love and - let's face it - male POWER and dominance - over women.

In the meantime Islam is one sick religion that is spreading havoc wherever it takes root. Without Islam there would have been no "911".
If the USA had controlled its borders, there would have been no "911".

It has been said that "they who ignore history are bound to repeat it". True history is not taught in public schools. Instead, watered down propaganda is the name of the game. So, take the time to read about "Operation Paperclip". At some point you may stumble on the true FACT that Hitler's henchmen were heavily involved in the Middle East, both during and AFTER the war.

Friends from that part of the world have told me they are deathly afraid for their own safety when they return home for a visit. One expatriate millionaire told me he is losing faith in our own country. He said that when he first came here we were considered special, the hope of the world. No more.


@ jane re November 3, 2012 1:42 PM post: All I can explain is my own belief. God created all life, including babies, cancer, etc. God also created brain cells which produce intelligence. He (impersonal) gave us free will to use that intelligence as we see fit. He did not tell us to invent all the tools we have; nor did He tell us to use them. We did that with our intelligence and free will. I do not see a contradiction in using the tools we developed to improve the quality of life of God's highest level creation - man - even if it means destroying a lower life form. Most of us do not oppose killing animals for food and clothing. The next obvious question is abortion. Personally, I oppose it except in cases of incest and danger to the mother. But, we all have free will to choose. Now give me a minute to put on a helmet and bullet-proof vest.

Rape is not the mothers free will, it is her free will being stolen from her. There is a few complications with this.

-Having a child is (at least in my eyes) the most beautiful thing a woman can do. The joy derived from just bringing about the process of another human being just isn't something you can put words to, however while there may be women mentally capable of of going through the process of 9 months of knowing how that child came to be, there are others that are just not. You will have suicides. You will have women attempting to self abort as prior to Roe. What then? Will she be untreated, condemned to death or imprisonment if she survives? What about her life and anyone that loves and cares about her the person here?
-The GOP has already been pushing personhood laws without exception. Let's pretend an exception was made for rape. First even the time involved in "proving it" would nullify the exception. You would have to have a conviction on the part of the rapist. Second, the victim would have to be willing to come forward publicly and face further shame and humiliation in an America where even female GOP lawmakers still talk about dressing to "deserve it" and when women do come forward pigs (not all men, so stay sitting) come out the woodwork with the "she asked for it", "she's just claiming it". Its insult upon injury and if a woman doesn't want to face that just to justify herself when she is the victim, she shouldn't have too.
-I already addressed the legal issues in a previous post if she chose to proceed. Add to that the unjust penalties rapists and child molesters receive when all they deserve is a bullet. If a woman chose to keep a child that came about from such a manner, she should never have to fight to keep the sick freak society refuses to put down away from said child.
-Willard smillard. It doesn't matter what Willard "says" his administration would be. Even if one wont admit it publicly, they still know Willard will say anything. What we know because is that GOP lawmakers will continue to push bills that provide no exception, and if one lands on his desk, Willard just doesn't have the nuggets to say no.

There goes my extra hour. There should be conditions/limitations after a certain point, yes. But not to the point that it interferes with the privacy of victims, and ultimately women's freedom. It is something again, that every woman needs to seriously consider while voting.

my gosh, I thought I was reading another link....to what so oever. Quite your copying and pasting. It is almast as bad as the NRA phone call that i just got, that I couldn not talk to anyone but a damn robot talking. This sh@t pisses me off. Get the f%ck off your toilet seats, and start tallking to me personallyy

I'm voting for a one of the 2, I should have gotten on the political do not call list!

Vp, No helmet or bullet proof equipment necessary (hope that doesn't disappoint). In your short, one paragraph response, you used the words "free will" three different times and that was the point I was very much trying to make.

I am not, as I have said before, an advocate of abortion. However, God is our judge not some Congressmen. That is the bottom line.

Thank you for taking the time to address my post.

You may not intend it, but you crack me up sometimes Shen1. (no, I don't mean that rudely)

I *believe* politics and non profits are exempt from the Fed Do Not Call List.

Oddly enough this is the first year we've ever got calls, and those were from the Obama camp, plus two door to door stops. I got 2 Romney letters in the mail months ago for money and Americans for Tax Reform removed me after the chew out they received lol.

I believe many people are on the "DO NOT THINK" calling list. : \

Also I believe the vulgar language used by FD is way out of line here. It's amazing how nasty people get when they HIDE behind a name.

It's time to put that one on ICE.

Diana: I may be one of the "ignorant masses" but exactly who is FD(Fuddy Duddy?) on this post that should be put on ice for vulgar language? Perhaps I have missed something!!!!

valley patriot replied to comment from Jane8 | November 4, 2012

Very disappointed, vp, thought you had more smarts than this. Mark Critz is running for reelection and he barely made it the last time around. Romney is ahead of Obama in his district--do you expect the man to cut his own throat? Only serious posts, vp, please.

shendoah1 | November 4, 2012

Agree. Do you think in 2016 we could get a 'do not call' list from political campaigns calls...Heaven!

Diana - Don't you just love the fact that sjf jumps in here with her little comments about our posts, but she never puts herself on the line. Odd person!

Fuddy's post was removed. It was over the top but the intended receiver previously said they were unconcerned with verbal attacks. (Unless I'm confusing two ppl)

On a different note I saw a bumper sticker in town today that read something like : A woman voting Republican is like a chicken voting for Colonel Sanders.

I must get one!

Thanks Katybug for the information. I did miss it and appreciate your response. While we know it was another post comment on the State Constitution issues, we did find your comments very helpful and checked with the Washington Post. It has helped us make a decision. Thanks.

No issues, I didn't quite understand it myself.

Katy-I got my copy of that bumper sticker at the Warren County Democratic headquarters.Hurry down before they pack up and go home!

TYVM!!! will most definitely do!

"Some say" my post was removed because evangelical fundamentalists become overjoyed whenever the words bestiality and homosexuality are used in the same sentence.

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