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Letter to the Editor: Where is the accountability?


I am not surprised by the outcome of the Shenandoah County Board of Supervisors meeting. But for the board to move forward with yet another multimillion dollar project, after hearing the Shenandoah County School Superintendent say:

"Two public school boilers and two public school roofs need replacing, these are priorities."

Dr. B. Keith Rowland continues, "In all honesty, these needs are paramount. If one boiler breaks, there's no heat for that school."

One school board member said, "wet spots and mold growth inside the schools can cause a safety hazard."

When asked about the funds in the school's capital improvement plan budget, Rowland stated, "We haven't had one; it has been five years since the CIP budget has had any money in it. These are big, urgent items."

Rowland said to the county board, "if we can get support for that, it would be helpful."

Where is the accountability in this county among our "representatives?" After hearing these revelations from Rowland, who has been working on another multi-million dollar project the county cannot afford, our current schools have failing maintenance problems.

Shouldn't the school or county board be asking for his resignation? I guess not. That would mean the respective boards would have to fire themselves. That is, if we are to hold everyone accountable for the neglect of our current public schools - the schools our children attend everyday and we, until recently, thought were being properly maintained and safe for our children.

I wonder which school districts parents will get the call first saying, "I'm sorry, there will be no school today due to the failure of our heating system or our roof. Please stay by your phones for the very latest information regarding when your child will be able to return to a safe school. We are sorry that your child may fall behind in their studies."

Please call the Virginia Resources Authority with complaints, because your school superintendent and county representative's are too busy with their new $4.5 million renovation project, $100 million dollar luxury jail with major detail problems, and the old courthouse renovations.

Cindy Bailey, Woodstock


No matter what path you take to follow, eventually, after many ups and downs and changes of direction on dark and stormy nights through blizzards and sandstorms the money trail eventually, without fail, leads here...


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mao may be right this time. None of the realityisfree posts have been relevant. They seem to be taken from text books written by someone who is paid by the word. Because it is an anonymous site, I contacted the site webmaster and asked who sponsors/supports the site. Got this response:

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Not to be taken seriously.

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To the point of CB's letter: she is right. More taxpayer money gone by our Board of Spenders while maintenance needs go neglected. Rowland is also complicit. Two years ago, at his urging, they bought land for future schools that may never be needed. They could have used that money for school repairs.

bb > tiresome and boring

There you go again, VP.

It is not my fault that some forum participants don't have a vocabulary beyond the 4th grade level and are completely lost in any futile attempt to comprehend adult satire.

But, I did not go to school in Shenandoah County.

Diana, if I put the following reference in every blog at least once and sometimes twice, regardless of its relevance, you would grow bored of it also.


Then where will the money come from when parents with kids sick from black mold start sueing the school district? Come on BOS - take care of what we have before spending and putting us more in debt, PLEASE!

Well, golly gee there Dumb A$$ Teabilly vp, tell us exactly how Teabillies repeating/reposting the same lies over and over again is any different than your critic of multiple insertions of references disproving multiple entries of the same old Teabilly lies?

Does "I like cake and want to eat it too" sound familiar to you?

Dealing with Teabilly stupidity is like shooting fish in a barrel.


Cindy Bailey's weekly letter. Boring!

If you don't like Cindy's letters why do you continue to read them? If you find them so boring go read something else.

Just a few questions......When over 60 percent of the county budget goes to the school system, how can there be no capital improvement plan??

Why is it that just now a boiler problem is being brought forward? They don't work fine one day and then need replacing the next! The same goes for roofing.

Where is the elected school board's responsibility? The BOS only approves amounts, it's the school board that determines where the money is spent!

You are right, but the same goes for the school board as it does for the corrupt Board of Supervisors, very few ran with opposition this year. And the same ones even if they run opposed are voted in by the same ignorant voters. Research and at least turn in a blank ballot to send a message to the crooks.

What's even worse is we send 60% of the tax money to these idiots and over half of the county never had a student in the school system. So we neglect to take care of services for them because the remaining 40% goes to pay the BOS salaries, the administration staff and does not benefit the other 50% of the county.

The real problem is when the biggest employer in the county is the county. Even Holtzman and Georges cannot take that title away from this corrupt county.

Most of the county relies on a volunteer fire staff and the state takes care of the roads.

The only bright side is most of the Board of Supervisors as well as the school board are so old they will soon die off and maybe then we can get some new blood and hopefully blood that is not corrupt in both places.

I can understand protecting history with the battlefields and the homes but to stay in the civil war era with the politics is beyond hope.

What I find incredible is that by reading the above blogs, one can tell who is a republican and who is a democrat. One thing for sure *****MAO is a very young 4th grade educated dem.

All is not well in conservative land.... just like we planned.

You might be a Teabilly living in Skeeterland if you have ever said one of the comments in this recording of real, live Teabillies expressing themselves to the best of their ability:


I don't read them. If you've read one you've read them all. I see her signature and that's all I need to know. She's over the top with her crusade

ok since we are into insults, at least he completed 4 grades.

Another incident from a FB friend: "Did any of you, voting in VA Beach, who support light rail, have any trouble making the "YES" button vote yes? When I pressed it, it went to "NO" and I had to go back and fix it. I thought it might must be my error, but the same thing happened to my mom, only it was even more persisted."

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