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Why is climate change being ignored in election campaigns?


Forget the Mayan end of the world rumors. It's modern humans who are destroying the environment with carbon emissions. The increasingly unstable climate poses a dire security risk inexplicably ignored in the 2012 electoral campaigns. Have Americans implicitly agreed to pay for weather related damage vis a vis insurance, taxes and ruin?

Coal and unconventional natural gas (i.e. fracked) are the hardest on the environment (Nature, "The Alberta oil sands and climate," Neil C. Swart & Andrew J. Weaver, 19 February 2012). Are we allowing those industries to value their profits over our children's futures? Environmental impact must be part of the economic equation - otherwise "we the people" are underwriting our own destruction.

To quote Mssrs. Swart and Weaver "If North American and international policy makers wish to limit global warming to less than 2°C they will clearly need to put in place measures that ensure a rapid transition of global energy systems to non-greenhouse-gas-emitting sources, while avoiding commitments to new infrastructure supporting dependence on fossil fuels."

Leslie Fiddler, Front Royal

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