Letter to the Editor: Banks with high fees are robbing people

^ Posted Nov. 16


I took a check drawn on a BB&T customer's account to a BB&T branch office to cash. I was told that since I'm not a BB&T customer, I would be charged $8 since the bank would have to buy more money from The Federal Reserve to replace the money that is being paid out to a non-customer. The money is already in the customer's account, so why would you need to buy money?

The only other bank with a check cashing fee for non-customers cashing checks drawn on their customer's account in my area is Bank of America.

Banks are charging for ATM transactions, check copies, the coin-counting machine and many more items too numerous to list. Banks are making profits and they are being bailed out when they lose money by the taxpayer. I better check to see if I will be charged for air replacement while in the bank.

A bank charging a non-customer to cash a check drawn on the account of their customer is a crime. Banks are giving new meaning to the words "bank robbery."

George T. Burgess, Maurertown


Two words...CREDIT UNION

Yep, It would be nice too see a huge cooperative of BB@t customers withdraw there acounts at once. But I'm sure there would be a charge of some kind for that.

Didn't you know BB&T does not stand for Branch Banking & Trust but BIG BAD & TERRIBLE. They even charge you a $3 fee if you do an account inquiry at another bank. So you are out of town do an account inquiry to check your balance and then withdraw some cash it will cost you $6 from BB&T alone. $3 for the inquiry and $3 for the withdrawal and then you need to add the other bank's fees on so it costs you $9 to get some cash.

jane, credit unions are better but still thieves. Banking institutions are my personal windmills. Unreasonable fees charged to people who are financially stressed makes no sense. Service is becoming more and more impersonal.

Wells Fargo does the same as BB&T. I love First Union....

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