Letter to the Editor: Look through the other end of the telescope

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L. John Bost's reply to my reply to his original letter in the Northern Virginia Daily was interesting. Our problem in this case is not the facts he presented, but his interpretation of those facts.

I am not a professional historian. They understand that bald facts alone will not tell you a whole lot. It is the analysis of those facts that is important. For example, what led up to the event? Why did the event happen? What were the local and international conditions at the time of the event? What changed after the event? Why? How does all this compare to similar events in other locations and at other times? And more!

I wish Bost could try doing the analysis instead of accepting pre-digested stuff from his favorite news programs. Alternatively, he could try reading Robert Reich's column in the Dec. 7 edition of the Northern Virginia Daily, page A4, and similar pieces elsewhere. If all else fails, study the austerity programs that have Europe's residents struggling to solve their fiscal problems. Try looking through the other end of the telescope.

Gloria Rickel, Front Royal

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