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Reader Commentary: Founding fathers designed presidency to be limited


By Karen Kwiatkowski

WorldNetDaily speaks for many conservatives across the country.

Managing editor David Kupelian is concerned that those who support limited government may believe that Romney is too progressive, and won't vote for him. Some may stay home. Others may cast their vote for former Republicans, Virgil Goode of the Constitution Party or Gary Johnson of the Libertarian Party. Still others may write in "Jesus" or "God" or "Ron Paul." I can't speak for Jesus or God, but Ron Paul is also a Republican.

These voters have debated amongst themselves, their families and their friends as to whether "the lesser of two evils is still evil." If they have decided on that basis not to vote for Romney, it is because, according to Kupelian, they have fallen into a trap.

Kupelian argues that Obama has been the most catastrophic president in history, who almost destroyed the United States in four years, and will complete the job in the next four. Thus, the choice is night and day: save the country with a Romney vote, or express your conservative opinion in some other way and be a party to the final destruction of the country.

He goes on to explain why the lesser of two evils is not always evil by recalling the founding father's struggle with and eventual compromise on slavery - a divisive and conflicted issue in 1787, not only in the American Colonies but throughout the English empire and Europe.

As a conservative, I suspect Kupelian is treading on thin ice with this argument to conservatives. As our political adversaries across the aisle will agree, conservatives do tend to see the world in terms of right or wrong, and good or bad.

As a conservative, I find Kupelian's hysteria about the damage that Obama has done in the past four years to be overstated, at least in a historical context. True, the budget deficit and federal debt under Obama have set insane new records for waste and borrowing - but spending and borrowing are constitutionally controlled by the House of Representatives, not the president. The House is, and will remain, Republican-led. In terms of the most catastrophic and constitutionally dangerous presidents ever, we should certainly place Woodrow Wilson, FDR and LBJ ahead of Obama. We'd have to include Nixon for a monetary policy that unleashed the ability of the federal government to spend and borrow, and for his costly and ineffective federal "war on drugs." We'd certainly include George W. Bush for thoughtlessly and rapidly creating the costly and ineffective Department of Homeland Security just over a decade ago.

The founders designed the presidency to be constrained and limited. They hoped our president would never become an all-powerful king. As a conservative, I do see evil in our government. But that evil is not Obama nor is it Romney. The trap is not found in a "lesser of two evils" argument. The evil trap is the anti-Republican idea that every four years we must vote for, and then quietly tolerate, a kingly, all-powerful president.

Karen Kwiatkowski is a retired Air Force Lt Colonel, a farmer, a part time professor, and a conservative. She writes from the southwestern edge of Shenandoah County.

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    I agree with Karen. I supported Ron Paul, for respecting the sanctity of life: recognizing the humanity of the unborn baby, and the inhumanity of using military to engage in unjust wars. I voted for Virgil Goode, of the Constitution Party, who shares many of the values of Ron Paul.
    Thank you for writing this article.

    Perhaps most people reading this thread will have seen my spoof comments about voting for our neighbor's cat. Don't laugh. That actually happened in a small Alaska town. The result was a mayor that has been wildly successful in all major functions of a mayor.

    (In the real people world, write-in candidates have won in the primaries and have gone on to win in the general election. See Google for more.)

    But, according to the Constitution, a presidential candidate must be at least 35 years old. So, I thought of writing in Karen's name. Again there is a stumbling block. About 6 states don't allow any write in candidates and all of the others require some form of pre-authorization, sometimes with, say, 500 signatures.

    The final choice comes down to one of the three spoiler parties. The purpose here is to get enough of the votes to force one of the major parties to include some of that party platform for the next election.

    Unfortunately, that has already happened. The Democratic and Republican positions already incorporate some of the worst features of the three major spoiler party platforms.

    Now, EVERY party ducks out in the crunch and avoids addressing the major driving force in the inevitable collapse of Civilization as we know it.

    That key element is the out-of-control birth rate all around the globe. Natural resources simply cannot provide for unlimited world population.
    None of the political parties are willing to "go out on a limb" to face that fact.

    And, that takes us back to what politics is all about. Only one word comes to mind - EMOTION is the final governor of the political process.

    My own thinking about world freedom does not mean that the USA should run around the globe trying to interfere with other local customs. Hopefully, we can tell people how we view it, but must leave it up to them to make the sacrifices. And, that includes people in the Middle East - and Mexico.


    'That key element is the out of control birth rate all around the globe.' I strongly disagree! Certainly there are parts of the world where population demands strain natural resources, but with the help of the wealthy nations, the problems can be solved.
    The real problem is the shortage of people being born. There are many countries where too few babies are being born. The U.S. Is an aging nation. We need married people to be willing to accept babies as a gift from God, as the fruit of their married love.
    Of course, this view reflects a belief in God who will provide for us, provided we trust in His Providence.

    J. Horne & Uncle D.....I read both comments, and breezed through the original letter above. It sounds like J. horne starts with Cats...and uncle d. talks about overpopulation. Yep cats and humans are overpopulating this earth. Lets ask the birds.

    The more that come, the dumber they get. Am I the last one to arrive?

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