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Letter to the Editor: Republicans - Get on the side of the people


Congressman Bob Goodlatte voted against the "fiscal cliff" deal that was signed by our president. While the world waited and hoped we would not send the economy into another downturn, Goodlatte and other conservative Republicans were willing to do just that. His reason? No spending cuts to address government spending and creating too much debt.

Why in the world did he not think this way when he voted to fund the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan with no way to pay for them but to go further into debt?

Why did he not think this way when he voted for Medicare Part D with no way to pay for it except to borrow the money? Why did he not think this way when he voted to increase military spending without increasing revenues to pay for that spending?

Why did he not think this way when he voted for the Bush tax cuts depriving us of over $1.6 trillion in revenue and creating no jobs as promised?

If he wants to cut spending, then why not support cutting out billions in oil company subsidies? Why? I suspect he and his Republican pals have had their eyes on Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security, and the only way they could make a good case for reducing or gutting them was to get our nation into such a financial mess that we would have no choice but to turn on the most successful government programs in our history.

Since health care costs are the biggest driver of our increase in spending needs, why does he not spend his energy on ways to bring down the cost of health care rather than killing health care programs?

To his credit, I think he voted to allow Medicare Part D to negotiate prescription prices. That at least is a step in the right direction.

We need lawmakers who will stop corporate welfare handouts to big pharma, big oil and the military industrial complex. Come on Republicans! Get on the side of the real people instead of the corporations!

Michael Cash, Fort Valley

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