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Letter to the Editor: Humor for the holidays


It's that time of year again when many of us get a Christmas card with a letter attached - usually at least a whole page and sometimes more than one. The letter tells you how well the family has done since last year. The husband has gotten a huge promotion, the kids are doing great in school, the wife doesn't have to work, the new Mercedes gets good fuel mileage, an addition is almost complete on the five-year-old house, and on and on.

To save postage, here is my reply:

Dear friends:

Well, another year has gone by and here we are. Teresa is still thankful for her dishwashing job at Denny's because it helps with the arthritis in her hands. Her part-time job with the shuttle service is good and most nights she is home by 11 p.m. and very seldom does she leave before 6 a.m.

Earl is still very proud of his dogs, especially Cupcake the bird dog. Earl entered her in the national pointing contest and took first place. She was almost disqualified, but did come out on top. During the contests, Cupcake stopped and pointed at one of the spectators and no amount of coaxing could make her move. When the judges were marking her of, Earl coaxed them to look further because he knew there was a reason. Earl asked the bystander if he might have a bird in his pocket or even a feather or a pet bird at home. The man insisted he did not, but hesitated for a minute before relying. He explained he was a descendent of Robert Bird and in fact his middle name was Bird. A look at his driver's license proved him right. Cupcake came home with a blue ribbon and a year's supply of dog good. We had to get Earl a larger hat.

Several relatives were introduced to the court system, but most came out very well and will be home for Christmas. Until next year, Merry Christmas and happy new year.

Earl Cutlip, Strasburg

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