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Letter to the Editor: Time to stop the nonsense


Four steps can be taken now without infringing on Second Amendment rights: the banning of military-style assault weapons; the limiting of any kind of enhanced capacity for handguns; a policy of identifying those young people who are potential mass shooters; and,
the testing and training of those who would carry weapons.

A review with teeth of the worn-out belief of gun enthusiasts that open carry laws and concealed weapons laws make the nation freer is nonsense. The right of free speech is gone if I am afraid to confront the bully who pushes in front of me; or rear-ends my car; or gives me the wrong change in the check-out line. Additionally, basic political discourse is gone. Who is going to disagree with the armed bully standing next to you at a political rally?

It is time to stop the nonsense.

Helen Jean Smith, Edinburg

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