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Letter to the Editor: The unemployed do not pay taxes


Gloria Rickel writes, in response to my letter, "The government needs revenue (taxes and fees) in order to provide the services we have come to expect." I agree. But the problem is, the government has enough revenue already, but it has been spending too much.

Much, perhaps most, of the "stimulus" money spent by President Obama was spent on "green businesses" that had little chance of succeeding in improving the economy. Some of them had little chance of surviving, and closed, wasting millions of taxpayers' dollars. Much of the stimulus money was spent on companies that were Obama donators and "shovel-ready" jobs that never existed. Much of it was sent to overseas companies. The worst part of it is that the government spent billions that it didn't have, thus creating a debt that our children and grandchildren must pay back. Little of this has done anything to improve the jobs and economic situation.

I agree that the government must spend money on contracts to repair the infrastructure and improve education. This is the government's responsibility. As long as money is spent responsibly, and used responsibly by the recipients, it will improve the economy and create jobs.

What the government needs to do is cut spending by eliminating unnecessary programs and reforming Social Security, Medicare and other necessary services without cutting benefits to the deserving.

If a tax cut can save a business "enough money to meet payroll for just one employee," that could potentially create five million jobs (assuming each business hired one employee). If businesses were not saddled with expenses related to Obamacare, they might be able to create even more jobs. The fact that many businesses are laying off employees because of these expenses and high taxes shows the job picture for the country will grow very slowly. Instead of adding jobs here, companies will continue to send jobs overseas to take advantage of lower taxes. Unemployment here will stay high. The unemployed don't pay taxes!

L. John Bost, Strasburg

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