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Letter to the Editor: Where is the revenue to fix Shenandoah County's neglected school buildings?


Here we are again, addressing neglect of our taxpayer-owned county buildings while our elected Republican board borrows, builds, renovates and spends using the Virginia Resource Authority as a crutch. I remind this board of elected Republicans what the Republican creed says: Fiscal responsibility and budgetary restraints must be exercised at all levels of government.

When the school superintendent, school board and county board talk about the safety and security of our children, then take no action to preserve the buildings, it is not just irresponsible, it's inexcusable. School needs include safety and security measures, boiler and roof replacements, to name a few. Where is the revenue to fix our neglected buildings? We trust this board with our children's lives every day they attend Shenandoah County public schools. Clearly, these schools are neglected and forgotten, until costly and drastic repairs force action?

Why continue to trust this board when they offer no solution to our current school maintenance/repair crisis? Established businesses in Shenandoah County continue to close their doors due to the economy; how does this board plan to make up lost revenue? If it plans continued personal property tax hikes, then share that with taxpayers so they can plan for the increase.

While this progressive board may think it is leaving a positive legacy, the debt and absolute fiscal irresponsibility will be what haunt future generations. Why would they think it's OK to consider building three more schools costing $75 million, while our current school structures are neglected? Setting the record straight, this board cannot claim a savings with borrowed money left over from construction of new courthouse and county offices of more than $1 million. The "money in the bank" claim at the Oct. 23rd meeting is earning, I'm guessing, less than 1 percent in interest while costing taxpayers more than 3 percent in interest. So, during this round of borrowing, supervisors claim only $4.5 million for renovating the old Edinburg School and pretend they saved money to renovate the old courthouse.

Before this board continues distracting county taxpayers by blaming others for spreading misinformation, perhaps they should look in the mirror.

Cindy Bailey, Woodstock

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