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Letter to the Editor: Banks with high fees are robbing people


I took a check drawn on a BB&T customer's account to a BB&T branch office to cash. I was told that since I'm not a BB&T customer, I would be charged $8 since the bank would have to buy more money from The Federal Reserve to replace the money that is being paid out to a non-customer. The money is already in the customer's account, so why would you need to buy money?

The only other bank with a check cashing fee for non-customers cashing checks drawn on their customer's account in my area is Bank of America.

Banks are charging for ATM transactions, check copies, the coin-counting machine and many more items too numerous to list. Banks are making profits and they are being bailed out when they lose money by the taxpayer. I better check to see if I will be charged for air replacement while in the bank.

A bank charging a non-customer to cash a check drawn on the account of their customer is a crime. Banks are giving new meaning to the words "bank robbery."

George T. Burgess, Maurertown


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