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Letter to the Editor: Republicans should blame themselves


The Republicans are thoroughly upset by their loss of the election and all the money they invested in it. How could this happen?

In desperation they ask: What could we possibly have gone wrong? Not enough white men voters? Unexpected diversity in the population? Too many Hispanics and Asians? Was Romney a little too easy going? Was he not far enough to the right? Should Paul Ryan have taken time to explain his budget plan more clearly? They have even blamed Hurricane Sandy and believe that Governor Christy was too enthusiastic in thanking President Obama and FEMA for their assistance.

The Republicans in their fault finding are looking in the wrong place. We, the middle class, have been left at the bottom of the heap while our normal standard of living has been reduced to near poverty, and what little bit of wealth we were able to accumulate has been taken away and given to the top 2 percent of our country.

Our right to vote conveniently and easily has been turned into a travesty of long lines, 10 page ballots, and efforts at voter suppression. Our voting for Obama says "enough." We will gain back our middle class status and the Republicans can keep on scratching their heads and blaming everyone but themselves.

Gloria Rickel, Front Royal


    AND, now, the 'Party' which is constantly preaching 'personal responsibility' is now blaming President Obama's leadership for the 'personal' decisions made by Petraeus.

      @ jane re November 13, 2012 10:05 AM post: There is no connection between GR's letter and your post other than providing another platform for you to display your unhappiness. As you know, I watch Fox 24/7 but have not seen/heard anyone blame Obama for the Petraeus mess. I have heard the administration criticized for circumstances of his resignation. I haven't heard anything yet that validates the criticism.

    Maybe the American people aren't as dumb as they thought. While many of us continue to participate in a two-party system, we all know there are great flaws and "big money" is a major part of this problem. It's amazing that the the Republicans thought all they needed was a ton of money and lies, with Karl Rove hiding under every rock.

    And when 2014 comes around I hope to see Mitch McConnell finally removed. His goal of making Obama a one-term president blew up in his face. All people should be outraged by the conduct of these people.

      Besides Karl Rove's influence, another player that really needs to be removed from our political scene is Grover Norquist AND his family; i.e., David L. Norquist, the younger brother of conservative activist and lobbyist Grover was nominated January 2006, by President George W. Bush to be Chief Financial Officer at the Department of Homeland Security. CFO manages a DHS budget of circa $40 billion

      ‘My ideal citizen is the self-employed, homeschooling, IRA-owning guy with a concealed-carry permit,’ says (Grover) Norquist. ‘Because that person doesn't need the goddamn government for anything.'

        So typical, that comment from Norquist, Jane8. Also the same 'man' who referred to Romney after his loss as a "poopy-head". How old is Norquist----six years old??

        Norquist does not care about the good of this country or the majority of it's citizens. His primary concern is lining his own pockets with lots of money---- and maintaining lots of power so he can continue lining his pockets.

        Found it interesting that one of the states that wants to secede from the Union because of President Obama's re-election, (another example of six year old child mentality having a temper tantrum because they did not get their way), is a state that I have spent some time in, which is Louisiana. Too many of the citizens in 'red state' Louisiana would agree with Norquist's quote but how interesting that following the terrible damage they have sustained from storms, they were more than eager to get help from the very government they demonize. And they are not the only 'red state' residents who are as ignorant as Grover Norquist.

        Such hypocrites Found it interesting

          Amazing, Song98, the thought processes of many Americans. "I want big government out of my life!"

          --Hurricanes, earthquakes, etc.= Where is FEMA?
          --Drug Store finds pills laced with cyanide = Where is the FDA?
          --Lettuce being distributed with Salmonella = Where is the FDA or CDC?
          --Airplane is downed, killing 187 people = Where is FAA or Homeland Security?
          --Tuberculosis outbreak = Where is CDC?
          --Cut NASA budget; we don't need it = Because of NASA we have cell phones and personal computers

          People don't want government in their lives UNTIL they are in need. Some of these people remind me of a baby lying in a playpen, happy and content--until it messes its diaper and THEN watch the yelling--fix it, fix it!!!! Do it now, do it now!!!!!

    Good letter, Gloria Rickel, and I also agree with your comment, Jane8----so very true and it shows once again the hypocrisy.

    I found it particularly comical to see just how shocked not only the Romney compaign was with the election results, but also how shocked Conservatives in general were. They were all in a 'tailspin' not only because President Obama decisively won re-election, but Democrats defied the odds by actually adding seats in the Senate expanding their majority by two seats and by adding seats in the House.

    Between "Fox pseudo news", the extreme right-wing bloggers, and the hate-talk radio bunch like Limbaugh, and Beck, as many of us have always said, they live in their own little universe,a media bubble, and are drowning in a sea of 'spin'. It is obvious to anyone who has been following this closely and hearing the rhetoric from the 'right' prior to the election, they had actually believed their own spin to their detriment. This includes some posters on NVD from the 'right' who weeks ago proclaimed with such certainty that "Romny was going to win and Obama would never be re-elected". It was almost like the spider who ends up spinning his web so tightly, he gets himself caught in it.

    There is a lesson to be learned here by those who only get their 'information' from 'Fox' or Limbaugh or the others on the 'right' like them. Of course, I would not bet on them learning a lesson since as we have seen, too many of them are already back spinning and making lame excuses as to why they lost in this election.

      Until some Americans get their head out of that "brainless" TV-land and start trying to figure out what's going on in this country; we will forever be fighting this little war of words.

      President Obama needs to remember the people who have re-elected him and no longer try to "bargain with the devil(s)".

      None of us can afford to simply allow others to think for us (regardless of the party). There's a lot of information out there now and ignorance is no excuse. It has been interesting to read the postings here (for months and months) because it's the USA "in a nutshell" for good or bad, fortunately we can still express our beliefs.

    Still, when we get right down to the nitty-gritty of the way our country is headed - not near enough people voted for "our neighbor's cat". His platform was and is:


    VP, be careful, your true colors are showing.

    there isn't a one of you out there NOT suckling at the teat of the gov't. Not a one of you.

      @ wondering & joe s re November 13, 2012 11:28 & 11:34 PM posts: WTH are you talking about? wondering, you pop up occasionally with disconnected negative comments that contribute nothing to the conversations. In view of the fact that I had posted no comments prior to your post, I repeat - WTH are you talking about?

      I've never heard from joe s. Maybe there's another vp.

    JH & VP:

    Blah blah blah blah..... remember, your stereotypical fantasy dream world of Teabilly ideology was defeated by the last 2 national elections.

    Need more coffee-------meant last sentence to read "I find such hypocrites interesting"----and ridiculous.

    I doubt there are two "VP"-s. Although maybe a different log -on. "I" really dont care so much bc I think its funny all the same. But its easy to say you didn't post after the post has been removed (which also seems to be happening a lot on other stories as well, and its a real shame imo).

    I googled "Fox News Benghazi Conspiracy theories"


    That's the first link. Yes, it is absolutely a liberal site, but it comes with video.

    @Jane, the whole baby bit is hilarious!! There is a meme floating around FB of a crying baby, something along the line of "we lost, I wanna secede"

    valley patriot November 14, 2012 1:55 PM "display your unhappiness"

    Unhappiness? My husband and I made several sizable donations to the Obama campaign. In 2008, I called the Obama headquarters and volunteered to help get him elected; this year my husband worked for his election. Unhappy? WE ARE ELATED!

      @ jane re November 14, 2012 6:46 PM post: I am sure you are ecstatic about the election. But imo you are also unhappy and bitter about something because, instead of enjoying the moment, you are still beating the same "Bush did it," "Romney's a liar," and "Obama can do no wrong" horses. Move on.

      Let's talk about potential Speaker of the House candidates. The Speaker doesn't have to be a member of Congress. What do you think about Jon Huntsman?

        valley patriot replied to comment from Jane8 | November 16, 2012 10:44 PM

        vp, I am not bitter about anything but please continue to access that as the reason for my posts if that comforts you.

        As far as the Speaker of the House, Boehner and Democrats could work together if it weren't for the McConnell and Joe Walsh (who LOST, yeh!) types in Congress.

        I believe Jon Huntsman (Mormon, supported Romney, etc.) is a deceit man. He has tried different phases of life; i.e., quit high school, formed a rock man w/some friends, got his GED, then realized he needed more education. Great resume. His daughter married a man outside of the Mormon church and, therefore. left. Still strong family ties. He is a Republican but when called upon to serve his country under a Democratic president, he did not hesitate.

        Jon Huntsman: For GOP, Romney Loss Would be Like Yugoslav Breakup Republicans would have 'no real direction, governance or leadership,' says Huntsman.

        According to Chris Christy, Obama called him several days prior to Tropical Storm Sandy hitting and has called him every day since Sandy hit. These two men seem to have developed mutual respect for one another, and it would not surprise me to see Christy offered a cabinet position--although I doubt he would accept as that would be his kiss of death in the Republican Party as was Huntsman's.

        (Still SMH over Romney asking Christy to take time out of dealing with NJ and storm victims to campaign with him in PA. Verifies the shallowness of Romney.)

    I make no bones about it, valley patriot, you are an idiot undeserving of common courtesy. Some people DESERVE to be insulted and in my book you are that deserving person.

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