Letter to the Editor: America needs jobs

^ Posted Nov. 27


Jack R. Rickel states in his Nov. 15 reader's commentary, "Any small businessman will tell you that he and his business will not survive if the company's income is not greater than his expenses. The government's main income is derived from taxes. If the taxes are not greater than the country's expenditures, the economy is going to fall." He is exactly right. I am not knowledgeable enough to speak to his comments on Norquist. However, I don't think the Republicans' "pledge not to raise taxes on the 2 percent of the wealthiest people in the U.S." is based entirely on any allegiance to Grover Norquist.

The reason taxes should not be raised on businesses, even the "wealthiest," is because "business will not survive if the company's income is not greater than his expenses." Most businessmen will tell you that any more taxing will make it harder for them to maintain an income that is greater than their expenses. Many businesses have already announced that they are laying off, or cutting hours and/or benefits, because of anticipated higher taxes and expenses related to Obamacare. Some fear they may go out of business altogether. This will result in lower tax revenue, so the gap between the government's expenses and its income will be even greater. America needs jobs. Cutting taxes will assist potential employers with growing their businesses. As their businesses grow, they can hire new employees. New employees mean increased tax revenue!

The president says he wants to raise $1.6 trillion through tax increases. How does he expect to avoid a "fiscal cliff" when he proposes spending that is greater than his increased tax income? He won't raise that much anyway when employers start laying off taxpayers by the thousands. He needs to cut spending, and keep taxes where they are. Or, better yet, cut taxes on the job creators. There is enough unnecessary spending that, if cut, will save $1.6 trillion, without touching Medicare, Social Security or the military. Readers need to urge their elected officials to follow that route. Or the economy is going to fall.

L. John Bost, Strasburg


Somehow, nobody wants to talk about the bankrupting costs of the everlasting evil Dominionist Empire wars. During the ongoing recreational fun wars to kill innocent (nits make lice) children all over the globe, it is not possible to kill their parents' alien ideas when the world birthrate is greater than the killing spree numbers.

Does anybody else think General Custer has been reincarnated? Can we afford a continuous "Last Stand"?


Hey John, I just heard Romney merchandise is 75 % off. Sorry, I forgot Black Friday was Nov 6 for you.


Well Mr. Bost that same tired story might sell if this were 1912...Today when "job creator" Papa Johns claims providing healthcare is such a burden that he will have to charge 14 cents more for that lousy excuse called pizza, I can simply spend 5 minutes online and see the millions upon millions he is pocketing, I can even see his mansion and 22 car underground garage.

Or when Walmart claims they can't afford to pay decent wages or provide benefits I can see within seconds old Sam's 6 brats hold more wealth than over 40% of Americans COMBINED...

Or I can look at a nice decent employer like Costco who pays their employees double the average Walmart pay and OMG say it isn't so.....that company is doing just fine. Ran by someone who grasps need vs greed.

Reality is with technology, the general public is getting smarter and will continue to do so when people can see for themselves the steaming pile of dung tired old stories like this are.

Excellent as usual, Katybug. The same old tune is being song by the "sour-grapes" Republicans. They are certainly in a panic mode to even think that George W. Bush's "tax breaks" for the riches of the rich might be allowed to expire.

And people continue to buy into this nonsense. I've stopped doing business with Wal-Mart. Sick of their made in China junk and the hellish (third-world) working conditions for their employees.

The rest of the world must be looking at the U.S.A. and wondering "what happened"? GREED pretty well sums it up, I believe.

Katybug and Diana - Right you are!

Teabilly Bost never tires of preaching to his choir. Too bad his vision stops at the pulpit.

Hey, John, did you hear the news? Romney lost the election. It was in all the papers.

john, in your opinion, who contributed more to the philosophical discussions of their day, George Carlin or Soupy Sales?

john, it would be interesting to know if China's amount includes an amount for feeding their personnel and and an amount for salary which they probably don't do.

i most the time vote democrate! But I tell you what I could watch George Carlin marathon, when needed. The guy is comical. If I remember right he might be more right wing. But I would listen to him more then R., Pryor or. True Comedy is comedy.

And for Soupy Sales, I'll have to call my dad on that one. I think he is a bit before my time.

COSTCO does pay about a third better than WM, but not double. They can do it because they have a different business model and a different consumer target. Both Brotman and Sinegal (who left) have net worths equal to the Waltons and amassed it faster. You wouldn't be enamored with them because they're democrats, would you?

I think I would apply for a job quicker at Costo then I would Wm! i THINK I would rather push carts for costco rather then for Walmart.

Well we really cannot blame Mr. Bost for his outdated opinions, after all he is a Preacher which does not require a degree in economics or mathematics.

If he is not bright enough to figure out that the "trickle down" model of his far right does not work it is because he doesn't possess enough math skills to figure it out. He only votes for the repug party because they want to keep women barefoot and pregnant in the kitchen so they will not get beat by their old white guy husbands.

That "double" came directly from a yahoo finance article I read the day I posted. I did not include the link b/c NVD has been acting hinky about allowing posts with links included as when I tried to post the link on another story about the US taxpayer cost of subsidizing WalMart. I'm sure its google-able. You know I have no issue with providing proof to my claims.

All that said, we do need jobs. BUT further arse kissing of certain creators is not going to get us anymore than it has during the time America has been waiting for the prosperity to trickle down and instead the gap has increased. How much did the overburdened "job creators" spend trying to get Romney elected so they could get even lower taxes? Wonder how many living wage salaries that could have paid?

The tax code needs to work towards job creation and not bank account creation. In a way that "bigger" businesses get their tax cuts based on expansion, number of people employed, benefits given, etc.(on US SOIL) ..Not 8k an hr CEO's and 8 dollar an hr employees depending on the government to feed themselves. The economy will never get better if the only jobs being created are low wage BECAUSE then no one can go out and create the demand that drives the economy. Its a big circle VP, 5 people getting rich while 500 can barely eat will never make things better no matter which spin you or in this case Bost puts on it.

katy, I want to believe you really didn't mean to say "The tax code needs to work towards job creation and not bank account creation." The tax code should be designed to do neither. It should be designed to collect an amount of money necessary to provide the minimum services required by the citizens from the federal government. Unfortunately, we are at a point where the federal government - and state - decides what those services are. Instead of arguing about who to tax and how much, we should be arguing about what to collect taxes for. I know - we elected people to do that for us. Too bad for us, most of them stopped being "public servants" a long time ago. I don't remember voting for the Bridge to Nowhere, do you? How about $10 million for a remake of "Sesame Street" for Pakistan? Even Obama says his first responsibility is to protect U.S. citizens. You’re not going to like this but, for me, that means anything after Defense can go. First to go should be entitlement programs for non-needy and those capable of working. Let’s go back to when we were self-reliant and families took care of themselves.

I cannot tell a lie - me too.

No VP I meant it. It does our economy as a whole no good to simply line the pockets of a few. While I in no means believe in "socialism", I also do not believe in military families on food stamps or believe the WalMart scenario is acceptable for a good economy.

There are things we have to provide for, services you couldn't live without you care to admit it or not...all paid for by taxes. If there is going to be deductions then they should be set up in a way that benefits the economy as a whole and not just a few. Just so you know, I'm also against those that pay in say 1k in taxes through the year and then get a 4k check back, the government shouldn't be giving free money to anyone no matter how poor or rich they are. If you're too poor, you should only get what you actually paid back. If you are huge like GE, there is no way in Hades you should be receiving a check back at all.

*On a personal note, should you be going as well with the new changes, it was fun sparring. (I truly mean that) Differing opinions at least allow for readers to possibly see a new light they didn't before, and you kept coming back. Its been good.

Senegal of Costco just gave himself a $3 BILLION dividend that will be taxed at 15%, not the expected 40% next year. Oh, and Costco is borrowing the money to pay the dividend rather than paying from retained earnings. Gee, I wonder why.

Second to be saved would be infrastructure, but only amount that goes directly to repair/construction including exploration and development of all energy sources. Third, education, but only the amount that goes directly to improving quality. Transfer veteran affairs, including care, to DoD which has better facilities/doctors and cares more about its vets.

On a personal note, likewise.

valley patriot replied to comment from Katybug | December 1, 2012 2:09 PM "Senegal of Costco just gave himself a $3 BILLION dividend"

A little deceptive, vp, as did Las Vegas Sands Corp. (Gingrich and Romney's deep pockets campaign backer), Dillards, Walmart, Drew Industries Inc., Ethan Allen Interiors Inc., Movado Group Inc., The Issaquah, Wash. to name a few.

Scratch "The Issaquah, Wash". -- meant to delete that -- my bad.

Add Guess Inc., Wynn Resorts Ltd., to the list.

At Costco, however, no member of the executive team or board of directors owns more than a quarter of one percent of shares. This indicates that the special dividend is meant as a shareholder-friendly move rather than a method of self-enrichment. (Reuters)

Personal Note...I'll miss ya, vp. OMG, where is my crying rag,,,sob, soB. sOB. SOB! Seriously, it has been FUN! Hope I wasn't too rough!

Some Republicans, including House Speaker John Boehner, say the president’s tax proposals would “destroy nearly 700,000 jobs,” which is an exaggeration.


LOL. I really don't care how much the top at COSTCO makes simply because....they still pay their employees a decent wage. That is the point. Someone isn't putting in 40hrs at COSTCO and still applying for food stamps.

Heck, COSTCO employees are making a better wage then what some of the local factories start out at.

Proof that even in retail you can be a giant, pay your people well, maintain competitive, AND even pay your top well.

It is interesting...the different in companies...

Costco vs. Wal-Mart as reported by the companies.

Employees covered by company health insurance
Costco 82%
Wal-Mart 48%

Insurance-enrollment waiting periods (for part-time workers)
Costco 6 months
Wal-Mart 2 years

Portion of health-care premium paid by company
Costco 92%
Wal-Mart 66%

Annual worker turnover rate
Costco 24%
Wal-Mart 50%

Costco pays starting employees at least $10 an hour, and with regular raises a full-time hourly worker can make $40,000 annually within 3.5 years. Cashiers are paid $10.50 to $17.50 an hour.

Costco also pays 92% of its employees' health-insurance premiums, much higher than the 80% average at large U.S. companies. Wal-Mart pays two-thirds of health-benefit costs for its workers. Costco's health plan offers a broader range of care than Wal-Mart's does, and part-time Costco workers qualify for coverage in six months, compared with two years for Wal-Mart part-timers.


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