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Why is climate change being ignored in election campaigns?


Forget the Mayan end of the world rumors. It's modern humans who are destroying the environment with carbon emissions. The increasingly unstable climate poses a dire security risk inexplicably ignored in the 2012 electoral campaigns. Have Americans implicitly agreed to pay for weather related damage vis a vis insurance, taxes and ruin?

Coal and unconventional natural gas (i.e. fracked) are the hardest on the environment (Nature, "The Alberta oil sands and climate," Neil C. Swart & Andrew J. Weaver, 19 February 2012). Are we allowing those industries to value their profits over our children's futures? Environmental impact must be part of the economic equation - otherwise "we the people" are underwriting our own destruction.

To quote Mssrs. Swart and Weaver "If North American and international policy makers wish to limit global warming to less than 2°C they will clearly need to put in place measures that ensure a rapid transition of global energy systems to non-greenhouse-gas-emitting sources, while avoiding commitments to new infrastructure supporting dependence on fossil fuels."

Leslie Fiddler, Front Royal

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VP - Is THAT your best argument AGAINST climate warming? Did you criticize John Wilkes Booth for not staying to watch the end of the play?

The scientists mentioned in the article AGREE about human activities causing climate change. The "disagreement" you just mentioned boils down to the two scientists competing to say what pollutes more - burning coal or burning oil produced from tar sands.

VP, you are a complete idiot thinking you could pull some wool over our eyes. You lie like your idol Romney. Obviously, nobody has ever accused you of thinking.

Here, help yourself to some more Big Bird evidence Romney is a liar.


I gave up on VP with the Glenn Beck offering for fact checking. America is doomed.

Oil and Coal, among others lobby against climate change studies, information and so forth. Billionaires like Koch brothers pay scientists to "prove" climate change doesn't exist, and too many Americans are content to just keep buying the BS fed to them.


Google "Koch brothers climate study" or "ExxonMobil funding climate skeptic groups"

Talking with a FB friend in the UK the other day abt Sandy, America's denial is a topic of much laughter in other countries.

When I screw up I admit it. I misread the article.

Your personal attacks and insults make you a boor and your reference is still boring.

It is not the sole responsibility of the U.S. to fix the problem. We emit only 20% of the world's CO2 gas. China emits 12% more than us. We can’t afford to fight global warming right now. It’s the equal responsibility of other countries, many of which have no intention of doing so. No one has yet identified viable solutions.

Trashing the environment is endemic, ongoing, pervasive right here in Shenandoah County. And for what? As usual the answer is GREED:


Spoken like the true dumb a$$ Teabilly you are, vp;

Deny any problem exists, but.. if it does blame others 'cause it is their fault, then regurgitate any old excuse you learned from Beck and Limbaugh before continuing your ride into the sunset while the band plays on.

You say the solution is too expensive, then out of the other side of your mouth you say no one has yet identified viable solutions... how is THAT possible?

Teabillies are notorious for not thinking . vp has just provided us with back-to-back examples of an inability to think clearly. This is why entertainer Beck has such an easy time persuading ignorant evangelical fundamentalists the earth remains flat despite all scientists agreeing the earth is warming due to human activities.

Both sides of your mouth must be exhausted.


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