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Letter to the Editor: Penalizing consciences


Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli has gone on record recommending civil disobedience rather than submission to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services mandate for Christians to provide insurance coverage for birth control and abortifacients, against our consciences.

This is a pretty gutsy move for the chief law enforcement officer of Virginia. But then again, let's take a look at what "law" is, and see if the mandate qualifies as law.
According to the scholastic definition, "Law is an ordinance of right reason, declared by the proper authority, and promulgated."

This mandate is in direct contradiction to our First Amendment right to the "free exercise of religion," which protects Christians from having to participate in evil acts (e.g. chemical abortions.) In a land where "...all men are created equal...,"why is a Christian conscience penalized, while other consciences are left alone? As a former obstetrics nurse, I can attest that women who wanted abortion and contraception had no problem getting them. But I, for one, did not have to participate. Has all that changed?

Further, what kind of "proper authority" has declared this a law? Kathleen Sebelius, the head of HHS, is a political appointee, an un-elected bureaucrat. Her "authority" comes from Obama's fiat. Not enough for my conscience!

This regulation is an attempt to selectively penalize certain consciences. Is that what America wants?

Martin Luther King went to jail in support of his conscience. Maybe, we'll have to do the same.

Rosemary Antunes, registered nurse, Front Royal

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