Letter to the Editor: Sidewalk is needed

^ Posted Nov. 28


I was driving north on U.S. Route 11, between the Food Lion entrance and the Signal Knob development. A man was in a hover-around chair coming toward me in the same lane as me. I moved over to the left about 3 feet or more to miss him.

I suggested several times over the last 10 years to the town by letter that sidewalks ought to be installed. Instead of bump-outs along King Street, the money should be used for sidewalks.

Maybe some people in the Strasburg area think sidewalks are a new invention and we can't afford them. But we wasted money on digging up good sidewalks on King Street and replaced them with poor quality cement, then replaced those sidewalks with better cement near First Bank.

I don't know if those people who oppose sidewalks were Obama voters or Romney voters, but if you think sidewalks along U.S. Route 11 are a good idea, write to the Town Council. If I have to use a hover-around chair on U.S. 11, I want a police escort.

Kenton Gambill, Strasburg


Agreed! The Town put money in the budget for the sidewalk to Food Lion project this year. They are taking quotes right now to do the survey work. Unfortunately, the money going to the downtown streetscape project can only be used for King Street.

Not only do they need a sidewalk to the Food Lion shopping center but a four-way light needs to be there as well. Many accidents and deaths but nothing to date and I have raised my voice about this in the past.

It's very dangerous getting out of there with cars speeding over the hill, especially for older drivers. Also someone needs to slow those idiot drivers down in the parking lot. I've seen cars barely miss people coming out of Food Lion.

Too practical - right?

Yes this focus on beautiful mail street is typical of the superficial thinking of the day. Bah Humbug!

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