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Letter to the Editor: No need for foul language


Something I have noticed lately is there seems to be a general lack of manners or concern for people's neighbors. People seem to have a "me, me, me" attitude and have no concern for anyone around them.

Unfortunately, I live across the street from an apartment building and have the added problem of most of my neighbors being transient. If they are doing something that needs addressing, no amount of politeness on my part will keep them from bristling up and using foul language to try to communicate their feelings.

Even when addressed politely, they immediately start displaying a negative attitude. Also, they never seem to be in the wrong! No one seems to be willing to take responsibility for their own actions and nothing is ever their fault.

I guess it would be too much to ask that the school system or these people's parents take some time to make our younger generation good citizens who have concern and respect for others. I am especially concerned about how the younger generation speaks. It seems that they have this need to have every other word that comes out of their mouth be a swear word.

I would love to see a society where people had genuine concern for their neighbors and treated other people with respect, but maybe that is just asking for too much.

Steven Richey, Front Royal

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