Letter to the Editor: Freedom only possible if grassroots can defend it

^ Posted Jan. 18


Imagine a world in which the government imposes limits on what type of gun you can own, but does not limit itself. If this role model were worldwide, would peace reign? Would wars cease?

If so, then it makes sense, right? We, the people, cannot be trusted. Just look at recent events. We're a ticking time bomb. At any time, anyone can take a gun and murder large numbers of people. Who will save us from ourselves?

As history shows, to think this way is very dangerous. With enough guns for every man, woman and child currently owned by law-abiding citizens, the fact that we're all not riddled with bullets helps bring this hysteria into clearer focus.

Concerning limiting gun rights: we must remember the fundamental role the Second Amendment plays in protecting our God-given liberties. Look toward Germany for what happens when the people cannot defend themselves because they were unarmed under the guise of safety. Look at our history: would slaves have stayed as slaves if they were allowed to own a gun?

Tyranny is a real threat. Tyranny is your government taking away habeas corpus, liberty, and your right to defend yourself. Tyranny is government for government's sake. Tyranny makes slaves out of the people.

Tyranny has happened to democracies worldwide in the past century. What makes our republic any different? The answer is the unwavering defense of the Second Amendment. Limiting gun rights in the name of safety limits my defense of my family against oppression from criminals, murderers, and a repressive form of government. Historically, gun restrictions spell disaster for millions of people.

We all know power corrupts. Our system of government was created to keep checks and balances on that power. The full power of the Second Amendment is the ultimate check that keeps federal and state power in balance with the power of the people. We must recognize that freedom is only possible when the grassroots can defend it. Placing trust in any government by giving any portion of your ability to fight back always has and always will end badly for the people.

Jason Perry, Toms Brook

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