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Letter to the Editor: Why I can't trust Romney or Ryan


These questions have not been answered: Romney promises 12 million jobs. Where are they coming from? Cut in taxes for the wealthy? The wealthy have had that for the past four years. If they are so concerned about creating jobs, why haven't they done so? Oh right! Give them more and maybe they will be willing to spare a little? Trickle-down economics has never worked - It makes the rich richer and the poor and middle class more dependent on the rich.

Romney has calmed down his opposition to everything he was strong on. Do you believe that once he is in office such things as large cuts to the wealthy, eliminating the affordable care act, ending Social Security and Medicare by creating a voucher system, rescinding any bill promoting women's rights, would not be top on the agenda?

How would he balance the budget? "I've done it before, I will do it again!"

The truth is, doing away with programs that benefit the poor and middle class, leaving to the wealthy and their generosity improvements to our country's roads, bridges, schools etc. - if it doesn't make them wealthier, it won't happen.

The Romney supporters have placed many signs throughout the county. Money talks. My two small Obama signs were removed.

Obama cares about this country. He has dug us out of the mess the last administration got us into. Let's let him finish the jo100
b he started.

Dot Maddox, Front Royal


Buy two more Dot! In FR the Dem office is on Main Street across from Daily Grind. (for anyone that didn't already know)

I saw two comparison pictures on FB one was an I'll shoot you warning (typical) for taking a Romney sign, and the other was a thank-you because every sign removed was more money in the Obama camps pocket as they were replaced with a fresh donation.

DM's questions have been answered. Some choose not to listen to them.

Where are the millions of jobs Obama claims to have created? The only thing he has created gets flushed. He is an eloquent BS artist. The modest decrease in unemployment numbers is mostly due to temporary positions for the holidays. He makes outrageous claims about all he has accomplished. He is a self-promoting enigma.

Romney can't give the rich a $250,000. tax break and he hasn't promised any such thing. Even if it was a tax cut on $250,000. of their income, he can't do that either.

If their was an aptitude test to qualify to vote there would be fewer Democrats.
For those who are so very much in love with Barack Obama I say; no cutting in the bread lines. Wait your turn & no soup for you.

Oh, Cinderella, you are so, so entertaining! What you are telling us is that you are NOT very well read, probably not too educated and running around the country side with only ONE shoe.

Cinderella - Here are 923 reasons I can not trust Romney. They came straight from Romney's mouth, unedited, uncensored. Read 'em and weep. If you can read, here is the evidence Romney will change any position, tell any lie...33 new lies this week

The Mendacity of Mitt Romney, caught telling 923 lies since January 2012

Here is the latest list of searchable lies listed chronologically with comments and reference source weblink.

November 2, 2012 -- 33 New Mitt Romney Lies This Week

See #890 thru #923 for this weeks list of lies


So who is deaf here VP? The ones that vote a certain way because their grandfather and father voted a certain way perhaps?

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