Letter to the Editor: Goodlatte should be commended for his vote

^ Posted Jan. 17


I am writing in response to a Jan. 9 letter entitled "Republicans - Get on the side of the people." The fiscal cliff negotiations were supposed to be the shining moment when the president sat down with House Republicans to hammer out a deal that would fix America's budget concerns. Instead, the president and Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid decided to play a game of hardball: deny every Republican offer in the name of "fairness." In the end, Congress approved a temporary measure that addressed the tax increases but did little in terms of spending cuts. A total of $617 billion in new taxes will be collected over the next 10 years while spending only will be cut by $15 billion! That means for every dollar of spending cuts, there will be $41 in tax increases, hardly a fair and balanced approach.

I commend Congressman Bob Goodlatte for voting against this measure. It is clear that the budget problems we have today do not occur because of a lack of revenue, but rather too much spending. In 2012, the federal government spent $3.6 trillion, leaving a trillion dollar deficit for the fourth consecutive year. This is clearly an unsustainable course that will lead to an increased debt burden to Americans like me.

To address Mr. Cash's concerns, it is my understanding that House Republicans like Goodlatte have no interest in destroying Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid. The House last year, including Goodlatte, passed the Paul Ryan budget plan which would actually keep those three programs afloat instead of the disastrous path they are still on. Goodlatte is also in favor of repealing and replacing Obamacare with a consumer-friendly alternative, saving trillions in the process. Goodlatte is also in favor of scrapping the failed tax system.

Again, I thank Goodlatte for voting no. We must curb our spending, not add to it, in order to stay solvent as a nation.

Joshua Fleming, New Market

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