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Letter to the Editor: Give 'voting integrity,' photo IDs a rest


This is letter is directed to Virginia Sen. Mark D. Obenshain, R-Harrisonburg.

Please consider the perils of preserving our "voting integrity" via what must become evermore stringent ballot access requirements. For now, you write in your newsletter that you seek to preserve "voting integrity" by establishing a voter photo ID requirement. But that entails jumping "Through the Looking-Glass" of photo ID integrity measures.

No? Well then, how do we guard against a perfectly formatted, yet fraudulent, Virginia driver's license? What about the integrity of other photo IDs?

What about the right of a citizen who wishes to vote but doesn't need, or want, a photo ID?

And if we go down the rabbit hole after some voter photo ID idea, then why not have an electronic chip implanted under the skin of every citizen? Think - then our blessed government could tell all the more readily who had been naughty, who has been nice, and who can vote -- as long as the computers are online.

Heck, in time we could even have a shock administered automatically to any voter touching the voting machine lever/pad of an undesirable candidate. 

Please no, let's give "voting integrity" a rest in favor of fixing infrastructure.

John R. Cole, Edinburg

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