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Letter to the Editor: Reduce number of guns owned by citizens


The Rachel Marsden column in the Jan. 2 edition of the Northern Virginia Daily was excellent.  Her last comment regarding hypothetical folks with guns all cutting loose was really right on.
Let's imagine that the National Rifle Association's idea of arming teachers etc. takes effect.  Said teacher or guard is armed with a holstered (one would hope) Glock and a gunman comes into the school. The gunman is most likely to already have a weapon locked and loaded and in hand.  Will the teacher/guard be able to draw and fire before the gunman does damage?  I seriously doubt it. The kid in Connecticut and the ones at Columbine High School in Colorado had loaded weapons when they entered the schools.

Another thing to consider about having armed teachers or guards in schools: what if one of them snaps and goes off the deep end?  A lot of kids would die before anyone could intercede.

The only viable solution that I can see is to reduce the number of guns in private hands.  It only takes one rifle or shotgun to kill a deer.  There may be some who hunt with a handgun, but I would hazard a guess that they are very good shots and have spent considerable time in the woods.
Bob Brookfield, Wardensville, W.Va.

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