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Letter to the Editor: Reforms are needed


Mitt Romney bills himself as a job creator in his career as a businessman. Romney's business was as a financial speculator (gambler of sorts) in the leveraged buyouts (LBOs). Briefly and simplistically, LBOs involve buying companies, taking the money out of the company, loading the company up with debt, and then selling the company as if it is a good deal. Some of Romney's companies went bankrupt because of this process. That means workers lost their jobs. It is the nature of that business to run high risks for job destruction.

If you cannot believe the people who experienced that under Romney's Bain, then would you believe David Stockman, Ronald Reagan's budget director? Stockman fell out of favor with Republicans for telling the truth about the financial management during the Reagan years. Stockman also went into the LBO business, then tells the truth about how that business works.

Stockman's explanation of Romney's career with its results can be found on the Daily Beast at Newsweek. I have no objection to anyone getting rich, but by LBOs, no. The story reveals character without any cause to engender trust that our society is protected, much less about to graduate to a better class of problems through Romney.

In fairness to all, however, the system is rigged for people to become rich and destroy jobs. Reforms are needed yet, sad to say, the election does not appear to relate to truth about issues, plans and programs for reform or job qualifications.

Linda J. Allen, Front Royal

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    “Just as there was in Teddy Roosevelt’s time,” Obama declared, “there is a certain crowd in Washington who, for the last few decades, have said, let’s respond to this economic challenge with the same old tune. ‘The market will take care of everything,’ they tell us. If we just cut more regulations and cut more taxes—especially for the wealthy—our economy will grow stronger. ... And, they argue, even if prosperity doesn't trickle down, well, that’s the price of liberty. Now, it’s a simple theory. ... But here’s the problem: It does not work. It has never worked.”

    - E.J. Dionne (Washington Post)

    Should we all grow old waiting for a "trickle"? As Americans we should all understand that the battle to get our country back has just begun. None of us can afford to believe for a minute that the political cats are going to fight for us now that "big money" is running the show.

    The next president will affect the Supreme Court for decades to come and the extreme right-wing judges are NOT working for the American people. If Romney gets in, we will have more of the same.

    There are no PERFECT people but Obama is the only choice now: this is not the time to sit out "in protest" or vote for a third-party candidate. Romney has proven that he will say anything to be elected. His lies are well documented and I don't trust him.

    Vote for the people's choice - VOTE 4 Obama!

    Dear Reader,
    Please feel free to totally ignore anything posted by our valley idiot who has never had anything to contribute to our discussions except to cut and paste blather from the radical far right sector of the political spectrum that includes the latest rant from bible thumper Dennis Prager.


    Of course, if you happen to be happy letting others load your lips with what to say, then by all means, enjoy your sojourn into Never, Never Land, where men ride dinosaurs bareback and barefooted pregnant women fix delicious sandwiches for the men-folk to eat.

    As it worked out, the popular vote was far below that of the two previous general elections. Evidently many folks "sat this one out" as being a "lost cause".

    Here is a link to water, weather, and elections:


    Voter turnout is below previous elections. I blame massive Republican efforts to suppress voter registration with ID laws and threats of arrest for voting legally.

    Breaking News:

    Florida Congressman and Teabilly darling Allen West lost his bid for re-election. West blames Obama for altering weather patterns that forced Hurricane Sandy to smash New Jersey, trapping snow birds from voting once in NJ and a second time in Florida.

    Did I just say massive voter fraud in New Jersey caused West's defeat in Florida? Don't believe little ol' me. Glenn Beck supporters said it.


    Laughs galore can be found there, along with weather reports. stock tips, maps of all kinds, offers to sell gold, proof of election frauds, and how to change water into wine bypassing the intermediate step of using grapes..

    Want proof Americas school system is failing to educate? View the reader comments.....


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