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Letter to the Editor: America is not dead or doomed


Since Barack Obama won reelection and Republicans failed to take control of the Senate, I have been reading comments such as, "America is dead," and "America is doomed."

America is not dead, or doomed. Though many who voted for the president, and other Democrats, may believe she has avoided doom, I believe that in many ways she has suffered some serious setbacks, but she is not dead or doomed.

America is a survivor. She has survived numerous crises in her time, and she will survive now. The election returned the government to the same status quo of tax and spend, and trampling the Constitution and morality, which can only hurt, not help to solve the mess we are in.

But, the election is past. It is time to move on. What we need to do now is flood our elected officials with posts, Facebook messages, tweets, letters, etc. telling them that the tax and spend must end. The serious matter of the "fiscal cliff" and "sequestration" are beginning to be addressed in Washington. Write your representatives and urge them to cut unnecessary spending and not raise taxes.

For example, urge them to adopt Congressman Paul Ryan's plan which will cut $2.5 trillion over 10 years, and does not include cuts from Social Security or the military. Other cuts will be necessary, but these should be at the top of the list.

Many senior citizens are barely able to survive as it is and cannot afford any cuts to their Social Security income. Military spending must not be cut for the sake of the nation's security, and the jobs of thousands of military personnel. Further, urge them to adopt Ryan's Medicare reform proposals. This proposal was much maligned and mischaracterized during the election, but it protects Medicare for those reaching retirement age in the future without changing it for those under it now or the near future.

Cuts are always painful. But they must be made. This is a serious matter and our representatives must give it serious attention. Write your representatives and urge them to do so.

L. John Bost, Strasburg

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    Well Mr. Bost, I have been emailing away. I've gotten to quite a few R's now. Reminding them of Reagan's words of the unfairness in expecting the top to hand over a smaller portion of their income than everyone else. That the majority (like it or not) rejected the Ryan plan.

    I've been reminding them that America voted for the balanced approach that our POTUS envisions. Thank-you though, your letter is a good nudge to keep reminding them!

    Mr. er Rev. Bost, There was an election on November 6 and that plan got rejected. But it bears repeating what Ryan's plan would do. Increase defense spending and gut non defense programs. Social Security would be turned into a voucher program, President Obama's healthcare plan would be overhauled, Medicaid and food stamps would be turned into block-grant programs, and the rich would be taxed at a 25 % rate. The country said no to this.

    katy and ronbo > as the anointed one said "the election is over." Find something else to criticize the Reps about - like not giving full details of Benghazi or our drone. Wait, my bad, that's the Dems.

      Sorry VP I'm not demanding answers to right wing conspiracy theories.

      I really don't know what else to say about it tbh. I seriously think some brain cells died listening to the clip of Glenn(the world is ending, buy my stuff) Beck try to pass the gun smuggling conspiracy. My eyes bleed just reading a story abt whatever retarded gimmick Limpball has thought of for the day.

      I'll just wait and read the AP stories like a sane person.

      Yep it's over but the Rev. Bost wants to continue with what was defeated. In any case, I hope your pain from the sting of the election results is starting to ease a bit.

      Dr. Emmett "Doc" Brown is powering up the Dolorean to take you Back to the Future VP. Wait a minute the Libyans store the plutonium for the flux capacitor. Your stuck here bemoaning the past I guess.

        ronnie, I haven't seen tactic #2 (mockery) from you in awhile. Good one, although I don't see the connection. Regardless, I don't think I want to see the future confirmed. Our nation working for China and other creditors, a second rate world power because of defense cuts, and even more a welfare state than today; our citizens overtaxed and burdened with inflation; and no viable energy options. All because we elected self-centered servants who pointed fingers instead of patriots willing to clasp hands across the aisle.

          I didn't think you would get the connection about back to the future. It's because you imagine a world that was in existence going back to the 1960's. You still think the world is frozen in place. I see a different world than what you see. So let's address a few of your comments. Inflation? it's 2.2%. Energy? The International Energy Agency says the US will become the largest producer of oil by 2017. Second rate power? Yes, if we don't start investing in our own infrastructure and education. Welfare increases? That was becaue of the Republican induced near depression. Think that Chinese debt had anything to do with two undunded wars? Btw, foreign holdings of our debt are 26 % with China holding 8%. I know a lot of this stuff gets an entirely different spin on FOX news. But things are not as bad as you and the Bost's of this world proclaim. If you are upset about about taxes then you should know that the Republican plan does nothing to help the middle class. Keep the rich at a 25% rate when they are buying yachts and overseas homes with their increased wealth is something I am opposed to as a middle class person.

            @ ronbo re November 14, 2012 6:10 PM post: We are talking about the future. Inflation is affected by fiscal and monetary policy, which is mostly controlled by the Executive and Legislative branches and the Fed. I don't see them working together anytime soon. Combine that with the "cliff" and uncertain tax situation, and we can expect future rising inflation.

            Regarding oil production, we are already a close #3 to Russia and the Saudis. But the prediction of the IEA defies logic and contradicts a September 26 report by The Institute for Energy Research that the rate of oil and gas leasing "has slowed by about half." (actually 42% and 37%) Even if our oil producers got immediate access to our oil resources, they can't do anything with it. We've only built two refineries in the past 20 years and only one in the past 10 years. Two companies are applying for permits. One in Arizona started in January 2005 and is not close to construction; the other in South Dakota has been trying for 5 years to get permits and in October 2012 allowed land options to expire because of local opposition and problems with air permits. Even if the permit process went smoothly, estimates are a minimum of 10 years to bring a refinery on-line. So how are we going to go from #3 to #1 in 4 years? UnlessWe don't have the refinery capacity.

            I agree infrastructure is failing and requires repair. Education is a solution to some of our problems but not the only solution. Neither may matter if we don't have a big stick to carry as we walk softly.

            Welfare and debt - your conclusions are different than mine. We'll have to agree to disagree.

          Nominating Romney as GOP presidential candidate was a conspiracy by the Obama team to use the Massachusetts Health Care Act to protect and defend Obamacare. Romney/Ryan never saw it coming and fell into the trap. Teabillies could not tell if they were coming or going.

          Now our local village idiot stands alone waving his flag defending all the stupid Teabilly ideology.

          (This is tactic #IN YOUR FACE, BOZO!)

    VP is one sick puppy.

      This is just typical 'valley patriot' talk who, by the way, had been using 'another name' to post previously.

      Poor dear----he was so sure President Obama would not win re-election, he is still probably in shock like the rest of the right-wing and this is the best he can come up with. It is as katybug said, a right-wing conspiracy theory----or as can be put another way, 'right-wing wishful thinking'.

        @ song98 re November 14, 2012 8:23 AM post: I checked with the blog owner and found that you can change identity but I never have. Why do you think so and what name do you think I was using?

        Yes, I am in shock. Just as I am in shock every time our Republican Board of Supervisors votes to spend money the county doesn't have. Folly is folly regardless of whether it is by 6 elected servants or 51% of voters.


    This is twice as bad as I thought.... if VP uses two poopy-head 'usernames' then VP is TWO sick puppies.

    I think VP must be the last dog on a sled team.

    You know what they say .... if you are not the lead dog the view never changes... maybe he enjoys the smell, too?


    bwwwaaaahhhhhhahahahahahahahahahaah HA!

    I wondered what happened to Flathers. ROTFLMAO

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