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What's Happening Now? Election night jitters and 'the headline'

By Linda Ash

We should know who the next president of the United States will be by midnight tonight. At least, that's what we're predicting. Actually, fervently hoping is more like it.

Well before midnight tonight, our reporters will have turned in stories on the winners and losers of the congressional and local races, and our photographer will have visited polling places to snap some photos.

Editors will have edited local news stories and our universal copy desk will have pulled wire stories for the nation and world news pages. Obituaries will have been set, and the weather page pieced together and sent on to the press. Sports will have sent their pages on to the press.

And while all that's going on, we will stuff ourselves with pizza, and when we're not writing, paginating or editing, we all will be watching results flow in on television and online screens. We'll also be debating what our lead headline will say. Shall we go with just the winner's name? Or do we add a verb?

But what happens if the race is not called by deadline? Election night jitters will start to kick in around 10:30 tonight if AP has not called the presidential race by then. We don't want to go to press without a winner declared. But like the Grim Reaper, the pressman waits for no one - not even the president of the United States.

By 11 p.m., all pages but 1A and 2A should be sitting on the press, ready to go. We will have another hour or so before we have to send those pages. If we don't have a winner, you will see a box on 1A asking you to visit nvdaily.com for the latest results. I don't think it will come to that, but you never know. Thank goodness for the Internet!

So, if all goes smoothly and AP declares a winner by press deadline, what headline would you like to see at the top of 1A on Wednesday?

Linda Ash is editor of the Northern Virginia Daily. Contact her at 540-465-5137 ext. 162 or at lash@nvdaliy.com


    The Most Costly. Deceitful Race in US History Has Finally Ended

      The money MUST be removed from this process! As it is, no candidate can even try to "play by the rules" and not get involved in the big money.

      I'm glad it's over too. I stayed glued to the TV set all night until the end. Obama gave a great speech! There's real work ahead.

        Diane, What I had hoped to hear...

        Joe Walsh (deadbeat dad) lost
        Paul Ryan NOT carry his home state

        I did not vote for Goodlatte, but I have read some of the bills he pushed forward and he is much more responsive to citizens needs than most in serving his constituents..

          Now Jane8 there you go again. It's Diana.

          Karl Rove is alive and well. He's licking his chops for the next political "adventure". Amazingly they are already looking at the next election, but who knows, maybe we'll get lucky and he'll eat himself to death. That man is so disgusting.

          Goodlatte is all for war and his own pay raise. He of course is going to back the local farmers and the meat business.

          Well I wasn't going to say one more thing about anything of a political nature but. . .

    "Romney Quits - Says God Spoke To Him About His Lying"

    CNN poll shown Tuesday evening, 67% of Obama voters never attend church. That pretty much sums up our country's attitude toward God and their choice in leadership.

      "CNN poll shown Tuesday evening, 67% of Obama voters never attend church."

      Don't know history very well, do you, Spanky? Throughout history, more conflicts have been fought in the name of 'religion' than for any other reason.

      Thirty Years' War (Protestants and Catholics)
      French Wars of Religion (Protestants and Catholics)
      Second Sudanese Civil War (Islam and Christian)
      Crusades (Islam and Christian)
      Lebanese Civil War (Sunni, Shiite and Christian)

      Going to Church does not ensure that a human is good and kind; it only gives the pretext of such a demeanor.

      Religion has been used in the past to control the masses; and, as to the present....look at the Taliban! When I see places like Liberty College spring up in the US, it is a signal that this country is moving backward.

      "It is Hell, of course, that makes priests powerful, not Heaven, for after thousands of years of so-called civilization fear remains the one common denominator of mankind."" H.L. Mencken

      Spanky, If you are a true Christian, why didn't your post say something to the effect that...although Obama was not my choice, now that the elections have been called my prays and good wishes are for the President and our Nation to move forward for the benefit of all our citizens. But instead you imply that this election was between the Christians and nonbelievers.

      Only God knows what is in our hearts; be careful, Spanky, inside or outside of a church, God knows your heart too.

      Sheldon Adelson (Jewish) was Romney's 'deep pockets' supporter;
      Adelson owns the most widely circulated Israeli newspaper
      Romney and Benjamin Netanyahu are friends,


      "President Obama's 70 percent of Jewish support, compared to Mitt Romney's 30 percent, deals a crushing blow to the hopes of right-of-center donors and activists who hoped to turn Israel into a partisan wedge issue to damage the president and Democrats. These efforts to turn support and pursuit of peace between Israelis and Palestinians into a political third-rail for American Jews proved futile, nationally and in key swing states. In Florida and Ohio, the president captured 68 and 69 percent of the Jewish vote, respectively." http://www.sacbee.com/2012/11/07/4967517/jews-overwhelmingly-support-president.html Nov. 7, 2012

    According to NBC4 Obama spent $52 million for what was referred to as online campaigning while Romney spent $26 million. So much for the Republicans trying to buy the election. What do those figures alone say about our political system?

    "The Headline" I'd like to see:

    "Romney Cant Find His Butt Cheeks - Voters Handed Them To Obama"





      Let's see who's laughing about your 3% victory in the near future. Think about it - the statistical fact is little more than one out of every two people didn't vote for Obama. We are a deeply divided citizenry.

        Cinderella, It might interest you to know that Obama won the country's richest counties, according to Reuters's Felix Salmon, who posted this on his personal Tumblr .

        So, one can assume that the richest counties in the country have the higher intellect; therefore, what does that say about Shenandoah Country?

        Actually, Cinderella, the final tally was

        Obama 332
        Romney 206

        As far as that "three percent", Al Gore won the popular vote in 2000 but GW Bush won the electoral college and that outcome was

        Bush 271 -- 50,456,002 or 47.87%
        Gore's 266* -- 50,999,897 or 48.38%

        * with one elector abstaining in the official tally

    "The Headline" I'd like to see:

    Good News and Bad News: (which one is which?)

    This morning Todd Akin is feeling legitimately raped -- but his body can reject the rape sperm.


    "The Headline" I'd like to see:

    George Allen - GONE
    Rick Perry - GONE
    Rick Santorum - GONE
    Newt Gingrich - GONE
    Sarah Palin - GONE
    Todd Akin - GONE
    Richard Mourdock - GONE
    Joe Walsh - GONE
    Scott Brown - GONE
    Paul Ryan - GONE
    Mitt Romney - GONE
    Karl Rove - GONE


    Well, at long, tiring last it is finally over! But, hey! Wait a minute~ The popular vote was far below that of the two previous general elections. Evidently many folks "sat this one out" as being a "lost cause".

    Here is a link to water, weather, and elections:


    (The link to the election results is near the bottom of the page.)

    "The Headline" I'd like to see:

    "Rush Limbaugh Chokes On Shoe Leather - Paramedics Unable To Remove Massive Obstruction - Teabillies Fear Silence Is Permanent"



    "A BBC World Service opinion poll has found sharply higher overseas approval ratings for US President Barack Obama than Republican challenger Mitt Romney.

    An average of 50% favoured Mr Obama, with 9% for Mr Romney, in the survey of 21,797 people in 21 countries. Only Pakistan's respondents said they would prefer to see Mr Romney win November's election. France was the most strongly pro-Obama (72%). The survey was conducted by GlobeScan/PIPA between 3 July and 3 September.


    Diana, Diana, Diana, Diana...

    So sorry, guys. Had a gallbladder attack last night! Not much fun and leaves one dragging a bit! Last time I will make Oyster Stew :( Good health all these years; however appears I am trying to make up for lost time in 2012.

      Take in all the information before removal. I get the same pain every now and then that I did prior to removal, same goes for my former mother in law. Plus (readers forgive the tmi here) some suffer bathroom related issues afterwards. 3 of the 5 people I know personally, eat then within an hour, mad dash to the restroom... So don't just jump on the removal ship without all the information.
      Also, I took pepto pills (pre-surgery) before eating anything that might aggravate the gall bladder and it kept my pain to a minimum.

        *Note on the TMI..its not "every" time one eats, only certain foods not really healthy anyway.

          Very much appreciate input, Katybug, Hubby and I are planning a Christmas cruise and truly hope this recent problem doesn't flair. No time between now and then to have a laparoscopic procedure due to some other commitments.

          I have been so lucky (in every life a little rain must fall). I thank God that I didn't have any problems like this while being single head of a household from the time my children were four and six until they left home. Also, I was very healthy for the twelve years I was living/working overseas. I had four brothers, all had bypass surgery--one as early as 38 years old; none are with us today. So a little ca and gallstones--oh,well. Life is STILL good.

      I know all about this lovely disease! And surgery won't always remove all the discomfort either.


        Thanks, Diana. We love vegees, lentils, etc. but old habits die hard...

        In above post, one item I mentioned was my delight in seeing Paul Ryan wasn't able to deliver his state; then I found out that his own district didn't carry the ticket.

        "Paul Ryan just released his tax returns for the last two years, and it turns out he and his wife had a combined income of over $323,000 last year. To which Mitt Romney said, 'See, I do reach out to poor people." –Jay Leno

        "I think Mitt Romney and Sarah Palin would be the perfect ticket. She can't answer basic questions, and he has two answers for every question." —Jay Leno

        "Republicans like Paul Ryan because they say he's a fiscal conservative, and that's a perfect balance for Romney who's a guy that has an elevator for his Cadillacs." –David Letterman

        "Apparently a large branch of Mitt Romney’s family lives in Mexico. ... His grandfather in the late 1800s moved his whole family to Mexico to avoid being prosecuted for polygamy. ... Mitt can use that to show that he’s tough on immigration. His family kicked themselves out of the country." –Jimmy Kimmel

    "The Headline" I'd like to see:

    There Is ONE Thing A Teabilly Can Understand -- LOOSING !!

    Mr. Romney... line 2. Adelson calling... he wants a refund.

      Poor VP, I looked up your site for background info


      You are already rural, are you stock piling your guns like Lord Beck has demanded? Buy your O-crap shirt for 30.00? What about a mug, its only 17.95? Remember, its time to double down!

      To be fair, I like addicting info, which takes its contributions the same way, its how I found the amazing fictional character Mr. Tom Joad ;)

      Your post November 9, 2012 7:07 PM

      Did you, by any chance, read the comments?

      "It amazes me that a General Officer out of touch with curret times wrote thsi article. As an SF Soldierl who have served more than a lifetime in special operations, I find this article elementary and politically motivated. You then attempt to deflect thsi to the POTUS policy is absurd.

      Hey VP, I came across an interesting article on FB a bit ago. Yes, its from the Daily Beast, No its not liberal. Its by David Frum former Dubya speech writer.


      Think I might even get his book.

        @ katy re November 9, 2012 9:48 PM post: Thanks, it is a good article that expresses what many of us know. We don't all agree with his solution.

        "It falls to modern conservatives now to heed Salisbury’s advice: to abandon what is obsolete—and to meet the challenge of the new."

        Conservatives will find it hard to win unless we attract more latino, black, and asian voters. It's difficult to attract those voters without offering them much the same as the liberals. We have to find a way to attract them without abandoning our principles - small government and self reliance.

        “A democracy cannot exist as a permanent form of government. It can only exist until the voters discover that they can vote themselves largesse from the public treasury. From that moment on, the majority always votes for the candidates promising the most benefits from the public treasury with the result that a democracy always collapses over loose fiscal policy, always followed by a dictatorship. The average age of the world's greatest civilizations has been 200 years.”
        ― Alexis de Tocqueville

          VP- If you don't mind a few "colorful" words here and there, this one is for you. Personally, I think it should go straight to the GOP leaders, but it probably won't.


          I've read ALOT of "what happened" articles, but this guy nails it and he's not a news personality.

            @ katy re November 11, 2012 11:35 PM post: You are correct - the article will never see the inside of a GOP HQ. Why should it? While it is an interesting read for his opinion, it repeats the same things you and the rest of the pack claim on these posts - minus the personal insults.

            If you expect me to counter the article, I won't, but I could, point by point. He made some outrageous assumptions and gave away some significant "tells." For example, he claims to be a job creator. I think that may be an exaggeration since he is a writer and a professional musician. I'm sure there are some valid points in his article but they are diminished for me by his derisive and sarcastic attitude. btw - he seems to really like himself.

            Don't feel too smug - he voted for Gary Johnson. His thoughts on the Dem Party: "They are the standard bearers of the status quo, in all its dysfunction. The party has too many faults to list here all at once – but at least they seem to live in a world that resembles reality. Somebody needs to challenge them seriously if we are to have policies that really work to solve America’s problems. I fear a one-party system would have the same weaknesses that we see in China or Venezuela."


              You prove my assertions identifying you as a die hard fanatic Teabilly whose arguments lack substance.

              Unfortunately for you, your slavish devotion to failed policies and arcane ideologies is equaled by your dedication to racism and a steadfast resolve to resist correcting your wrongheaded views on your fellow human beings.

              Fortunately for us, your kind are doomed to the irrelevance you deserve because, as your messages prove, you make it a habit of always being the dumbest person in the room.

              You have accomplished nothing deserving of respect. Your principles are not deserving of admiration. Your gift of intelligence is not a particularly rich endowment. Your ignorance is bona fide gutter tripe excellence.

              You are far from being a patriot; you are much closer to being a turncoat.

              I didn't expect you to counter it. I'm well aware of his political leaning and it was one primary reason I shared it, because he was not an Obama supporter.

              He has since followed up with:

              In which he discusses some of the messages of other moderates whom have reached out to him.

              The other primary reason was that his background was exactly whom Willard was reaching for, but whom the GOP will never win unless they figure out how to maintain the support of the Fox watching, pray to Beck to save us, Limpball speaks the truth, conspiracy loving crowd but keep them from being the face of the party.

              I'm honestly curious how the next few years will play out. From an outside view, I see several players standing up and saying "teabilly" was the problem and we need to spread our wings. I also see the players that need your belief in them to keep their finances flowing beating the drum for an even more rigid conservative stance.

              Should provide for an interesting 4 years either way.

                katy, I agree the next few years are going to be interesting. Will Obama try to appease the min gents of the country who would rather insult than discuss and the bigbirds who shut their minds to other opinions; or will he use the second opportunity he has been given to lead and unite.

                I'm not a member, but I don't understand the contempt and hostility the pack has for the Tea Party and "teabillies," whoever they are. Per wiki, the Tea Party movement is an American political movement that advocates strict adherence to the United States Constitution, reducing U.S. government spending and taxes, and reduction of the U.S. national debt and federal budget deficit. With which of those goals do you disagree? Even if you disagree, is your disagreement so strong as to justify the animosity?

                Similarly, I don't understand why the pack has so much bitterness about Fox News. Yeah, it puts a right hand spin on things just as MSNBC puts a left hand spin. But they got rid of Beck, and never have Limbaugh. Liberals appear on almost every segment and speak their minds.

                  I used to watch the Factor, right up to a couple months before the election. From that point on I only watched CNN during debates and election night. I'm not counting tuning into Fox to see the reaction even if Kelly's "math you do as a republican" and Rove's meltdown was still entirely worth it.

                  MSNBC I never watch. I only catch the occasional clip when its added to a story.(Like Gingrich admitting to the Obstruction meeting) I read, read, and read some more. So tbh, I have no idea if they lie or not.

                  Cable news, Limpball, Beck...that's for boobs unable to think for themselves and need told a story. What *kills* me is the dozens of times you see/hear someone parroting them as if its truth handed down by God "herself". There has been an joke passed around since 08..."Obama should give a don't eat the yellow snow speech, just to watch the extreme media pronounce how good for you it is and the sheeple run out to eat all the yellow snow they can find".

                  Now that's supposed to be in jest BUT time and time again we see painfully obvious lies stated as "fact", and when you go hunting down the source of mis-information...it usually leads back to the same trio.

                  Whether you realize it or not, the blind faith in said conspiracy sellers is hands down, the top driving force dividing our nation. "Teabilly Joe" is going to believe it word for word, and those of us who know the sky is actually blue and the grass really is green are going to think Joe is an obstruction in the way of accomplishing anything at all and an idiot to boot for trying to tell us its a green sky and blue grass because (enter extreme media here) said so.

    Wiki describes the "Before Its News" website as an outlet for gibbering conspiracy theory lunacy. Glad to see vp has not abandoned his pre-election job as turd polisher.

    What is wrong with you vp? Have you lost your senses?

    500 other general grade officers agree with General Brady. Who knows how many active duty officers who cannot speak out agree.



    btw, jane, as a combat vet I've observed that those who did the least talk the most. Those who experienced the horror of battle rarely talk about it. Those who participated in black ops never talk about it.

      This is very interesting given the fact that the article claims General Sheldon is supposedly one of the 500 contributors of the Romney WP ad.

      "Hugh Shelton was impeccably apolitical while serving as the nation's top military man under Presidents Clinton and Bush. Now, not so much. He talks to Lloyd Grove about Bill Clinton (good), Donald Rumsfeld (bad), and John McCain (crazy), among others. "Shelton added that he’s very relieved McCain wasn’t elected president and is “comfortable” with Barack Obama as commander in chief. (The general endorsed Hillary Clinton, but refuses to acknowledge the distinct probability that he ultimately voted for Obama.) Yet he thinks it’s fine if the 74-year-old McCain is reelected to a fifth term a little more than two weeks from now." (Source: thedailybeast.com Oct 14, 2010)

      Exclusive - Hugh Shelton Extended Interview

      Btw, vp, have worked with and have family members with varying degrees of military involvement; therefore, I am well aware of how 'sensitive' military matters are handled.

      Another of this 500 group...

      Maj. Gen. Paul E. Vallely (U.S. Army-Ret.), chairman of the non-profit, non-partisan Stand Up America, told the Examiner that his organization’s research team, led by Scott Winchell, learned that President Barack Obama, contrary to news media tales, wasn’t even aware of the raid in Abbottabad, Pakistan, by Navy SEAL Team Six to either capture or kill al-Qaeda’s iconic leader Osama Bin Laden on May 1st, 2011. In fact, according to Gen. Vallely and Winchell, Obama found out about the commencement of the operation after the helicopters with SEAL Team Six had crossed into Pakistani airspace. http://www.themoralliberal.com/2012/11/06/generals-admirals-and-commanders-slam-obama-endorse-romney/

      His son (only child), Private First Class Scott Paul Vallely, died on April 20, 2004 while in his fourth week of Special Forces Qualification Course Special Forces training.

      In 2005, MG Vallely founded a conservative political organization called Stand Up America US, that promotes the following issues:[6] "First amendment rights, Second amendment rights, strong national defense and secure borders, national sovereignty, support of the armed forces, individual liberties and personal responsibility, fiscally responsible, limited government". The organization endorses the views of Glenn Beck,and publishes fiction and non-fiction books to promote its message.

      Again .... ''...'if you take what I say as gospel, you're an idiot.'' —Glenn Beck, New York Times, March 29, 2009

      vp, As I have stated before, there is a little thing known as a 'Presidential Finding' and the USA would not invade a sovereign nation with the President of the United States signing a Presidential Finding.

      "Current use of the presidential finding stems from the so-called Hughes-Ryan amendment to the Foreign Assistance Act of 1974, which prohibited the expenditure of appropriated funds by or on behalf of the Central Intelligence Agency for intelligence activities "unless and until the President finds that each such operation is important to the national security of the United States and reports, in a timely fashion, a description and scope of such operation to the appropriate committees of Congress" (section 662). This was intended to ensure that clear responsibility for such action was attributable to the President and that Congress was always made aware of such activities. Due to the sensitivity of their content, presidential findings are almost always classified." (Wikipedia)

    No Jitters here!!! I voted for who I wanted, and thats all I could do! The next morning I woke and smiled! I was hoping my guy got elected! I switched to the travel channel at 8:00 p.m. on election night.

    I get more jittery with a redskin game of late.

    The best quote of the 2012 GOP Presidential campaign: “we’re not going to let our campaign be dictated by fact-checkers." ~ Neil Newhouse (Romney pollster)

    Mitt could have run ads saying, "I think you're stupid." because that was the message.

    "...Kennedy gave me a tutorial on how to beat him. Don’t underestimate Romney, Kennedy said. He’s smart and resourceful and will say anything, take any position. Kennedy recounted how his campaign team tracked down employees of companies that had been shut down after being bought by Bain Capital. Shamelessly copying Kennedy’s plan, we interviewed dozens of laid-off ­middle-class working people. Their stories were emblematic of the collapse of the middle class: factories closed, health benefits canceled, lives ruined. http://www.thedailybeast.com/newsweek/2012/11/09/how-the-gop-helped-obama-win.html

    I am encouraged. A very Conservative FB page that pre-election posted all manner of BS, attacking FLOTUS as well, lots of Fox links, stories about how the polls were wrong its going to be a landslide for Romney, yada yada yada...

    Thursday's post from the page admins was that they are laying off Hannity and Beck for a while and permanently done with Drudge and Coulter.

    So I have hope that people are finally waking up to the realities of those that make money off keeping this nation divided. That even if we don't agree, "some" people are starting to recognize a hot steaming pile of BS.

    The nation elected Obama, the state elected Kaine, the valley elected Goodlatte.

    Shenandoah Valley Teabillies will be with us for a long, long time. Even now the skewed rationalizations for maintaining their declining national policies are being crafted by local die-hard fanatics, culminating in the dire prediction our democracy will fail unless we heed their advice.

    Malarkey! Fear mongering was once again discredited this most recent election, but Teabillies do not easily learn new information from election defeats. Shenandoah Valley represents a hard-core pocket of citizens destined to once again be the last ones to join up with mainstream sociological ideology on fundamental rights, race relations, immigration reform, and women's rights.

    'valley patriot' seems to embrace (and 'cinderella' seems to endorse) the impossible idea of having his cake and eating it too; witness his goals to keep intact the same old white guy far right ultra-conservative ideology that voters have rejected twice at consecutive national elections, BUT counter intuitively somehow attract minorities into a Grand Old Party presently not interested in changing its philosophical ideals of white male supremacy. The present GOP leadership will welcome minorities only if the Party can keep a boot on their necks.

    Reminds me of the spider welcoming the fly into his lair. Such an attitude will doom the Republicans to join the long list of failed political parties.

    Without major philosophical and policy changes, the decline to irrelevance and obscurity has begun; the failing Tea Party will join the John Birch Society as icons of failed conservative extremism.

    It is just amazing how people will unconditionally accept what the paid talking heads' like Limbaugh, Hannity, etc. spin or reading only the first paragraph of a news article. For example, one poster stated "The last election we had an opportunity to turn things around and we failed." noting all the places that had closed, citing GE* and Manville, etc.

    That poster was not even aware that the majority of the businesses s/he listed were on the list of closures prior to 2008.

    Weekly Standard editor Bill Kristol says that Republicans in Congress should “take Obama’s offer” to raise taxes on the wealthy because the GOP shouldn’t “fall on its sword to defend a bunch of millionaires.”

    “I really don’t understand why Republicans don’t take Obama’s offer to freeze taxes for everyone below $250,000 — make it $500,000, make it a million,” Kristol insisted.

    “Really? The Republican Party is going to fall on its sword to defend a bunch of millionaires, half of whom voted Democratic and half of them live in Hollywood?”


    spinning head Limbaugh, needs to go out like my old "Asia" and "foreigner" vinyl records collecting dust in the attic. This loud mouth needs to go into retirement.

    November 16, 2012 3:39 PM I don't understand the contempt and hostility the pack has for the Tea Party

    From my point of view:
    --In July 2010, New York magazine profiled David Koch, calling him the "tea party’s wallet" for his indirect support of the movement through his groups like Americans for Prosperity.
    --Former ambassador Christopher Meyer believes that the Tea Party movement is a mix of "grassroots populism, professional conservative politics, and big money", the last supplied in part by Charles and David Koch. (former British Ambassador to the United States (1997–2003), former Ambassador to Germany (1997) and the former chairman of the Press Complaints Commission (2003–2009).
    --American investigative journalist, who has been a staff writer for The New Yorker since 1995,.Jane Mayer says that the Koch brothers' political involvement with the Tea Party has been so secretive that she labels it "covert".
    --I believe that our downgrade by the S&P was a direct result of the Tea Party congress.
    --Having deadbeat dads sitting/ruling in the House
    --Michele Bachman
    --Sarah Palin
    —Christine O’Donnell

    “People ask me, ‘What are you going to do to develop jobs in your state?’ Well, that’s not my job as a U.S. senator.” — Sharron Angle, May 14, 2010

    ”We used to hustle over the border for health care we received in Canada. And I think now, isn’t that ironic?” —Sarah Palin, admitting that her family used to get treatment in Canada’s single-payer health care system, despite having demonized such government-run programs as socialized medicine that will lead to death-panel-like rationing, March 6, 2010

    “President Obama wants everybody in America to go to college. What a snob … Oh, I understand why he wants you to go to college. He wants to remake you in his image.” –Rick Santorum

    “Whatever the cost of our libraries, the price is cheap compared to that of an ignorant nation.” ― Walter Cronkite

    “He who opens a school door, closes a prison.” ― Victor Hugo

      @ jane re November 17, 2012 12:34 PM post: An impressive list of things/people you don't like; unfortunate occurrences; and opinions of other people.

      But you didn't answer either question: First, the Tea Party advocates strict adherence to the United States Constitution, reducing U.S. government spending and taxes, and reduction of the U.S. national debt and federal budget deficit. With which of those goals do you disagree? Second, even if you disagree, is your disagreement so strong as to justify the animosity?

        November 17, 2012 12:34 PM

        My "...impressive list of things/people you don't like; unfortunate occurrences; and opinions of other people." responded to your question to Katybug..."I don't understand the contempt and hostility the pack has for the Tea Party and "teabillies,"

        My post lists examples of much of what I dislike for all things Tea Party; especially the fact that the Koch Brothers are their covert financial backers. The Tea Party will be just a memory in American history soon.

    Most of the 10 poorest states in the country are Republican. ~ Jack Cafferty

    So, vp, the Tea Party simply wants to strictly adhere to the United Stated Constitution? Leaving off the word "strictly", so does everybody else. This is where you Teabilly evangelicals try to tinker with everything. All you want to do is reclaim the America grumpy old white guys have owned since forever until the last two presidential elections.

    There are two kinds of Teabillies. Both kinds are battling over returning to "the good old days". The first kind of Teabilly wants to return to an American period when blacks had fewer civil rights, like voting. The second kind of Teabilly wants to return to an American period when blacks and women had fewer rights, like voting.

    Because I think 'vp' is two-faced, I think he is both kinds.

    Just wait until this latest round of sugar-coated safe topic rhetoric (who doesn't support the Constitution?) gives way to brass knuckle assaults over abortion rights, immigration reform, womens health, Obamacare, and voting rights.

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