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Letter to the Editor: GOP taken over by right-wing fanatics


I have been a registered Republican my entire career as a small business owner and still am after retirement. But the Republicans do not deserve to win this election, especially in view of the billions they are spending to buy it. The party has been taken over by right-wing fanatics who have forgotten that "politics is the art of the compromise."

Tea-partiers, Ron Paulists, constitutionalists, libertarians and pro-lifers have forced out sane moderates. These extremists are interested only in pushing their own agendas, and not the best interests of our country. When the main thrust becomes forcing out the other party at all costs, even hindering the economy of the nation to make the perceived enemy look bad, it's time for the electorate to wise up.

We did not need to have our country's credit rating downgraded for the first time in history. In their zeal to sabotage Obama's economic recovery, the Republicans in Congress cost each of us dearly as they stall recovery and prolong post-recession pain.

Our nation's leaders have lost their moral compass. When the gap between earnings of the average worker and top level management reaches the magnitude it has today, greed has captivated standards and induced corruption.

Too often the wealth at the top is spent on extravagant living. Many wealthy leaders have forgotten the mandate to give back to their community.

But we do owe a debt of gratitude to tea-partiers. They have thrown the Republican Party on their unyielding swords to vociferously point out that we must get our fiscal house in order. If the Democrats win, they must understand that the nation needs to reexamine its economy. We must cut spending, reduce the national debt, lower the trade deficit and get our economy back on an even keel.

We will all have to make some sacrifices - led by the wealthy - if our country is to remain the best place to live in the world. But at least we won't have to face any more noxious commercials for another four years!

Robert M. Cullers, Front Royal

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    Great letter Mr. Cullers! At the risk of repeating myself, I, too, have voted Republican about 90% of the time over many years of voting. I tend to vote more for the man than the party. I voted for President Obama in 2008 and will do so again in 2012.

    Republicans seem to forget that the last 4 years of the complete obstructionism of the Republican run Congress not only hurt Democratic supporters but hurt Republican supporters as well...it hurt us all and Congress did not care if it affected them or not! It was all an ends to a mean for them and their main priority was thwarting Obama every chance they got so they could bamboozle their way to the White House. Recovery may have come a bit quicker, but that would have made the president look too good so Republicans were having none of that!

    They threw us ALL under the bus because only their own agendas were important to them. I am sure many people are wondering if by electing President Obama for a second term would it continue the deadlock in Congress. I have wondered that myself, but hark! Mitch McConnell's rebel call for making Obama a one term president would be a moot point by then so there is hope in that. The greatest hope for an across the aisle approach is the wonderful news reports of Republican Gov. Chris Christy praising President Obama for his handling of the disaster caused by Hurricane Sandy this week.

    That was huge! Gov. Christy is by no means a big fan of the president, but he was man enough to know that a job well done is a job well done regardless of the party and his appreciation and help showed and meant soooo much to sooo many! I congratulate Gov. Christy for putting partisan aside and joining the president in helping the victims of this tragedy and for proving that only by joining together can we succeed and forge ahead and regain all that we have lost! Hopefully Gov. Christy will start a new trend! It is definitely a step in the right direction! Good job guys!

      GREAT LETTER Mr. Cullers! Yes, Tstar the Republican party has gone off the deep end. It's good to hear from former Republicans. Maybe - just maybe a few will come to their senses before next week.

      As for Gov. Christy, he has little choice now but to get off the Romney wagon at this time and the people will be glad for government help. As usual Obama has taken the higher road. You certainly didn't see him flying over the disaster like "good job Brownie" Bush did.

    Excellent read, Mr. Cullers.

    Well said, Tstar. Governor Christie and President Obama are showing the example as to how government is suppose to work.

    Well said Mr. Cullers & Tstar!!!! Only thing I'd like to add is that EXTREME is dangerous, no matter what the cause is. There are the extreme Islamists - the terrorists we guard against, but we have plenty of extreme Christians (KKK and Skinheads are some of our US terrorists), extreme politicians, heck, even extreme eaters. The problem with extreme is that the passion that is locked up in the extreme blocks out the ability to compromise. The key to all relationships is compromise and I sure hope Congress wakes up to that realization before they destroy any more of America.

    Thank-you Mr. Cullers. I really can't add more than has already been said, so I just thank-you for keeping some sanity.

    RC, as a registered Rep, at one time you subscribed to conservative principles. Are you now disavowing those principles? Based on your next-to-last paragraph, I don't think you are. If not, you should reconsider your position. Regardless of what you think about the current conservative leadership, their principles are closer to yours than Obama's.

    Obstructive politics is a staple of our system. Both sides of the aisle have used it. Remember that Obama had control of both sides of the aisle for two years. During that time, he and the libs pulled us toward a socialist society that I hope you condemn. They continue to do so.

    The popular "Obama had control of both sides of the aisle for two years" myth is a constant showing of "some" on the rights inability to understand math, or a deeper misunderstanding as to how government actually functions.



    Are readers and those willing to comment, often at the expense of exposing ones self to the slings and arrows of fanatics, to believe that we are experiencing economic recovery? Another local employer is about to close, this one currently employs 130 workers. Businesses have continued to fail at an alarming rate since the Obama economic stimulus went to other businesses that failed taking that taxpayer money down with them. I suggest it's time for Obama supporters to get their heads out of the sand. Prior to round 1 Obama said he wouldn't run for re-election if he didn't accomplish what he had promised during his campaign. Liar!
    As to the buying of the presidency, you would do well to accept that a few short months ago Obama was well out in front both in the polls and in contributions. He asked for mine but I very respectfully declined.

      "4ur411" You can post on every story abt Henkel's closing and try to link that to President Obama. But it doesn't require much critical thinking to understand that in bad economy no matter how beautiful that solid cherry dining room set may be, thousands of dollars is a bit much when you can go buy a simple table and chairs for 150.00 at Walmart, Target or Big Lots. That mahogany canopy bed is stunning, but the Walmart has a nice one that will do for 600.00 and with the two thousand saved on the frame(by not buying Henkel's) a better quality mattress can be bought or maybe a new dresser and nightstand too....you get the point.

      While Henkel's has made beautiful, real furniture, they also decided to press on with a business model that was no longer financially viable. (ALL of which others have stated on that actual story)

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    Thank you, Mr. Cullers. You have written a really good letter, and you have made some excellent points. It is interesting to see how many moderate Republicans have been forced out of the Republican Party that has now been taken over by the extreme right-wing. And the comment from Gail is so true when, as she states, "EXTREME is dangerous, no matter what the cause is".

    Thank you too, Tstar, for a really thoughtful, great comment!

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