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What's happening now? Reader comments

Changes are afoot at nvdaily.com

By Linda Ash

Those of you who visit and post comments on our website will start to notice some changes at the bottom of stories at nvdaily.com.

For the past four years, we have required online readers to register through our online publishing system in order to comment on stories. This system required users to provide us their email addresses, and we authenticated their registration by email.

We are in the process of closing our online registration system and replacing it with Facebook's comments social plugin.

This means that those of you who visit nvdaily.com and are already logged into your Facebook account will be able to easily post comments on our stories and share your comments on your Facebook page. If you are not logged in, you will be asked for your Facebook username in the comments area of a story, or, if you do not have a Facebook account, you will be able to post comments on our site as long as you have one of these accounts: aol, yahoo and hotmail.

I encourage you to go online and check out the new comments area below each story. On the News and Opinion sections, both the old and new comments sections will be available this weekend. We will be closing down the old commenting section on those sections on Monday.

Letters to the Editor
This is an important note to those of you who send in letters to the editor for this page. We welcome your letters, but you have to provide us with your name, address and phone number - especially that phone number. We will not accept letters that do not have this information. We call and verify each letter. If you do not include a phone number, your letter will not be published.

Virtual Newsroom
And speaking of letters, I encourage you to upload your letters and news events and photos to our online Virtual Newsroom at nvdaily.com/virtual.

Contact Editor Linda Ash at 540-465-5137 ext. 163, or lash@nvdaily.com.


    I guess I will not be commenting any longer. I WILL NOT post through Facebook because I only use that to promote my business and posting my opinion on politics, etc. can risk me losing business. Plus in this redneck gun carrying county I don't want to risk neighbors knowing my views and opinions by seeing my real name.

    If you want me to use a hotmail account are you going to be displaying my email address as my user name? If so you are setting me up for all kinds of spam.

    This is the worst management, you never think things through. Like the new classified ads that suck, the old ones were by county the new ones are as they are posted. If you are trying to look at the yard sales you have to read every page of them to get the ones close to you and write them down or waste tons of paper and ink to print them out to highlight the ones near you.

    Not everyone wants every one to know when they let a fart by posting it on Facebook. This new owner and management is going backwards instead of forwards.

    I dropped the print addition because of the heavy leaning right wings politics. I thought maybe new ownership would change that but it appears they are just as heavy right wing if not more so than the old owners. And now I find out that they think the whole world wants to share their every thought as well as body function with the whole world or to see how many spam emails they can collect in a day.

    So I WILL NOT be renewing my print edition and it looks like I might as well give up the web edition as well since it has went to pot as well. No more decent classified, no more comments and no more enlargeable images. Plus you never report a thing about I-81 incidents.

    yep this is an end of an era for "shendoah1" also. One last weekend, and that is it. Things seem to change, so I will occasionally log on to see the NVD....just to see the headlines.

    Sigh. Reading the online editorial page has become a part of the my morning routine. My laptop, a cup of coffee, and the relative solitude of the predawn hours is good for my soul. I totally agree with you 123. Sometimes it's tough to be a liberal in this area. We dropped the print version of the paper for same reasons you did...the politics. Oh well, I'll check in on Monday morning and see what things look like...at least my coffemaker is consistent and reliable.

      Yes, I agree Steve. I won't be bothering with FB either and other than some local stuff, you can get the news elsewhere.

      Good bye ya'll.

        I agree ScubaSteve and Diana, the old NVD was "middle of the road" politically compared to the new NVD and even though I have "yahoo" and "hotmail" (@live.com) accounts I may not be commenting again using any account not that I commented that often. Facebook is a "failing, overrated social page" for the most part but it does help some in the business world from what I've been told by people that use it to promote their business. The value of "facebook" stock has already been halved from the IPO and is still falling, I feel it will be "replaced" by another social media site within a few years.

        The only advantage I see with this NVD change is the "like" and "dislike" additions which allows people to do exactly that without written comment. Young people do not "read" the news anymore which is sad and "Twitter" is going to be the downfall of spelling, punctuation, and sentence structure, something which I am still trying to do well at my mid '60's age. I am retired and have a little extra time so I may change my mind about commenting but if I don't return I must admit it has been interesting for the most part.

    Oh, goody. Valley Patriot will finally reveal its identify? Think I'll open a store selling slings and arrows. I'll be rich.... rich, I tells ya. What, another sack of money? Just throw it on the heap over there.


    Wait!! You mean I'll have to give my real name too? I'm gonna sue NVD for forcing me into bankruptcy. When I own the paper I'll change things back to the way they are now and make a small fortune... by starting with a large one.

    On a serious note:

    Goodbye NV Daily. Whatever chance you had to keep my interest is now gone. You new Poster I.D. law will have the same effect as those Voter I.D. laws championed by the GOP -- NVD removes the liberal opinions, the GOP removes the Democrat votes.


    Bad move NVD. Now You will never know what people really think about an artical. Being anonymous sometimes does have it's advantages you know.
    It has been nice... Goodbye everybody.

    I'm on the same train here y'all. to hell with facebook and the NVD.

    I agree completely with the previous posters. As I have watched the changes in NVD since new owners/management have taken over, things have gotten worse instead of improved in most every way.

    This latest change in leaving comments? I think it is a big mistake and will, if it seems the way it appears, limit the number of people who are willing to comment----especially since so many of those in recent times who do comment have a more liberal position. Maybe that is the whole point of this latest change?

    I too absolutely do NOT talk politics on Facebook with my friends and relatives since I think it is a personal subject. To me, newspaper comment sections are meant to stimulate conversation and thought and anonymity allows people to freely give their opinion without fear of retaliation----like some 'nut' showing up at your house at 2 AM. ( Contrary to the foolish notion of many conservatives, lots of us Liberals own and keep many guns in the house----but who wants problems when they can easily be avoided.)

    To those who 'boast' on here because they are using their 'real' names rather than a 'user name'? In my opinion they are very naive and foolish. Too many unstable people out there. I definitely believe there are more radical 'right-wing nuts' than there are 'left-wing nuts' and even more so around an area like this that is predominantly conservative---and in some cases 'nut-case conservatives'.

    And thanks, ROFLMAO, for your clever and funny posts that sometimes had me laughing out loud. Also appreciate all the other Liberals---Jane8 really stands out, although not the only one---- who did such a good job of countering and hitting back at the nonsense and misinformation that had for too long been presented on these 'comment' pages from the right-wing posters with their pseudo 'facts' from 'Fox' and Limbaugh, that at one time had very few corrections.

    Agreed on the whack jobs Song, christendom/HLI aren't ones to admit it, but have their AOG ties.

    as we all know they are not above sniping people in their homes, but bombings too.

    I miss the days of the small town paper as opposed to the conglomertate running the show. A new faux is born.

    When I enter the voting booth I cast my vote in secret. So long NV Daily, it's been good to know you.

    I just read in the winchester star that the wayside is being put up for sale for 1.5 million

    Guys, I know it seems like a lot of trouble, but "I" maintain 2 FB accts. My personal that is just close friends and family and then my play acct is kept completely and totally separate. You only need a different email to do so which is easily obtained via yahoo.

    While I had been going this route for abt 2 years now, I seen alot of people creating separate pages through the election cycle because of the viciousness of the loony toons out there that will completely stalk differing opinions.

    Anyhow, being silenced in this case is a choice and I wont wave the white flag quite so easily.

    that may very well be the only way to do it Katy. I just hate having to go through the hassle of doing two different FB pages.

    this opens the door to the report to FB to get your page blocked/banned and a never ending cycle of headaches

    not to mention it is basically forcing those out here who don't want or have a FB account to buy into Zucks worldview.

    I'm torn...........

    Very very disappointing to read NVD and Linda Ash! If you had to add comments from email addresses and facebook/twitter, why not keep the online sign in/comments as another choice? I agree with a lot of these comments that say they do NOT share comments on political views on facebook. In this crazy world we live in, there are way too many kooks out there who are way too radical in their beliefs. Using an online name provides security because it is simple enough to do an online search of that name's address and let God knows what happen if a person's comment didn't sit well with someone.

    I guess this is good bye was well! I will miss comments from song98, jane8, ROFLMAO, and many others. If anyone is interested, newsvine.com is also a great place to voice opinions and share views. You certainly aren't the only news source in town, but where newsvine and NVD differ is that there are many many more people who comment on newsvine than NVD and it appears that NVD is losing readers rapidly. Another great thing about newsvine is that they present a question about the topic of the day and readers comment from that point. A truly non partisan site.

    In protest, I will not be giving any subscriptions to NVD this year as gifts.

    Since it doesn't seem to be anywhere to comment on the sports articles anymore...I'm commenting about the boys basketball coverage. I've read some things about MMA post grad program and maybe the clark county game from the other night. I'm sure boys highschool basketball should be in full swing.

    Maybe things will change with that as the season goes on.

    Facebook? Like or dislike voting? Somebody did not think this decision through. This is the type of decision a washerwoman would approve to enhance the over-the-fence backyard gossip experience.

    As an occasional commentator and reader of NV Daily, I quit. What little bit of local news I need can be satisfied with the Warren County Report.

    Ms. Ash, it looks like all the leftist liberal loons are leaving because of NVD's comment policy change. How do you expect me to spend a few pleasant minutes from time to time poking their sides with sharp sticks, pushing their emotional buttons, and occasionally lighting the fuses of their rage rockets?

    It's been informative and entertaining.

    most in here already knew you were a pathetic troll and misinformed idjit VP.

    your poking of sides is about the very best you have done.

      This is great! Wondering and User (they prove they are "wondering" and "using" every time they post) gave me another side to poke, button to push, and fuse to light. Some of you folks take yourselves way too seriously.

      caca, your comments defy facts. OpEds and letters in NVD come predominantly from liberal writers. It's only recently that Bill O'Reilly has appeared and he's not extreme. You and other liberals clog the comments sections. Granted, recent editorials have supported conservative viewpoints, but they are few.

      tstar, thanks for the sane sentiment.

    VP. I don't care what you say because it is a clear fact that you are as far right old white guy that cares only about yourself and the other far right rich trash that goes to the right church,

    This is priceless! Don't let the door hit you on the way out! I wonder where you all are going to go to spew your liberal sedition now? Maybe petition the mountain-courrier for an anonymous comment section.

    Count me as another who will no longer be posting. Not going to comment through Facebook and not going to be forced into getting an account I have no other earthly need for.

    Goodbye. Ronbo

    WONDERFUL. Just when I think getting a Hotmail account might solve the issue, I learn it would be only a temporary answer.


    On July 31, 2012, Microsoft announced a preview of Outlook.com, a new service that will eventually replace Hotmail.

    GREAT. Just when I think I know all the answers, someone changes all the questions.

    Keep up the good work there Rusty. When village idiot retires you could reclaim your rightful place championing the very best far right nut case viewpoints. Golly, you just might inspire me and others to find a way to come back here to haunt your every word. Won't that be FUN? Your life would once again have MEANING. And my life could return to occupying the throne it deserves, inviting you to bow down whimpering then humble yourself in my presence.

    Say, did you hear the news? There is half of a black man in the White House for another 4 years? (Should they place the silverware under lock and key?) And Romney lost the election? It was in all the papers. Grumpy old white guys are dancing in the streets. Unfortunately, when old white guys dance it resembles a full body dry heave.


    bwaaaahhhhh hahahahahahahaha

    Just a parting thought from one of the "leftist liberal loons", we won. As much as it behooves you to admit it, we still won! That is the reality of the situation. You might want to watch the "commentators" on Fox News even admit that the far right needs to stand down and rethink their position because their past position and beliefs lost them the election.

    Left, right, center...who cares! We are all in this together and until we all pull it together and work together, we will never get this country back to its' former glory. Those that don't learn from the past are doomed to repeat it.

    Here's wishing that all receive a stocking full of reality and hope for Christmas so we can build a great 2013! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all!

    ROFLMAO... by your description, I see you have seen me dancing?

    The Winchester Star, under Editor Tommy Byrd, whose great-great grandfather Col. William Byrd served the Confederacy, was once the leading advocate for ultra-conservatism in the Shenandoah Valley.
    A quote from his 15 April, 2000 editorial illustrates where his heart was:
    "It is with a heightened and somewhat furrowed brow that we note the decidedly self-serving rhetoric employed as rationalization for the South Carolina Senate’s vote to remove the Confederate flag from above the statehouse in Columbia."

    The NV Daily recently published an article about a newspaper in Clarke County ( Berryville was the home of long serving Senator Harry Byrd) where it was reported the two partners could not agree on a posting protocol and consequently the paper folded. Somehow, the given reason doesn't seem to tell the whole story.

    The comments above seem to say I am not alone in giving up on NV Daily tolerating non-conservative viewpoints. The Shenandoah Valley is becoming more and more isolated with its narrow minded far right views. That Virginia as a whole has become a swing state is just one measure of how we are changing.

    The Old South is dead. Its adherents are a dying breed. The NV Daily should take note it is time to furl that flag.

    My FB page is strictly for family and close friends; I do not want it "cluttered" with playtime.

    Song98 and Tstar, thanks.

    For me, posting comments and responses is intellectual recreation, realizing the majority of the 'regulars' minds and hearts are already cemented; no one ever reported changing their mind as a result of our exchanges. I enjoy reading the posts of all the comrades-in-arms and trying to counter the others with whom our views differ.

    I can not understand why a company (newspaper) that is a risk of becoming irrelevant wouldn't make it effortless for its readers to access all of their services--comments, yard sale listings, and articles by town. When a company's focus (appears) to make its process easier for itself instead of its customers, that's a lose-lose situation.

    I refuse to expose myself to physical retaliation if some nut case interprets my comment as against his god or against his religion or against his politics.


    When – and where – posting the wrong thing to Facebook can get you arrested

    "Users have credited Facebook and Twitter with launching revolutions, forcing political transparency and freeing information – but they also provide an easy form of surveillance for any government looking to shut down free speech."

    Russell aka Rusty, Thought you would like an update on the life of the Romney's post-election.

    "By all accounts, the past month has been most difficult on Romney’s wife, Ann, who friends said believed up until the end that ascending to the White House was their destiny. They said she has been crying in private and trying to get back to riding her horses.

    "...The son of Detroit — who boasted of the Cadillacs he owned as a sign of support for the U.S. auto industry during the campaign — was spotted driving a new black Audi Q7, a luxury sport-utility vehicle manufactured in Slovakia."



    Ah, Ann...just remember..."“In every woman there is a Queen. Speak to the Queen and the Queen will answer.” ~ Norwegian Proverb

    I think Linda Ash is just pissed off that Romney didn't win the Presidential Election. The NVA was bought out by a millionaire conservative. There you go. Can't explain stupid.

    I take folk like you teo traitors very seriously VP. You people are more a danger to my country and freedoms than any terrorist out there.

    The NVD is going the route of the Doo
    Doo Bird. But what are we losing? We have conservative newspapers at Winchester and H Burg. Their lifeline was being a moderate newspaper and they lost their flowtation device. Swallowed up by their bigger neighbors to the north and south.

    At this point, it really doesn't matter who you voted for.

    Obama won the election. It's all over but the crying.

    The NVD has come up with a great idea. I think it's terrific. No more hidden identities.
    No more idiots calling a Dodo bird a Doo Doo bird.
    No more idiots referring to the NVD as the NVA.
    Valley Patriot - you are dead on target. Couldn't be more right.
    Goodbye and good riddance Democrat mouthpieces. I'm not sore that Obama won the election. I just hate to see what it will bring. Sure glad I already have my guns and my permit but don't expect me to protect you. Saying 'we won' is another typical narrow-minded point of view. America lost.
    It's a sad ending for so many. What will you do for a life now?
    Don't answer (although I know you can't resist) because I don't care.

      You didn't read very far did you? If all the fuss is simply because you dont know personally who is pointing and laughing when you (or anyone) makes a fool of themselves...any and/or all of the new requirements require no more realistic identification than the current system.

      You can create 100 emails a day or 100 FB's a day.

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