Letter to the Editor: Guns and bullying

^ Posted Jan. 24


I never thought I would join the argument for or against owning guns, but here is something to think about.

The Columbine massacre was in a high school and was committed by teenaged school kids. The Virginia Tech killing of about 32 people was in a school (college) setting and was committed by a young man. The Connecticut grade school massacre was in the environment of education. And one multiple killings was on an army base.

Some people say something which can be misinterpreted. Comedians are often paid to say something and are laughed at. Not all people enjoy being laughed at or belittled. If it happens too often, the one who is laughed at or belittled may decide to take revenge, and that is not laughable.

Probably (in my opinion) the shooter was belittled or made fun of too many times so he seeks to "give them something to laugh about." In a high school or elementary school, nobody should be made to feel small or dumb or be ostracized for any reason.

Now, for fun, how many shots does it take to bring down a deer? If it takes 10 shots, perhaps you need a cannon.

Kenton Gambill, Strasburg

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