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Letter to the Editor: We will rebuild our county


Shenandoah County, did you know that OSHA conducted testing for asbestos just last week at the Old Edinburg School, with a price tag of $59,500 being bid for removal?

Shouldn't they have already completed the environmental studies before money was borrowed and contracts signed? I have a very simple message for Sen. Mark Obenshain: I will not support you for any public office while you continue to support this borrowing and spending abuse by our county board and the Virginia Resource Authority (VRA).

Please remember, I am vehemently opposed to the Edinburg school project and any further debt our county board continues to support. I will continue to speak out, question every decision and warn investors who consider funding building projects for Shenandoah County of the imminent collapse of our economy simply based on the business revenue loss and the population structure of our county.

We have no money to support our current school structures to keep them safe for our children attending these schools. We continue to see business closures while our county board increases spending.

Message to the VRA: do not be so comfortable selling bonds for Shenandoah County! Future boards can and will determine where the revenue needs to be spent first - saving our current school structures and core government services or risk having funding held at the state level to pay down these enormous bills created with the help of the VRA!

Future board members will promote our businesses and invite business revenue into our county, not alienate them. With this sustained revenue, we will pay down the debt our citizens agree on. We will rebuild our county the way our parents and past generations did, with hard work, sweat and tears. VRA, get out of our way!

Contents of this message were emailed to Obenshain and the VRA. Thank you to those who have signed removal petitions. I collected more signatures Saturday night at the Fort Valley ham and oyster supper.

Cindy Bailey, Woodstock

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    Coming into the holiday, you should be aware that at least one person appreciates your work in keeping vital issues on the hot burner.


    PS - If you want to know more about me, here it is...

    GOOGLE --->reality is free (no quotes)

    Click on the first response

    Click on the blue banner

    Look at the pictures

    ...and you will see that the issues you raise are not the only ones.

    "They do what they want"

    And, what does that tell us?

    The Board of Spenders hasn't listened to the people in the past, so I doubt that they will this time.

    Cindy I appreciate all your hard work and will GLADLY add my signature to this "removal petition". GIVE US THE INFO. and after this holiday, I'll sign up!

    I'm fed up with all of these fat cats!

    Happy Thanksgiving to all. We have much to be thankful for, our Father who Art in heaven, family, friends, our Armed Forces and their families. Thank you for your sacrifice, our thoughts and prayers are with you always.

    Thank you John, Valley Patriot and Diana for your support.

    We know there are so many people in our beloved Shenandoah County who want this unnecessary borrowing, building, and spending to stop. We demand our county board exercise fiscal responsibility and budgetary restraints, as elected Republicans!

    Please email me at cbailey2@shentel.net or Marsha Shruntz at shruntz@shentel.net to sign the removal petitions. Please share contact information with your family and friends who are interested. Again, we appreciate all the signatures and support we have received. Cindy Bailey

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