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Letter to the Editor: Romney's abortion stances coincide with his runs for political office


Martin E. Fox, president of the National Pro Life Alliance, is a devout Roman Catholic and a staunch Republican. He wrote to his constituents about Mitt Romney's stance on abortion.

Fox believes in St. Paul's Damascus Road conversion and said in his note to constituents, "but I am not so sure we can put much stock into 'Road to Presidency' conversions. Just how many times should a candidate be allowed to change his position -- and which conversion is real?"

For Fox, going from pro-abortion (as Romney was at age 25 when his mother ran for public office) to pro-life can be understood. But he questions how going from pro-life back to pro-abortion can be understood as Romney did in his 1994 run for the Massachusetts Senate. Romney was described as casting off "his church's burdensome pro-life position" to "embrace wholeheartedly the Roe v. Wade position"..."including a donation to Planned Parenthood." [Correct term is pro-choice, but Fox uses pro-abortion.]

In 2004, Romney again became pro-life yet a few months later, "he appointed a lifetime pro-abortion advocate to the Massachusetts bench." He later expanded state subsidies to pay for an "abortion pill." In 2006, he expanded abortion services in the Romney Care for Massachusetts. And, he required that the MassHealth Payment Policy Board always have one member appointed by Planned Parenthood. Fox notes that Romney's conversions coincide with his runs for political offices.

Paul Ryan warrants comment, too. House bills show Paul Ryan's name on 74 bills, eight of which deal with pro-life issues. One is a bill to declare life when fertilization occurs. In another bill, Ryan wants Affordable Care Act to pay for an abortion needed by a rape victim, only when it is "forcible rape." All rape is forcible in that a human being, female generally, has been violated in body, mind, and spirit and often with negative effects for many years afterward, e.g., boys-now-grown-men cases against priests. Todd Aiken is also a co-sponsor as are many others. The bills don't have to pass to know this is a constant position for Ryan that describes a character and beliefs and a shortage of compassion.

Linda J. Allen, Front Royal

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    I concede that there may be some doubt regarding the strength of Gov. Romney's positions; one being abortion. However, I believe that most pro-lifers find reassurance in his selection of Cong. Ryan for VP, his affirmation of the GOP platform, which is uncompromisingly pro-life, and his pledge to end using tax dollars to fund abortion overseas by reinstating the Mexico City Directive put in place by Ronald Reagan. On the other hand, we definitely know where President Obama stands: the most pro-abortion (not pro-choice) president in hitory. His record includes working to prevent legislation in Illinois to allow hospitals to assist infants that survived abortions; legislation that passed the U.S. Senate 100-0.

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