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Letter to the Editor: Neither candidate is evil


It's never too late! Or is it already too late in the day to see the light of reason? This is not a negative election as in choosing between the lesser of evils. Neither candidate is evil. (Hitler was evil - and very sincere about it.) Each candidate is motivated by a different vision for our country.

Are you hearing and discerning the difference? I agree with my baby boomer son's distinction: we must choose between a government for and by business or a government for and by the people.

Please read the 52-word preface to our Constitution which begins, "We the People" and includes the purpose "to insure domestic tranquility, promote general welfare and secure blessings of liberty." Anything that sounds like corporations and CEOs? Anything that encourages political party loyalty?

Regardless of your definition of a Christian or an atheist, consider the wisdom of Rousseau's opinion: "Those who would treat politics and morality apart will never understand that one or the other." And read Lincoln's closing promise in his Gettysburg address, "That this government of the people, by the people, and for the people shall not perish."

Let your vote represent your examined ideals and faith in the direction we will go as Americans.

Elizabeth Truesdale, Strasburg

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    ET is correct. We do not have "domestic tranquility," our "general welfare" (wealth, education, health) is down, and our "blessings of liberty" have never been less secure. A change is required.

      Oh, VP, I do SO agree with you! We absolutely NEED to remove people like Mitch McConnell, dead beat dads like Joe Walsh, and silly women like Michele Bachmann--to name a few.

      Michele said one of her professors, John Eidsmoe, was "one of the professors who had a great influence on me", "a wonderful man", and "absolutely brilliant."

      In 2010 he addressed an event commemorating Alabama's Secession Day where he told an interviewer that it was Alabama's “constitutional right to secede,” and that “Jefferson Davis and John C. Calhoun understood the Constitution better than did Abraham Lincoln and Daniel Webster.” In April, 2010, he was disinvited from a Tea Party rally in Wausau, Wisconsin, because of these statements and appearances. (wiki)

      Michele's hero. It figures!

    The oft accusers of "Obama" dividing the nation are spouted from the mouths of those that also persistently accuse the President of one conspiracy or another, never acknowledging when they are proven wrong, just moving on to the next big theory. No lie too vile, be it lying about the President's family, lying about the deaths of Americans, lying to workers about their jobs, etc...., and yet they maintain those who do not fall prey to the ignorance are "dividers".


    ET - This is the difference I am discerning. If you can read, here is the evidence Romney will change any position, tell any lie...33 new lies this week

    The Mendacity of Mitt Romney, caught telling 923 lies since January 2012

    Here is the latest list of searchable lies listed chronologically with comments and reference source weblink.

    November 2, 2012 -- 33 New Mitt Romney Lies This Week

    See #890 thru #923 for this weeks list of lies



    Critical thinking is not so much a "lost art" as it more likely never was taught in school. Certainly, the people who post here never heard of it.


    It is when our Supreme Court made corporations people that our government became so corrupted that it may not ever be a government of, by or for any thing any more except corporate interests. I, as a person, cannot get the ear of my Senators to discuss my concerns on any given issue because I cannot afford to give as much to their campaigns as the corporations can and do. If you want our government returned to the people, you must vote against corporate interests, against those who support corporations over people.

    The election is now finally over, but the popular vote was far below that of the two previous general elections. Evidently many folks "sat this one out" as being a "lost cause".

    Here is a link to water, weather, and elections:


    Still being a shill promoting your own website, huh John? Have you ever had a single original thought not traceable back to George Carlin?


    Voter turnout is below previous elections. I blame massive Republican efforts to suppress voter registration with ID laws and threats of arrest for voting legally.

    Breaking News:

    Florida Congressman and Teabilly darling Allen West lost his bid for re-election. West blames Obama for altering weather patterns that forced Hurricane Sandy to smash New Jersey, trapping snow birds from voting once in NJ and a second time in Florida.

    Did I just say massive voter fraud in New Jersey caused West's defeat in Florida? Don't believe little ol' me. Glenn Beck supporters said it.


    Laughs galore can be found there, along with weather reports. stock tips, maps of all kinds, offers to sell gold, proof of election frauds, and how to change water into wine bypassing the intermediate step of using grapes..

    Want proof Americas school system is failing to educate? View the reader comments.....

    bwwwwaaaaahhhh hahahahahahahahahaha

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