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Letter to the Editor: Hire certified school resource officers


I am in favor of increasing school security using certified, sworn law enforcement officers. At least one county official, Sheriff Timothy C. Carter, asked for additional school resource officers. He requested this about four years ago, and our children are still waiting.

Here is why I believe the decision making of this elected Republican Shenandoah County Board of Supervisors is seriously flawed. When this board didn't like public opposition, it demanded an armed deputy at every public meeting. This board got it done, immediately.

When this board wanted to build a $100 million luxury jail for the inmates, this board got it done, without knowing the full financial and logistical impact these decisions would have on our local law enforcement.

This board concentrates on personal agendas. When this board was informed of the security, maintenance and repair crisis in our schools on Oct. 22, what action did this board take? You guessed it. None, because these issues are not on this board's personal agenda.

Education, law enforcement and transportation are the three fundamental responsibilities of this board. Yet, this board does not concentrate on what needs to be done. If the issue or project is complementary to this board's legacy, this board will support the project and get it done. When an issue is not important to this board, such as security and safety at our public schools, neglected school buildings, our children's education and lives jeopardized, this board takes no action to correct these deficiencies.

When questioned, this board makes excuses and blames others. There is no accountability. The school superintendent is throwing ideas out to improve school security to include structural redesign and has scheduled three public forums regarding school security. I don't believe this board needs to wait on the results of these meetings to request and fund the hiring of additional school resource officers.

I believe the Edinburg School project should be put on hold immediately, the RSW Regional Jail project downscaled, and the funding reallocated for security, maintenance and repairs to our current schools. How much longer should our children have to wait?

Cindy Bailey, Woodstock, VA.

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