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Letter to the Editor: Where is the accountability?


I am not surprised by the outcome of the Shenandoah County Board of Supervisors meeting. But for the board to move forward with yet another multimillion dollar project, after hearing the Shenandoah County School Superintendent say:

"Two public school boilers and two public school roofs need replacing, these are priorities."

Dr. B. Keith Rowland continues, "In all honesty, these needs are paramount. If one boiler breaks, there's no heat for that school."

One school board member said, "wet spots and mold growth inside the schools can cause a safety hazard."

When asked about the funds in the school's capital improvement plan budget, Rowland stated, "We haven't had one; it has been five years since the CIP budget has had any money in it. These are big, urgent items."

Rowland said to the county board, "if we can get support for that, it would be helpful."

Where is the accountability in this county among our "representatives?" After hearing these revelations from Rowland, who has been working on another multi-million dollar project the county cannot afford, our current schools have failing maintenance problems.

Shouldn't the school or county board be asking for his resignation? I guess not. That would mean the respective boards would have to fire themselves. That is, if we are to hold everyone accountable for the neglect of our current public schools - the schools our children attend everyday and we, until recently, thought were being properly maintained and safe for our children.

I wonder which school districts parents will get the call first saying, "I'm sorry, there will be no school today due to the failure of our heating system or our roof. Please stay by your phones for the very latest information regarding when your child will be able to return to a safe school. We are sorry that your child may fall behind in their studies."

Please call the Virginia Resources Authority with complaints, because your school superintendent and county representative's are too busy with their new $4.5 million renovation project, $100 million dollar luxury jail with major detail problems, and the old courthouse renovations.

Cindy Bailey, Woodstock

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